Thursday, May 3, 2007


I haven't done much in the way of whining, griping, and belly-aching on this blog, but given my current mood and the way this week has gone I'm going to unleash a myriad of complaints today. Below is the list of irritations currently rankling my brain

1) The Real World - Plain and simple, real jobs stink when you are an unpublished writer trying to get where you want to be. This week not only was I forced to work one of my two days off, but I've also had to work on a few things work related off the clock instead of my writing.

2) W.I.P - So my work in progress has been going good, better than expected for a new novel. Chapter One and Two came together nicely and for early drafts I am really pleased ... but sure enough my fears of the 16 year-old girl's POV have come true. I'm struggling. I know what I to say and have happen but so far I'm not pleased with the tone and feel.

3) My website - Okay, this is the one some of you other writers might be able to help me out with. My regular website, , is still not where I want it to be. I'm not pleased with the look or the info that is there. Feeling I needed to post a sample of my writing over there I recently put one of my short stories up. But is it my best? No I don't think so. I still have hopes that some of my better stories will find homes in publications somewhere, paying publications would be even better, so I don't want to kill those chances by posting on my site. On the other hand, do I really want something out there for the world to see that I don't feel like is my best?
And what about a sample chapter from one or all three of my completed novels. I have heard conflicting reports on this. From - No, don't post any of your novel because then it is considered published and publishers almost never look at already pubbed work. Then I've heard, Yes a small portion such as a chapter is fine. It is no different that an excerpt in a magazine? Can anybody out there tell me for certain which of these schools of thought are correct?

4) Home Woes- I live out in the stick, my house is old, about to fall down around me, I'm afraid my well is on its last legs, my septic tank is in danger of collapsing, I have three acres of grass, yuccas, and weeds that needs mowing, yet here I sit at the computer typing away because that is what I'd rather be doing.

Okay I'm done now. Just had to get my insecurities and gripes out there in the open, But seriously if anyone out there can answer my questions about work posted on website let me know. I will try to post a more informative and entertaining blog a bit later but for now my WIP calls. Now, for some positive thinking ... Come on Travis, you can do it. Think like a 16 year-old girl.


ORION said...

OK just my 2 cents from my discussions with my agent and editor. Don't post your work on your web site. BTW I took a look and your web site is perfectly fine. Don't agonize. Spend your time writing novels and polishing and querying...NOT on your website. There is time enough for that later. Right now write and keep connections with other writers by blogging!
Thanks for commenting on my blog and I appreciate your sentiments about the ARC!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I will release my husband out of his cage for you....An email will be following shortly.

BTW...when not helping with the kids so I can ignore everything I should be doing to go write and work on my WIP, he plays music and does...websites...

Anytime, anyplace you can always count on the fact that I am griping about the same things you are...