Thursday, June 28, 2007

Alive, Well, and Determined

I am alive. Despite the lack of recent activity on this blog. Sometimes there simply are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all of my objectives.

Let me catch you up. Remember The Call? Well this week I got The Email, which dashed the hope I'd allowed to seep in. Of course all rejections are a bit deflating and at least for me rejections on the complete manuscript are even more so. You have no excuse to fall back on ... Well it was just a query letter If they read my actual writing, or, It was just a partial, if only they would have read a bit more. But when they request and read the entire thing ... There is no way to explain it away. The novel simply did not work well enough for that person and that particular day. Sure it hurts to hear no, but after that initial punch in the gut you have to sit back and say why.

Now I'm lucky, this particular agent went out of her way to tell me why. She gave me some really insightful comments that I can use not only to correct this MS but also to improve my writing on down the road. She also ended by saying she would like to read any future projects I might have.

Rejection is a way of life for writers, at least those who strive for publication.
Some people react by doing this.

I am not one of those people. Strangely after the initial jolt of disappointment, my determination kicks in. I start analyzing the comments. Try to figure out how to improve the piece,or decide if it is worth revising. Sometimes you have to move on and concentrate on the next idea. Take what you learn and use it to your advantage. That is where I'm at right now. I'll continue this post tomorrow and I'm even going to solicit a bit of advice from all of y'all.

I know this post isn't the most exiting or even humorous, but I wanted to get something out there. To let those who know me and have offered words of encouragement this week that I am not hanging my head in defeat or off int he corner licking my wounds. No, I am deep in contemplation and forming a new battle plan. My motivation level has never been higher. Rejections aren't signs of failure but merely indications you are out there trying.


alex keto said...


Deborah Elliott-Upton said...

ALL Sales have a chance for rejection. The difference here is we all believe in your product. You can write! And darn good, too!

ORION said...

Perseverance and hope.
You can do it.
Thanks for dropping by my blog --
BTW I have every one of my 70+ rejections.
Each time I just started a new project.
End result?
My third novel will be the one that gets published first and I have three other complete manuscripts waiting in the wings.
Number 5 and 6 are outlined and started.
The moral?
Use rejection as a motivator not a de-railer!
Sounds like you have a great attitude.
Good luck!

Tracy said...

Thanks for your funny comment on my blog.

What a great attitude you have about the rejection. I don't even have a completed manuscript to be rejected, so you're right. It's a sign that you're out there trying. You've made it to a level that a lot of writers don't even make it to.

So instead of "Sorry about the rejection", I say, "Congratulations." ... And that's awesome that the agent was so helpful. I hope her advice can bring you up to the next level.

Good luck!

Tee said...

Oops - that was me above. I was signed in on another blog when I commented.

Tee (Tracy)

Dawn said...

A rejection that contains insight on what didn't work for that editor is a valuable thing. And it means that they consider your writing worthwhile. I have no doubt at all that it is going to happen for you, Travis. Just hang in there, use this feedback you've been given to write something that no one in their right mind would turn down! Good luck.

WordVixen said...

Well, you're certainly farther along than me, and what a compliment that he/she found your writing worth commenting on!

Terrie Farley Moran said...


I have read that each rejection is one step closer to publication.

Keep going!! I am querying my first novel and its a difficult process but if it is the way things are done, well, I will follow your example and keep plugging away.

While your post may not be humorous, I disagree when you suggest it is not exciting. What could be more exciting then seeing Rocky come out swinging? (I'm really dating myself but I think there's a new Rocky movie out or coming out, so maybe I can pass for "with it." or does that date me, too?)

You go, Champ.


Bluefingers said...

Just keep your voice in your writing, keep your head above the tree line and keep the critters out of your garbage...

I am still proud of you and know you will succeed.

Yours in words, always,


David said...

Rejection always sucks, but your reaction is good.