Friday, June 22, 2007

A whole lot of nothin'

The doctor appointment went better than I expected. Officially I was ten pounds lighter than six weeks ago, which appeased the sadistic fellow for now, but of course he scheduled a follow-up in three months so he can check my progress on the weight loss and the affects of my new cholesterol medicine. Actually, I like my doctor but I hate to admit it given his cruel habit of meddling in my business.

Okay I admit it. I cheated. Last time I had on jeans, a belt, a cell phone in my pocket. This time I wore shorts, no socks, emptied the change and cell phone from my pockets, ditched the belt. next time I'll have to show up naked.

I'm adding two more novels to my list of books I've read since April 1st when I started this blog. Rain Fall by Barry Eisler. Action Thriller are not my normal genre, but I gotta say John Rain is an interesting character and I like the fact that the author fleshed him out so well. And I almost feel as if I could walk through Tokyo and know where I am due to Eisler's ability to set the scene. Who'd a thunk it? -- A likable political assasin.

I also read gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson. More along the lines of what i seek out to read and what I write this novel was extremely well done. Instead of saying why I liked it I'm going to give you the first line and say go buy it and read for yourself. I think is is one of the more intriguing first lines I've read. -- There are gods in Alabama: Jack Daniel's high school quarterbacks, trucks, big tits, and also Jesus. Add in a character whose is steadfast in her two promises to God , never to tell another lie and to stop fornicating , add in a bit of Southern humor, a dash of murder mystery, a lot of honest emotion and you have a heck of a novel.

Now on to the dreaded MEME. These things are all the rage I guess when it comes to blogs and in the past I have been negligent in answering the call to arms. But now my wife has tagged me with posting eight random habit or facts about myself. I could ignore her, but she has already threatened to post eight things herself if I don't do it. Now I doubt there are eight things about me that she doesn't know, (at least that I am willing to impart with on here) Right now there is a voice in the back of my head saying let sleeping dogs lay Travis, let sleeping dogs lay.
So even though none of these will come as a surprise to her , the rest of you might learn something interesting to hold against me later on down the road.

1)I am an avid sports fan but not nearly as much as I used to be. I am a long suffering New Orleans Saints fan, a Nebraska Cornhusker diehard, and sorry alternate fish, but a steadfast supporter of the Dallas Stars. Hockey is by far the funnest sport to actually play - right up to the point you break your leg that is.

2)I am late to work three days out of five, especially when my writing is going well. I often get up early to write and when the flow is going I hate, I repeat HATE to break off and go to work.

3)I am the most disorganized person you could ever meet. My toolbox at work is piled high with junk. My computer room is atrocious. About the only two things that are well laid out and organized are my fishing tackle box and my writing files.

4)I have the habit of talking too much. You know the box on your elementary school report card. The one that says failure to refrain from unnecessary talking. Never i repeat never did I not get a mark in that box. To this day my boss would check that box if they issued report cards at work. If I sit down on a bench beside a total stranger I'll be in the midst of a lengthy conversation within seconds. Or the person will get up and leave muttering, who is that crazy guy.

5)Fact are easier that habits so here is another. I once woke up in the middle of a medical procedure where they were using a laser to burn away nerve fibers in my heart. Yes it hurt like hell and even though the doctor told me you won't remember any of this when you wake up I do remember, right up until they overdosed me on morphine to knock me back out. Afterwards the doctor told my family that everything went well and that I was strong as a horse and I knew a lot of cuss words just as strong. I remember coming to and being lashed down the the bed like Gulliver.

6)I have a habit of letting my writing determine my real word mood. IF the writing is slow and sluggish so am I. If it is going great I'm in a good mood. IF I just killed off a character it would be best of you gave me a wide birth. Just kidding I rarely kill my characters, I just torture them emotionally.

7)If I'm not careful I write really long blog posting that I am certain no one reads to the end. This seems like a good place to test this theory. If you read this type I'm annoyed in the comment section.

8)I have a tendency to play the part of Sweden. When I have friends who are mad at each other or like people in both sides of a feud I try to bring them together, however sometimes my meddling lands me right smack dab in the middle with no easy way out.

BONUS FACT - I was the hairiest guy at the pool yesterday.

I am tagging no one but feel free to chime in with your own habits and random facts in the comments section.


Jenster said...

I'm annoyed.

So there! I DID read the whole thing! :o)

Dawn said...

I'm racing off to a day at the gas station, Travis but that post looked interesting - but long! I'll be back this evening to read and comment - because I am a balanced person who is mindful about what she does!

alternatefish said...

There is no force on this planet containing more evil than that scourge of mankind known as the Dallas Stars.

Just saying. :D

And I'm annoyed. Just so ya know.

Reid said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Don't paint yourself into a corner, though, next time you weigh, you may have to take some Go-Lightly or something to keep the trend going.

In response to yours, and some of mine...

1) I work in sports broadcasting, but don't consider myself a sports fan.

2) I was a radio beat reporter for the Dallas Stars, including the Stanley Cup Championship season.

3) I write at night. I'm not a morning person at all. In fact, I live a half-mile from where I work so I can be there almost immediately upon waking, so I can go ahead and start getting paid in the groggy hours.

4) I talk too little, most of the time. In spite of my past as a radio talk show host, I'd rather listen than talk.

5) I didn't break a bone until I was 27.

6) Nothing kills my creative muse like free time.

7) I have at any given time 3-4 blog entries that I've jotted down, and may or may not ever be able to make funny enough to publish. However, I never throw them away, either, thus resulting in a lot of semi-humorous cholesterol clogging my creative arteries.

8) Erma Bombeck was one of my first writing heroes. I've always tried to see the humor in everyday living.

Take care!

Jenn said...

You are annoying...

Ohh I'm sorry I'm annoyed.

I could think of some habits like rolling up your socks and throwing them at who ever is in the room with you, then you wonder why you never can find matching socks.

Travis Erwin said...

Okay for those of you who are anoyed I apoligize for doubting you attention spans.

Dawn - I'm sure you'll be annoyed later too.

Reid- I got you beat I was 29 and and a half when I broke not one but both of the bones in my leg.

Jenn- My dear sweet wife. i answered your dang querstions. There is no need to start airing any of my fine habits.

Robin L. said...

Hi Travis!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on pen names. For what it's worth, I think Chris Bojalian has done just fine with a male name!

Your heart surgery experience has me quaking in my flip flops over here... yikes!

WordVixen said...

I'm annoyed in the comments section.

And I woke up in the middle of my wisdom teeth removal. They were all fully or partially impacted and they broke them into bitty bits- I woke up while they were pulling out a piece. I couldn't feel it, and I couldn't see either, but I heard them turn up the gas and I was out.

I also had a nurse tell me afterwards when I was asking her questions that I wouldn't remember the answers/questions anyway. I still do. Wanted to go back in and tell her off later.

Bluefingers said...

I'm Annoyed

LOL....You could of had us type the opening words to Crime and Punishment instead.

Little known fact. I pulled a Travis blog thing in High school. I swore up and down that my world history teacher never read our papers...Everyone said..PROVE IT! And bet me a dinner at Chic Fil A if I did. Well, in the middle of the mid term paper I put the words to the Mickey Mouse song, followed by the words to "hey miki" you know the one that goes..

Oh miki your so fine, your so fine you broke my mind hey miki..hey hey hey mike...

Yep, everyone clap your hands and sing along.

Anyway, he gave me an A, just like he always did and I can tell you I dined like a King at a Feast for fools at Chic fil A that evening.

Talk to you soon,


Christen said...

Reply to 'Bluefingers':

I once heard someone tell me they wrote in the middle if a paper "If you actually read this, I will buy you an ice cream cone."

The next day the teacher handed back the essays, he said 'I want chocolate.'

And, Travis? That surgery story scared the crap out of me. There is just a reiteration why I do not trust doctors. Wah!

Dawn said...

Teeth had just stopped chattering from a cold day at the gas station. Then I read you're surgery "hic-cup" - teeth are chattering again!

Jenn said...

Just helping out. Like a supportive wife should.

Tena said...

"The doctor appointment went better than I expected. Officially I was ten pounds lighter than six weeks ago, which appeased the sadistic fellow for now, but of course he scheduled a follow-up in three months..."

WAY TO GO,Travis!!

I'm annoyed that those four boxes of butter mentioned on my blog haven't disappeared. (Your comment cracked me up.) However, my husband did say that I look thinner :-)

Beth said...

Ok- I do the weight thing too at the doctor's office. Sometimes I will wear heavy boots and my purse while they weigh me. Then the next time I go back, it will seem like I lost weight. And it makes me feel better!

Your bonus fact made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

Oh- and I'm also a little annoyed!

superman said...

Travis, you know you always annoy me. Thanks to you I have read 4 books this year. Thats more than 4x the previous 20 years.