Monday, July 23, 2007

A Multi-Book Contract ... Don't I Wish

A while back I posted a question about multi-book contracts over on the BookEnds Literary Agency blog, and today agent Jessica Faust was kind enough to answer it via her regular post.

Jessica has visited Amarillo as a speaker at the Frontiers In Writing Conference on two occasions and she present some great workshops. If you've never read their agency blog or checked them out, here is the link.

Stay tuned for another posting later.


Dawn said...

Sheesh! You had me all excited for a second when I started reading that headline! I thought your ship had come in, Travis. Never mind - we'll keep that happy occasion for a later date!

Bookends are great, aren't they. I don't post there often but I do look in from time to time. always got interesting news and advice.

Terrie Farley Moran said...


what a great question. I never even thought to wonder about such things. I just keep sending out those query letters.

So, for me, the question and the answer was really useful information.

And congrats that Jessica really liked having the opportunity to answer something fresh and different. Isn't that what agents are always looking for?


Bluefingers said...

Maybe you could tie this into a query letter...Hi...I;m the guy who you thought was fresh and different. Anywho, now I have a book to send you that is fresh and different.

Just kidding. she gave you great advice. Thanks for asking it!

Have a wonderful day.