Thursday, July 5, 2007

Nocturnal Illusions

Man am I tired. Had a great time last night at my friend Steve's annual Fourth of July Extravaganza. Enjoyed talking with a lot people that I don't get to see often enough about subjects I enjoy -- Poker, Literature, and some good ol' Texas Music.

By the time I got home and went to bed, a bit after midnight I was exhausted which always means I'm up for an interesting night of dreams. I'm one of those weird people who wake up in the morning and can remember 90% of my nocturnal illusions. Nocturnal illusions I like that term. While writing my second novel the word dream and nightmare became an echo so I had to seek out creative ways to describe the same thing. Nocturnal illusion still sticks in my mind.

So between the good times, bottles of Shiner, my fatigue, and the hellacious thunder storm, which blew through in the wee hours of darkness, I didn't sleep too well. But I did have some interesting dreams, mostly about people I have not seen in a long time. Funny how by daylight I can think about these people and fail to see them clearly in my mind but in my nocturnal illusion they were vivid as ever.

The first a friend of both mine and my wife's is somebody I haven't seen but once or twice in the last ten years, and only briefly then. It's not all that strange that I dreamt of her however because I've been thinking about her since she plays a vital part in the next edition of The FeedStore Chronicles.

I also dreamed about a great uncle of mine who has been dead for a decade and we were never all that close when he was alive. In my dream he asked me if I was going to take a shower. I said yes that that was it.

After that I dreamt I was hired as a ride tester at Disney World, but for some strange reason I had to doing all the testing without a shirt or shoes. My skin got burnt and my feet fried on the hot pavement every time I ran from ride to ride.

Don't ask me what any of this means - except I'm weird, but most of you already knew that.


Reid said...

Last night I dreamed of John Ritter.

That sounds like a great name for a short story, but it's true.

I was eating in a Dairy Queen, a fine Texas tradition as Travis can attest to. I was debating walking over to his booth and asking him for a quote for the back cover of "The Great Texas Trailer Park Escape".

No idea what this means, but I'm right there with you.

Dawn said...

I think the pair of you have been doing too much celebrating!

Brooke said...

I always remember my dreams in great detail...last night I dreamed that I was trying to set up a dvd player and there was a weird bug-eyed child (not mine) hissing at me.

Yes, well, happy to share!

WordVixen said...

Hey- you said Disney World. :)

Or has my obsessing gone overboard and I'm mentaly inserting it into everything I read/see/hear/think?

*says WordVixen who is currently listening to Park Hopper Radio, updating WDW lenses, and planning next post on "where in WDW" blog*

Bluefingers said...

John Ritter? Hmmm...Okay, not to comment on Reid's comments, but Travis's. As for the WDW comment, I have had a dream that I had to ride the rides naked. that sucked. Magic mountain and small world aren't so magical when you are naked and insecure about your body.

Waking nightmares for sure.

Last night I had the dream that I was trapped in a 7-11 with only a dime. I was thirsty and hungry. But all the food was strapped down and the doors to the coolers with the drinks wouldn't open. I have had this dream on numerous occasions. Weird huh?

Sleep well tonight.



David said...

Being able to remember your dreams must be nice. I sometimes wake up thinking, That was an interesting dream! But I can almost never remember the dream itself.

Maybe I need to move back to Texas and drink more Shiner beer. I'm willing to do the second part.

Jenn said...

I really do not think I have ever dreamed about Dairy Queen. One time after a track meet we bet this guy he would not lick something off of the wall. For 5 bucks and a DQ Blast he did it. Nothing like Texas High School athletic bus trips and Dairy Queen.