Monday, July 16, 2007

OK in OKlahoma

So two guys from Maryland and a big hairy Texan go to a softball game. No this is not the start of a bad joke but the truth behind my late blog post today. Me and two guys from Baltimore drove into Oklahoma City tonight and watched the championship game of the World Cup of Women's Softball between Team U.S.A. and Japan. The U.S. ladies won three zip. I took a few pics but with my cell phone but they look like crap so y'all will just have to use your imaginations.

Just a few quick random thoughts before I head off to bed. After all, I do have to be in class in about six hours.

By and large Postal Workers are some of the ugliest people on the face of the earth. I had this though while standing in the lobby tonight watching out for my compadres to head to the game. Yes, I realize there is probably some other postal worker with a blog posting this same thought since he spotted me in the lobby.

What is the point of wearing shorts and sandals if you are also going to wear knee high black socks with them? I mean does that two inches of bare skin really help cool you down. And this has to create one heck of a weird tan line.

When you stay at a place with six hundred or so other postal workers, 90% of which are men, and old fat men at that, you suddenly look a lot better than normal at the pool. It ain't often that I'm not the fat hairy guy. I'll take it when I can get it.

I promise tomorrow I'm actually going to post about something writing related. By the way I did get a couple of thousand words typed up between the pool and the softball game.


Tena said...

You apparently require very little sleep, Travis.

Re ugly postal workers: We have one who brings his German shepherd to our dog park and he's a hottie. I'm not talking about the dog, either.

Brooke said...

We have very tall postal people in our town. One guy has to be close to seven feet, I feel lilliputian every time I go in there.

alex keto said...

What's with the view reader section of your blog site?

Jenn said...

You are quite a looker. If you would have picked another picture besides you holding up a fish you would be beating them off with a stick on here.

Carriers now they are normally fairly cute, I say that then tons I know flash before me. Most of the ones that work on the inside are the ones that are not so much on the cute side.

The tall postal workers in Brooke's town are probably all related. For some crazy reason they like to keep the hiring in the family.

Beth said...

Are those standard issue knee-high socks or can one just but them anywhere? :)

Travis Erwin said...

tena - I actaully require a good bit of sleep but that doens't mean I get it.

brooke - I tool am tall 6'5". Msut be all that letter dust.

Alex that little doo dad is a product that you can download(click at the bottom where it says join) that tells who among its registered users have last been to your blog.

Beth- I have no earthly idea where that man got those socks.

The Duck said...

Since I'm new to the blog and all, I may have missed it, but have you mentioned what your book is about? Disregard the question if it's a big secret.