Friday, January 4, 2008

You Filthy Stinking, Caucus.

I'm over half way there. That's right I'm just past what I'd call the halfway point of my novel in progress, Plundered Booty so I decided to take a break and share my good mood with all of y'all by rambling away about a few things on my mind.

Isn't Caucus a strange word? It has kind of vulgar, almost eastern European feel to me. I'm sure any of the many knowledgeable readers of this blog (Alex is my guess) can tell me the real origins of the word, but I can imagine it as a Russian cuss word. I can picture Ivan reaching for a bottle of Vodka when his hand slips and he drops the bottle onto the cold granite floor. At which point he would exclaim. "Son of a Caucus!"

On a related note, I have no idea who I'm going to vote for this year. I am one of those middle-of-the-roader, undecided people that are said to control every election, yet generally I end up voting for some odd character that has no real chance to be elected. Yes, I voted for Kinky Friedman in the last Texas Gubernatorial race. I have a relative who says voting for a president is easy. he claims that you should simply ask yourself one question. "Am I better off now that I was four years ago.?" His theory is. if you say yes, vote for the incumbent party, if no vote for the other party.

But I think the two party system is the primary reason why I never find a candidate that I truly can rally behind. Working for the Post Office and being active in my union (I am actually in the middle of an election myself right now, but unlike Hillary, Rudy and the gang I'm spending zero dollars campaigning) logic says I should vote Democratic. But there are several issues in which I disagree with the Democrats stance. As there is with the Republicans. I hate to be forced into voting for the "best of the worst."

And that my friend is the end of my political talk. So what else is on my mind?

I've had a run of weird dreams as of late. The other night I was driving around in my car and int eh backseat was a woman. Now in my dream I knew this woman well but in reality she was no one in particular that I know. Anyways this woman wad dying and moaning with pain and I decided in my dream state that I'd get in trouble if she kicked of in my car so I drove out to a field and threw her out in the weeds. As I drove away she was calling out, "Please don't leave me I don't want to die here, all alone." I kept going.

Then I woke up in a guilt ridden panic. and It took me a good half hour to calm down and convince myself it had only bee a dream. I hadn't really abandoned some poor woman to die alone in a desolate field. Anyone have any logical interpretation of that one. Have y'all ever had a dream and then felt guilty for your nocturnal illusion? My wife once got mad at me for something I did to her in her dream. Has that ever happened to any of y'all?

Told ya'll this was going to be a random filled, rambling post.

I recently read Carl Hiasson's novel Skinny Dip. Overall It kept me reading and eager to see what would happen next but I expected it to be funnier. I'll definitely read more of his work but someone had recommended him as being hilarious and while I did chuckle a time or two hilarious is not the word I'd use to describe the novel. Right now, I'm reading, The Reincarnationist by M.J. Rose. I'll let you know what I think when I'm finished. What have ya'll been reading?

How about I close with another random photo from my computer. This shot is of a young mule deer buck taken in my front yard back in September. For those who might not know that fuzz on his antlers is called velvet and sometime in late fall, after the antlers are through growing for the year, the velvet begins to come off in bloody scraps. I'm always surprised how many people do not realize animals with antlers (deer, elk, moose) shed their racks every year and grow new ones, while those with horns (cows, goats, sheep) keep their horns year after year.


jjdebenedictis said...

That's an awesome picture. I love the juxtaposition (ooh--spelled it correctly on the first try!) of the wild and wooly animal and the sunflower-bright plastic playground.

As for the dream--abandoned any stories lately? Maybe she was it.

Stephen Parrish said...

Wow, Travis is getting political! Go, Travis, go! Go, go, go!

As for the dream, obviously you're repressing a dastardly deed you committed in a former life. Until you come to terms with it, it will continue to haunt you . . . stalk you . . .

alex keto said...

Okay, I'll take up the dare.
"Caucus" is originally an Azarbaijani word indicating a sheep's butt. Which is why the Ivan you referred to exclaimed "Son of a Caucus" when he dropped his vodka.
I don't really have to explain why these folks say these things, do I?

And that was one cool buck in your front yard. Why go someplace to hunt when you can lean out your living room window with a rifle?

alex keto said...

Also, liked your slide in the photo but aren't worried you should have gotten the XXL size if you want to play?

Lana Gramlich said...

"Son of a Caucus?" *ROFL!* Thanks--I needed that!

Monnik said...

Dude - you threw the dying woman in some weeds??? Why not drive by a hospital? Ok, I know you were dreaming, but sheesh! :)

'caucus' is a funny word. I love that you think it's a russian swear word. Good stuff.

Shauna said...

I used to have weird dreams in which my husband did some upsetting things. I used to wake up furious with him. Like you said, sometimes it takes a while to calm down and return to 'reality'.

My advice about the dream - write it down. Sounds like it would make a great scene in a book. ;-)

Design Goddess said...

First off, what a beautiful deer!

Politically, I say vote for the best American for the job and not worry about the party he/she's affiliated with. But, that's just me.

When my parents were a young married couple, my mom wouldn't talk to my dad for DAYS b/c he cheated on her dream! My dad's the LAST guy that would ever cheat on my mom, but her dream was just so vivid, she thought he had! I have some like that too although I've never dropped someone in a field to die before. Perhaps it's your feminine side that you're suppressing? Just my guess.

I'm currently reading "The Forgotten Man" by Amity Shlaes. It's about the great depression era. Only through chapter one, so can't say how good/bad it is. I usually don't read books of this kind, so we'll see how much I retain!

Hope you and your family had a great holiday season! :)

Penelope said...

I don't know who I'm voting for either (not that I can, as you superior Americans have no constitutional amendment allowing for the feline vote).

Anyway, I see this as probably the most intriging election year in quite a while. I'm seeing splinter group potential and the demise of the two party system as we know it. Christian right is unsatisfied with the Republicans, true conservatives and moderates are hashing it out over social issues, and everyone is distancing themselves from our fearless leader. All of that and throw in the mysogonists and racists and we got a one horse race not worth the wager.

-- P

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Love the picture!

I've not yet read a Carl Hiaasen novel, and I think I'm a little afraid to burst the bubble. I too have heard that they are hilarious, but I'm just not sure my sense of humor meshes that well with too many other people's.

Mom In Scrubs said...

I got my Dad a CH novel for Christmas, will have to see how he likes it.

I have all kinds of vivid weird freaky dreams. Maybe it's the Ambien? Nah, I've been having dreams like that all my life. Once when I was a kid I dreamed that my parents took me to my own funeral and made me get into the casket!! I was pretty mad at them for a while.

Do you have sleep paralysis episodes? Where you swear you're awake and someone is in the room with you but you can't see them? I do. It's one of the theories behind "alien abduction."

Oh, and I know who the lady in the backseat is...isn't it obvious?

Your old gas-guzzling SUV of course!

~SUV Mama~ said...

Your random posts are the best. I thought Caucus was of latin origin, but Azarbijani sounds a lot better.

I wish we would embrace a 3 party system in this country, but that's another blog.

RE: Dreams: I have extremely strange dreams while pregnant. Vibrant, colorful randomness. The rest of the time I'm too damn exhausted to remember my dreams.

So, Travis, are ya knocked up?

If not, can't help ya on the dreams. Although MIS is probably right- is has something to do with getting rid of a perfectly good SUV. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

That's one thing I'd love to see in our yard but haven't so far. A deer. We've seen tracks not far off so we know there are some in the area.

Anonymous said...

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Jerseygirl89 said...

I enjoyed the Reincarnationist, but not so much that I'd read it again. I just finished John Irving's Until I Find You. I call myself an Irving fan, but I really didn't enjoy the book. At all.

As for the election, I used to consider myself political. But I'm already sick of the candidates and the election is eleven months away. It stinks.

And I loved the photo.

Marla said...

Great progress with the book! It is so funny you mention the word 'caucus'. My sister and I were just talking about what a nasty sounding word that is.

Church Lady said...

Please let us know how you like "The Reincartionist" I have it, and am saving it for the summer.

You and Alex are funny! You should do stand-up together!

Tee said...

WOW - You were close to that deer!

As for your dream - I think you're feeling guilty for something. Did you let someone down recently? Hmmm. Interesting.

Books I'm reading, The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner and Microtrends by Mark J. Penn. I'm enjoying both tremendously.

I don't like to talk politics much since it's kind of touchy - but I'm definitely voting Democrat this year. I can't stand any of the Republicans. (For the record, I'm a registered independent who voted for Bush... regrettably.)

I also tend to be drawn to candidates that don't stand a chance, which is frustrating.

Travis Erwin said...

I have done a horrendous job of replying to comments lately, but just so all of y'all know I do read every one of them.

JJ - Actually, the deer in my community aren't so wild and wooly. But I do like your book theory. I actually abandoned a novel in progress back in early September and I've just recently started to think about those characters again.

stephen - I went pretty tame on my political thoughts. I could have listed the issues I have with each party but i didn't see anything to gain by starting a debate with my readers. Guess I'm chicken.

Alex - Are you trying to suggest I'm fat?

Lana- Glad I could make you chuckle and it is nice to see Charles better half here.

Monnik - What can I say. I a mean SOB in my dreams.

Shauna - I have actually dreamed entire conversations with characters from one of my books.

Design Goddess - I have whole heartedly embraced my feminine side. Why, I'm even thinking about shaving my goatee off. NOT!

Travis Erwin said...

Penelope - Cats aren't allowed to vote because the politicians do not like anything sneakier than them near the voting booth.

Alyssa- I'm not sure mine does either.

Mom In Scrubs - I'm actually supposed to do a sleep study thing in a couple of weeks. That should be interesting.

Charles - I've heard tale of some mighty big swamp bucks down your way so I'd love to see a pic of one.

Barb - If I'm not mistaken you are my first official spammer. Yeah for me.

Jerseygirl - I kind of liked Until I Find You. It was slow in parts but the whole tattoo world stuff kept me interested. But it wasn't nearly as good as Owen Meany or Cider House Rules.

Marla - Great minds think alike.

Church Lady - I'll let you know but I may not be the best judge since it is but of my normal reading genres. But i like to branch out from time to time.

Tee - I was about twenty five yards away but I have a pretty good zoom. And yeah I'm somewhat afraid to talk politics as well. Unless I really know you and then I'll debate all day and night.

Bernita said...

A six-pointer?
Here we judge bucks by their racks...
Been reading The Disheveled Dictionary.
You etymology of caucus would fit right in.

alex keto said...

naw, ignore my earlier comments. I was in a stupid mood

Josephine Damian said...

Travis, up until recently I was so ignorant of the political process that I thought caucus was that stuff I have a hard time keeping the mold off of in the shower stall, and that the electoral college was a real school.

Bad dreams? Are you eating cheese before you go to bed, bro? Happens to me every time I eat cheese late at night. Have you ever put cutiings from the night scented jasmine plant in your bedroom? It's certain to give you the most, er... ah... interesting dreams.

Good luck with your election!


Ok, I'm done with my Norma Rae impersonation.

Oh, yeah, congrats on getting over the hump of your WIP! Time for the rising action of the second act.

Bubblewench said...

you said rack.. heh heh heh

Did you eat it?

Anonymous said...

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AaroN said...

Ah, you've given me a new topic to blog about. I think I'm going to take the plunge into politics. After all, I don't have any problem blogging about religion.