Sunday, January 13, 2008

You Shoulda Seen The One That Got Away ...

Thursdays meeting went well for all those answering. I got a ton of great feedback, a good bit of constructive criticism, and the pleasure of some like-minded company. I'm telling you fellow writers out there, don't hole up in your house and forget an entire world exists beyond your computer scree. There is nothing that refreshes my writerly batteries like spending face to face time with other writers. Sure, I'm in a weekly Monday night critique group with three intelligent ladies who are talented writers and now I'm going to make the Thursday morning trio a weekly thing as well. You know I've never been in a crit group where there was another man, at least not one that showed up regularly. I consider Plundered Booty to be much more of a "guy" book than my previous novels but I'm pleased to say thus everyone, male and female alike, has gotten the humor. Let's hope I can keep it that way. I really am fortunate to live in such a strong writing community where so many talented people are wiling to share their knowledge.

Friday the weather here was gorgeous, high in the upper 50s with not a stitch of wind. So I took my boys fishing. The state of Texas stocks Rainbow trout in several places including a small pond/lake int he midst of Amarillo's medical center. It is a great opportunity to take the boys without spending a lot of money and time getting to a larger lake. Here are a few pics I snapped.

This is our catch and our supper. My seven year old hooked and reeled in the trout on top and the five year old caught the bigger one on bottom. Yes, he made certain to point out that his was bigger. matter of fact he is still reminding his brother two days later.

No the other shot is not from the remaking of the Hitchcock film The Birds. Those are Canadian Geese that winter int he area. It is a wonder they can fly at all after all the bread people feed them but just as we were leaving about three or four hundred of the large birds took off and flew right over our heads. We stared up and watched them go making sure to keep our mouths closed.

Blogging may be sporadic this week as I concentrate on my fiction while the words are flowing. But I have a few more pics to share so look for my posts this week to be more of a visual nature.

Here's to happy, writing, cooperating fish, and soaring wings to you all.

*by the way. I joined Facebook so look for me there if you have an account.


Terrie Farley Moran said...


Happy writng to you and I am so glad that Thursday's meeting went well. Thanks for your comment on my whiney "my printer is broken" post.

We all need to be reminded once in a while: It's all about the writing.

Great looking fish.


Patti said...

facebook?! i. am. holding. out....for now.

Travis Erwin said...

Terrie - Long time no see. Guess that means you've been writing like mad.

Patti - They have scrabulous which is online scrabble. As if any of us need new ways to avoid writing.

~grace~ said...

facebook, huh?

I was in the first wave of college students to join, back in 2004 when it was all special and elite and just colleges. And specific colleges at that. I was annoyed when high schoolers were allowed in, and I was annoyed when the general public riff-raff were allowed in. I've gotten over it a bit now, but I'm still less-than-happy with the relaxing of the security since the beginning. Anyway...

I'll add you, sure, but don't be offended if I don't let you see my pictures...

Lana Gramlich said...

Congrats on the lovely photo & to the boys on their wonderful fish!

Beth said...

Glad the meeting went well!

I laughed out loud at your "...making sure to keep our mouths closed" comment, its the sort of thing I'd do.

I'll get you added onto my Facebook this afternoon. I don't use it much but its always nice to add some extra friends - it is just a giant popularity contest after all!

Bubblewench said...

I'm on facebook, next time I'm there, I'll look you up... if I can figure out how the damn thing works.

I'm really glad that you have such awesome support for your writing!

Nice fish. Your kids did good there! Love the geese photo.

AaroN said...

Nice trout!

Even if you zoomed in to make 'em look bigger. ;P

Charles Gramlich said...

Happy eatin' and great pic of the Geeze. Most of the groups I've been in have been female heavy as well.

Ello said...

Awesome pictures! And what great looking fish. My hubby would be sooo jealous! And it is awesome that you have these crit groups! Good luck on your fiction!

Travis Erwin said...

Grace - I'd rather be general public riff-raff than a Sharks fan. :)

Lana- Your blog has inspired me to start taking more pictures of wildlife and nature.

Beth- Thanks for adding me and glad to see you put and about int eh blogosphere.

Bubblewench- I'm still trying to sort through the in and puts of facebook myself.

Aaron - The biggest one was about fifteen inches. Just about perfect eating size.

Charles- I probably won't even get a bite since my boys caught them an d there are only two.

Ello - Thanks. Writing comrades are a must.

Bernita said...

I yearn for the spring day when those geese come back home, and I see flight after flight in the gray skies overhead.And hear them call.