Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Trio of Dealios

Remember that Beck song, Two Turntables and a Microphone?

Well, today's post is my blogging equivalent, Two Meme's and a Weekly Feature.

First the weekly feature. The fine gals over at Women of Mystery have started Two Sentence Tuesday. the deal is you post two sentences you've read in the preceding week and two sentence you wrote. (could be from a work in progress, or an email, or an excuse for your kid to miss P.E. class - doesn't matter ass long as your wrote it) I like the idea and it doesn't take much commitment to post something I've already written or read. And if you've never Checked out Women of Mystery you should.

From Far Tortuga by Peter Matthiessen ...

The wind has slackened but the daybreak sky is a dead yellow that turns the sea to glimmering gray. Bruised masses shroud the sun, and an iron gleam is cast on the wet surface of the deck.

And from my novel in progress, Plundered Booty ...

I hurried through my front door with Lila huffing and puffing right behind me. No doubt the wispy black hairs on her upper lip were quivering beneath her oxygen starved nostrils.

Shauna, over at the Coffee shop also tagged me with a book meme. Here are the rules:
1. Grab the book you are currently reading and turn to p. 123
2. Go to the 5th sentence
3. Post the next 3 sentences
4. Tell the name of the book and author
5. Tag 5 others.

This is dialogue from from Far Tortuga but Peter Matthiessen used no quotation marks.

Last night you hear me say we sailin as three dis mornin, and you wait till I wakes you to oil dem engines? No, mon! Dass no good!

Far Tortuga is an interesting book strangely formatted, but an enjoyable read. At least for me. I have read it before and wanted to reread since I reference it in Plundered Booty.

And for the second meme. I've done this one before, but it has been a while so when Alyssa Goodnight tagged me I decided why not do it again. It is the six strange facts about me meme and believe it or not there are at least six things you do not know about me.

1) I have a reoccurring nightmare where all me teeth crumble and fall out at once. I have read that dreaming this means I have unresolved guilt but I have no earthly idea what I would be that guilty about.

2) I once got in a fight in metal shop class and pushed a kid named Robbie. His hand hit a moving grinding wheel a his knuckled was a bloody mess. No I don't particularly feel guilty about it since he was an ass and had no lasting damage. Besides, picked up trash on campus for an hour every morning before school as penance.

3) I refuse to spend money on greeting cards. Four or five bucks for what? A sentiment you should be able to say to those you love.

4)I can't stomach be in the same room while someone is using a file. Doesn't matter of it's my wife filing her nails or a coworker using a metal file in our maintenance shop at work. the raspiness grates on my very soul.

5) I honestly think I could get in the money if I could afford to play in The World Series of Poker, but the Ten Grand entry fee is beyond my budget. I have won several Texas Hold 'Em tournaments both locally and in Vegas but just once I want to play in the grand daddy of them all. When I finally get a large book deal entering the world series will be my one splurge item.

6) I'll only eat spaghetti and roast beef in the winter because I consider them to be cold-weather foods.

***** An addition ***** I forgot to include my friend Britta Coleman among this week's My Town Monday participants so pop on over here and see what she has to say about life in Fort Worth, Texas.


~grace~ said...

WHAT?! Spaghetti is an ALL THE TIME food. Spaghetti in the morning, spaghetti in the evening. Wow. And you like the Stars. I don't if we can actually be friends. ;)

Also you're beating me at scrabulous again.

Barrie said...

You're right. I did NOT know any of those facts about you. :)

Sam said...

What about roasted sweet potatos or turkey? Isn't that winter food? :-)

Far Tortuga sounds cool. So does your excerpt.

Clare2e said...

I enjoyed the Far Tortuga, too. Thanks for playing 2-sentence Tuesday, Travis!

As for the downy upper lip, I'm working on it!

Monnik said...

I like your sentence from Plundered Booty. Very good!

I also can't deal with nail files. Shudder - that makes me shiver just thinking about that sound. Bleck.

Shauna said...

Great Meme's. I love the six strange facts. I used to feel the same way about greeting cards. Now I feel guilty if I don't get one to go with a gift. Which is crazy because the gift usually costs enough on its own without the card and wrapping paper.

Anonymous said...

Jenn Says:

Your so weird. I am glad it is going to snow this evening. I would like one more round of pscetti. It is beef tips tonight. Bye trillio of dealios. You dorko

Charles Gramlich said...

Hum, I like this: "I hurried through my front door with Lila huffing and puffing right behind me. No doubt the wispy black hairs on her upper lip were quivering beneath her oxygen starved nostrils."

Far Tortuga is a fine book, although strangely formatted as you say. That cold weather food is a bit weird, I agree. I eat foods I like all the time.

Melissa Marsh said...

Ok, is my computer the only weird one that has your sentences (from your excerpt) looking like they are miniscule?


I eat spaghetti a lot. I attribute it to my Italian-ness. I'd rather have my grandmother's homemade raviolis, though, but I only get those around the holidays. ;-)

Ello said...

only spaghetti and roast beef? ONLY?

Travis Erwin said...

Grace - What can I say, like the Stars I am good.

Barrie - I am a man of mystery.

Sam - Turkey is good year round.

clare2e - Your name's not Lila and I know you are way nicer than she is.

monnik - Thanks for admiring my booty ;)

shauna - I am Halmark's worst nightmare.

Jenn - I love you too dear.

Charles - There are certain foods that just do not taste right at the wrong time of year.

melissa- I had trouble formatting this entire post so who knows what is going on.

ello - No, I have many seasonal foods. Maybe I'll do a post on that subject sometime.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I completely agree with #3--it irks me to spend that much on a decorated piece of paper. But...to several sentimental souls in my family, that card means a lot. So, I do buy a few.

Thanks for playing! ;)

Britta Coleman said...

I'm funny about greeting cards, too. Using someone else's sentiments feels funny (kind of like a cheat), but I have certain people in my life who LOVE cards, so I buy them. This year I wrote a poem for my Valentine. It was truly awful, but sincere. And free.

Thanks for linking My Town Monday--in bright red, no less. Travis, you rock.

Love the Two Sentence Tuesday...will have to join in.

Laura (Kramarsky) Curtis said...

You know, I REALLY wanted to read your two sentences, but I had to go into the code for the page to find them. For some reason, the font size is set to zero. Luckily, they were well worth the effort!

~ruthie said...

The dream reference reminded me of a book (Bitter Grounds by Sandra Benetiz)in which one of the main characters ALSO has a dream in which her teeth fall out of her mouth whenever something bad is going to happen to her.

My winter foods are chili and vegetable soup.

and no, I've never been here before. You posted on my friends page, empty-boxes, and I followed your link here. I'll probably be back. :)

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

I liked your excerpt better than "Far Tortuga" - I can see those lip hairs quivering!!! LOL!!

Strange things about you Travis -- crumbling teeth would be a horrible dream...

Josephine Damian said...

Travis: When I did time at the medical examiner's office, far worse than the sights and smells (which were beyond gross), were the "bad sounds."

Off topic, but just saw you had entered the BookEnds romance contest! Good luck! I also saw my buddy Chumplet is also competing... so I gotta wish her good luck too...... but it would be nice if somebody I know wins....

One of these days, it'll be me, Charles and Conduit entered in the thriller contest....

Penelope said...

How times have changed. . .

Nowadays a kid who fights in school is arrested and ticketed, suspended three days, and usually has some form of follow up in school suspension.

Hope voting was fun for you. There were polling places in Houston which didn't finish taking voters until well after midnight.

-- Karen

Kalinka said...

Hugs and best wishes to you.

Come and see my photos, please.

CresceNet said...

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Therese said...

I've had dreams about my teeth falling out--but read it was related to anxiety, not guilt.

My uncle's an amateur poker player, and this past year he WON his entry to WSOP! Got to play (and win some bucks!) with the big shots.