Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beyond Here, Thar Be Dragons

I read several literary agent and editor blogs. I've taken part in a few of their contests and even had a question or two answered, but I've never been the subject of one's post before ... until this past week.

Miss Daisy Frost, and agent from across the pond offered up this short post about yours truly. Pop on over and give it a read. She poked a bit of fun my way by picking out a few excerpts from my blogger profile page, but my favorite thing was when she referred to me as exotically named. And actually I'm quite honored anytime I appear on a literary agent's radar. And here is my pledge to her. If she ever makes it to Texas, or any writing conference where I am at, I will buy her the steak or cut of beef of her choice. Sorry, Miss Daisy that is as close to dragon meat as I can get.

Also this week fellow writer and poker aficionado, B.E. Sanderson offered up this fine post in response to mine about writing myself into a corner.

Also I just became aware of a My Town Monday post that I missed in my weekly linkage of others participating. JenKneeBee from Or Something Like That blogged about St. Paul, Minnesota here.

Check those links out if you get a chance. See y'all tomorrow evening with the next edition of My Town Monday.


Charles Gramlich said...

What about Dragon stew? there's vegetables in that.

The Anti-Wife said...

Happy Sunday morning to you! My - My Town Monday - is already posted for this week. Had to do it early cause at my advanced age I'm easily distracted and often forget.

How cool that you're on an agent's radar!

Melissa Marsh said...

You're becoming famous, Travis!