Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dog Days

Random things and random pictures.

My five year old son has been begging for a puppy for some time. We have a dog already but she is a rather large and at times hyper Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Gypsy and her rambunctiousness is often more than my youngest son can handle.


One of our friends has a nice calm dachshund and my son has fallen in love with her and her good nature, so he wants a weenie dog, but my wife have decided to shy away from an expensive purebred puppy and instead look at the shelters for a pup to rescue. We don't think he'll mind so long as the critter is of a smallish nature.

There are three shelters in our town. Two that are no-kill facilities and one that follows the death row philosophy of business. Here's the interesting thing. The dogs seem to know they are on borrowed time. We've been checking nearly everyday and the dogs at the "short-term facility bark some but mostly they stand at the door of their cage looking anxious and needy.

At the other two places where there is no ticking timeclock, the vast majority of the docks bark, and growl, and jump about like idiots. Could be coincidence but it dos make one wonder how much they know.

Guess what it rained here the last two nights. We've only gotten a grand total of 3 tenths of an inch out of those rains, but I'll take it since it has been drier than a popcorn fart around here.

Doesn't the leading edge of this storm look like a face screaming and struggling to push onward? You might have to click to enlarge, but that is what I saw.

This next shot is the east view from the back porch of one of my critique partner's house. This is about a half hour before sunset. My house is about a mile and a half away at the bottom of that canyon.

And a shot facing south from the same vantage point.

At the local conference I was told that my posts tend to be too long and time consuming to read. That is probably true but it's hard to get me to shutup once I get cranked up, so here are some more addition to the renovated blogroll.

Katrina Kimble is one of many talented authors that lives in my area. She blogs over at Texas Tawk and she recently started a series detailing the places that have inspired various famous writers. The first was on Louis May Alcott and can be read here. And this week's was on Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Alex Keto is another blogger that I personally know. I met him in February of 2007 at a week long writer's workshop in Arizona. He's a talented writer and a former journalist who has been the world over. Alex and I had some interesting conversations in Arizona as we stayed up late into each night and sipped daintily of our adult beverages. Alex blogs here but he has been absent of late so stop in and demand he start posting again. Or go here to read one of his older but better posts.

And one more addition to the blogroll. I met Cicily Janus at the same workshop as I did Alex. Cicily has one of the most imaginative mind I've ever encountered. Her plot ideas are spectacular and luckily she is one of the few writers talented enough to pull of such ambitious projects. She hasn't been blogging much as she is trying to get her writer's retreats going. Cicily has put together a great lineup of agents , editors, and published authors. The first retreat is scheduled for October in Vail, Colorado. Click here for more info.

Time to go puppy hunting once again as we are heading out to look at the pounds in a few surrounding panhandle towns.


spyscribbler said...

Never too long. I like your long, rambling posts. They're you. I never seem to have much to say, but I always read them. :-)

I want a puppy, too!

Monnik said...

those are great pictures!

I agree w/ spyscribbler - nothing wrong with long posts.

I know what you mean about the dogs in the rescue shelters. So sad!

Bina said...

"Drier than a popcorn fart".

Ha Ha Ha Ha! I have NEVER heard that before but you can bet I'm gonna use it!

I'm glad you (wife) decided to NOT get a dachsand. My mom has had two and they older they get the nippier they get. Our neighbors "had" one but had to get rid of it cause it started biting their 4 kids.

Shelters are a GREAT place to get a dog, but I just hate going because I want to save them all.

Josephine Damian said...

Those Weiner dogs can have lots of back problems too.

I say go to the kill shelter and pick out a small mutt. Your other dog will be less hyper having another dog to play with when you guys are not around.

In my town, they're going to change the amount of time before they kill the "rescue" animals from 5 to 3 days now. Sad.

You can always break up long your posts into parts.

Melissa Marsh said...

Good for you for going to rescue a dog from a shelter. I went with my mom to pick out a dog a few months ago from our human society (which practices the dreaded death row philosophy) and some of them just looked so, so sad...I wanted to take them all home with me.

Melissa Marsh said...

I mean HUMANE society.


Lana Gramlich said...

I totally see that screaming face in the cloud...Very cool!
I would always prefer to get a dog from a death facility, personally. It crushes my heart to know that the poor buggers have 2 days left to live (if that.) <:(

Katrina said...

Hey Travis, thanks for the plug.

I can't handle the shelters with dogs on death row--I WOULD bring them all home with me! I usually wind up with a dog found roaming the streets or dumped on my front porch. BUT I wish more people would adopt--there are wonderful dogs waiting for a home and so thankful to have a family.
Glad YOU got a rain--we only got a sprinkle in Canyon.

Brooke said...

Oh, too bad you are not in my neck of the woods, my mom works at a shelter and could get you hooked up with any kind of dog at all, every one of my friends has hit her up, a one stop shop for all of your canine needs :)

I am puppied out myself...she brought her work home with her one too many times...

Anonymous said...

I absolutely cannot go to the humane society anymore. They drive me to drinking cheap wine and plotting daring rescue missions. I did adopt "gump" from a shelter, get this, part chihuahua, weinie dog, and beagle. He looked like a chocolate lab that had been squashed down and pulled out with a very suprised expression. He was named "Gump" because with his short legs and pit bull chest...he always thought "he was runnin'". Good luck your posts and your pics (should've looked west and got a pic of our tornado wannabe!) are my leader!

WordVixen said...

Dangit- I use you as an excuse to not edit my posts for length. Don't you dare go short on me, or I'll have to pull out my scissors (and I'm not saying if it's for my posts, or for you).

Word of warning on the "smallish" dog thing. My dog growing up was a miniature collie and some sort of sled dog mix (gorgeous, btw- fluffy like a sled dog, but with the snout and coloring of a collie). They told my parents she'd only get knee-high. When she stopped growing, she was just short of hip height.

My opinion on the shelters? If PETA really wanted to help animals, they'd spend the huge donations on no-kill shelters, or better facilities to give the animals more time to be adopted, instead of on smear campaigns against celebrities.

Patti said...

without an exception, the dogs we have adopted from shelters have been our best dogs. you are doing a good thing.

Barbara Martin said...

As for puppies, you could try a breed rescue organization where you might have to pay a nominal fee. My neighbour in the apartment above me and a neighbour down the hall each have miniature dachshunds. Bit yappy, but that's the owners' fault for not training them properly. I've never seen a dog that nipped for the heck of it...always caused by someone making grief for them in one way or another. Travis, you should find a small terrier/cross (i.e. fox terrier, jack russell) or a breed that will stand up to your retriever if necessary, and be game enough to play together.

As for your posts, they are never too long, and they're full of interesting information. It's a shame some readers have a short attention span.

Nice photos, too.

Barbara Martin said...

Forgot to ask, if the area you live in has ever had flash floods? I'd be a bit worried living in a canyon...

Packsaddle said...

I knew it!

Length does matter!

*hair flip*

And I don't think it has rained here in the Hill Country since Pluto was a planet.

I thought I saw a tiny cloud yesterday, though.

Turned out it was just smoke coming from a Dodge.

yellowdog granny said...

rescuing a dog destined to put put down is a good thing..good for sure the son will love his new buddy..and his new buddy will be so grateful...

Charles Gramlich said...

I don't see the face, I see th Thing from Fantastic four. The dogs may be aware of the fact that ones who were there yesterday are gone today and that constant change may be part of what upsets them.

preTzel said...

Travis - Get a Sheltie. If you can get a small one (mine is about 14 pounds) they are wonderful companions for children. They watch them, try to herd them, and have tons of energy which is just what children need. I have a Sheltie and she's the best dog (damn, almost typed dong, glad I caught that typo *blush) we've ever had.

Your posts are never *too* long. Those short ones that make no sense drive me bat shit crazy.

Bernita said...

Oh bless you for looking for a homeless dog.
All ours have been.

Kristen Painter said...

Good luck on the puppy hunt!

Libber's Log said...

Hey Travis...Thanks for the mention regarding my retreats. Just for that we'll hold it in Vegas so you can go... :) You are such a wonderful friend.

And funny you mention wiener dogs in the same post. I had a wiener dog all through school and now my parents have wiener dogs. I think they're great with kids. But I agree...they have lots of health issues. Go for the mut. blog is started...but I have a partner. And as soon as I get back in the swing of things with the non fiction schtuff and other novel fiction thingees I'll go back to the other blog action.

If I were there I'd buy you a Shiner Bock at the Golden Light...and maybe even do some petty theft for you.



Carleen Brice said...

That's so sad about the dogs whose time is short! I'd love a dog, but my husband and cats would all mutiny.

Mystery Robin said...

I can't wait to see what pup you end up with!!!

angel, jr. said...

I hope you find a puppy!! There is nothing like the love between a child and their dog.
I love the movie Old Yeller. One of the few I will actually admit to crying at the end.

Mary Witzl said...

Keep rambling! Us talkative types have to stick together -- to heck with terse, athletic prose.

And good for you for eschewing the purebred puppy for a mutt. The way I see it, I'm a mutt, so why would I want a purebred anything?

Some years back, my husband and I had a couple of hours to kill and decided to go to the Humane Society to look at the cats and dogs there. I left sobbing my heart out. Every single one knew what was coming and it was horrible.

'Drier than a popcorn fart.' I'll be using that too.

ChrisEldin said...

I also think your posts are just right. I expect and look forward to a short story when I come over, not a drive-by.

Just read your post about Adobe Walls. That was sad. I think the Native Americans have a tragic history here in the U.S. But then, every country has some similar stories.