Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Political Reporter Travis, Chiming In

This is the first of two posts I'm putting forth this afternoon. I really try to focus this blog on me, my life, my pursuits to peddle my fiction, and life as I live it. In a way I present myself on here much int he way I would present a fictional character in a book. I try to stay out of the mundane as well as my political and philosophical views on all issues of importance. Yeah call me a chicken, but I choose not to use my voice hear as a means dive into politics, religion, or many other explosive issues.

However, that disclaimer aside this post is political because I've had several comments and emails from those expressing to hear details of the speech Presidential hopeful Barack Obama deliver to the delegation of the American Postal Workers Union today. Senator Obama did not appear before the body of us in person but rather via live video.

Obama was welcomed by standing crowd that was already shouting YES WE CAN under the direction of APWU president William Burress. The candidate's first big reaction came when he said that under the Bush administration the Department of Labor had become the Department of Management. He promised to change that by making certain to appoint those friendly to workers not CEO's to those positions.

Obama's other pledges were to end tax breaks for companies that use overseas labor. He vowed to strengthen the protection afforded by the Family Medical Leave Act and to end the trend of privatization of all public service jobs.

Perhaps his biggest cheers came when he said he would be a president that would not choke on the word UNION. To that front he guaranteed his support of the Employee Free Choice Act which is an important piece of literature regarding unions and their rights and ability to organize.

That's it in a nutshell. Will post a blog more along my normal lines shortly.


Monnik said...

Obama's a heck of a speaker isn't he? I've seen him a couple of times (shook his hand once even... my only claim to pseudo-fame).

I love that he plans to give benefits to companies who keep their labor force here in the US.

Linda McLaughlin said...

That all sounds good to me, Travis. I grew up in a union household (my dad was a lifelong Teamster and my mom belonged to a union before their marriage). The dept of Labor should be just that, not the dept of management.


Terrie Farley Moran said...


Thanks for this. I was very interested to hear what Obama had to say re: unions and workers, which are topics that have gotten lost in the shuffle in past elections.