Monday, November 2, 2009

Literary Appreciation Week Part 2

This one from Betsy Dornbusch, the author of the fabulous Sex Scenes at Starbucks blog ...

I've had several kind words, helpful personal rejections, and friendly smiles from agents over the years. I've met several agents in person and rarely had one look down at me for not having a book on shelves. Indeed, I feel they tend to look at me hungrily, as if I might be fresh meat for their grill. (Which I hope to be!) But Nathan Bransford (of course!) went far and above the call. He asked for a detailed rewrite on the first chapter of my first book. I don't think he really reps fantasy, so I fancy he did it out of the goodness of his heart. He ended up rejecting it, (nicest rejection I ever got), but his critique launched the discovery of my preferred style and voice. It was like he reached beyond the chaff and saw what the work was meant to be. The book is as of yet unpublished, but I've had many, many requests based on the first chapter I revised for him, and it's now under consideration by a NY editor.


I love Betsy voice and style and can't wait to read one of her novels.

I have several Nathan stories which I will be sharing. All of the agents that take the time to blog and educate we writers on the business side of the publishing world go above and beyond. I have learned and continue to do so by reading their posts. It's nice to have that little bit of insight into what goes on at the other end of those query letters.

Question, what is your favorite agent blog and more importantly, why?


Tana said...

How awesome to have had that guidance from Nathan. Perhaps you can sway him with chapter two ;) Good luck with the editor it sounds like you're on your way. I'm glad your happy in your genre.

I love Rachelle Gardner's blog. I write Christian fiction so that fits the bill for me. I love Nathan of course. He's very generous as is Rachelle,

ssas said...

Nathan!! I heart him. :)

Rick said...

I've never actually spoken to an agent or talked to one, Travis, since I've always submitted directly. But, now that I've read your post, I might actually give it a try! And my best to Betsey- she sounds deserving.

Cloudia said...

can't wait to check them all out, Travis.

Aloha, Friends

Comfort Spiral

Author Jessica Nelson said...

LOL Travis! I just told T. Anne that there must be something in the air because I've been wanting to get some author posts on agent stuff too. Heehee.
This was a really nice post. I love how she said that Nathan reached beyond the chaff... Awesome line! Awesome image.

My fave is Rachelle Gardner because I like her voice and she's always full of great publishing advice.

Terri Tiffany said...

I read a few of them. thanks for this little insight in some of the behind the scenes. I had a very nice agent, Les Stobbes, dialogue back and forth with me last week and asked for a full but my story isn't a romance so I had to turn him down. But he was very sweet and informative!

Melanie Hooyenga said...

I heart Nathan too. He's the only one who requested a partial from me, and while he passed, he was very very gracious.

I also follow Rachelle, Bookends, Janet Reid, Betsy Lerner, and Kristen Nelson.

AM said...

I follow many agents' blogs, and I appreciate every one of them taking the time to give us a glimpse into the publishing industry from their perspectives.

I also appreciate fellow writers and authors who share their perspectives. If we aim to publish, it is crucial that we prepare and understand the publishing industry.

Thanks Betsy,

I’ve just visited your blog and enjoyed it. I’ll be visiting again – if you don’t mind.