Thursday, March 25, 2010

Digging a Cottonball Out Of Your Crack Can Get Mighty Tiresome

Easter is fast approaching and since I have many new readers to my blog I thought I'd retell my favorite story about the cash trapped year that I agreed to play a shopping mall Easter Bunny.

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Now to the Easter Bunny story ....

Back in November and December I blogged about my year in hell as a Mall Santa. I made mention then that I also donned the rabbit suit and portrayed the Easter Bunny.

Being that it is the seventh of March, spring is officially only two weeks away, and Easter is just a hop farther away, this seems like a good day to tell one of my Bunny Funnies.

I'll start by saying I enjoyed playing the Easter Bunny a thousand times more than I did Santa. The parents were a thousand times more relaxed, the crowds were much thinner, and being locked away inside the rabbit suit provide a bit of anonymity that the beard and padded red suit did not provide.

One huge drawback however was the heat. There were times that the interior of the rabbit head was hot enough to bake biscuits in. Especially when the sun would beam in through the glass skylight of the mall.

Also my friend and former boss, that ran the operation had to special order a longer suit for me and even with that the pants were barely long enough to reach me furry feet so the suit gave me a constant wedgie. And let me tell you digging a cottonball out of your crack can get mighty tiresome. Not to mention traumatizing for any kids watching.

Actually my size alone scared most kids so I tried to remained seated in my pastel throne to neutralize my height. I'm six-five, but the way the head worked was that the wearer looked out through a screen mesh behind the bunny's bucked teeth. That meant with the long face and giant ears the tip of my version of the Easter Bunny towered in right at NINE FEET TALL. That's a long way up for a little kid. Now you know why I sat when I could.

The year I did this there were two of us that worked the evening shift. Myself, and an older fellow, named Clyde, who was and still is a postal supervisor by day. Clyde wasn't my boss but we worked near each other and got along just fine. Least we did before The Bunny Bashing Episode.

Here's how it went down ...

It was a slow weekday night. Unlike with Santa, parents didn't keep their small children out late just to see the Easter Bunny. But as usual there were quit a few teens meandering around the mall and a couple of fifteen or sixteen year old boys ended up leaning against the white picket fence that surrounded the bunny throne.

After a bit they started heckling me.

"Hey you!" One of them shouted. "The dude in the rabbit suit!"

Galen, the man who took the pictures and ran things was busy talking to the only customer we'd had in half an hour. His focus was on the pictures he was trying to print.

"Hey you! What kind of dork wears a rabbit suit?" the boys laughed. "Little doofus cottontail! I asked you a question.What kind of dork wears a rabbit suit?"

I stood up.

"Ooooh a big dork." They laughed again.

Ever so slyly I waved at the lone little girl to my left with one hand while using my giant head to hide the other hand I flipped a bird at the two boys.

"Ahhh, you just got dissed by the Easter bunny," said the one who'd kept quiet.

"Did you flip me off?" The mouthy asked.

Still waving I did it again to remove any doubt to what they had seen.

The one boy slapped the other on the back and teased him as they walked away.

But, that is not where this story ends.

Two mornings later, I'm sittting at the break room at work when Clyde walks in. His head is listing to one side like a sinking ship as he sits down across from me and says, "Be glad you didn't have last night's shift."

"Why? Were y'all busy?"

"No, I got attacked. Just as we were closing a teenager ran up and started punching me in the head. With that top-heavy rabbit head I couldn't maintain my balance, much less see him. He must have hit me a dozen times before Galen chased him off." Clyde slowly kneeded his sore neck. "I don't even know what he was yelling about. Something about me flipping him off."

Yes, once I stopped laughing I did confess my crime, and these days me and Clyde still laugh about him taking one for the team.

Updating my original post, Clyde has since gotten a promotion and actually is my boss these days. Lucky for me he doesn't seem to want revenge for my wayward bird.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hilarious! Actually, I read somewhere that mascots take a lot of physical abuse from people. Sad, really.

Crystal Phares said...


Occasionally I am asked to perform mascot duty here at work, and one time I was tackled by a JV football player. I was stuck, flat on my back in a giant costume with a 250 lb guys smashing what little breath I had left out of me. I know what he felt!

Eric said...

Thats hilarious Travis. I just imagine a bunny-bird pissing off the teens.

Oh, and I read (and reviewed) your excerpt. Great stuff, dude. I really liked it alot, particularly the characterization going on. Nice job.

Sharon Mayhew said...

Travis--Thanks for stopping by my blog. I changed the deadline to tomorrow at 1 CST to enter my first four sentences contest, if you want to enter. :)

I love your post. Have you tried to sell that story to Reader's Digest? They have a work story section. The pay's not much, but it's a publication. :)

Cloudia said...

wayward bird LOL

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

the walking man said...

I guess getting flipped off by the Easter Bunny would have been better than having your ass kicked by said Easter rabbit.

Good thing Clyde has a sense of camaraderie.

tootie said...

Ha! Now that's a side of the Easter bunny that you don't normally see :)

KaHolly said...

Pretty funny!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was nice to see you there. I am no stranger to the TX Panhandle and have to admit sometimes I miss it! ~karen

Monnik said...

I love your Easter Bunny stories, Travis.

Terrie Farley Moran said...


You are one entertaining guy.



Heres to hoping you don't have that gig again this year.

I know from personal experience that those "suits" suck, worse yet little kids running at you suck even more.

jerseygirl89 said...

I'm pretty sure I read that the first time, but it was just as funny reading it again. Heading to Amazon now. . .

Barrie said...

That story is worth retelling! Looking forward to you MTM post

savannah said...

hilarious! xoxo

Texanne said...

Travis, you always make me laugh--and always make me sorry that I can no longer travel up 287 to Your Town. Love the wind and the nice people there. I finally got the kindle for Mac all set up and expect to read your excerpt soon. Have you looked at Mayer's blog about how he's running his business now? Interesting. I SAY THIS BECAUSE I'D LIKE TO READ YOUR WHOLE BOOK without having to wait for some NYC coconut to come off his silver throne and publish it.

DrillerAA09 said...

They should feel fortunate that there weren't Bunny Droppings in their yard on Easter morning.
Loved it.

Crystal Posey said...

LOL Poor Clyde!