Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Friend of a Friend of a Friend of Mine

Here in the blogworld many of us share the same friends, so often blogging about a fellow blogger is nothing more than "preachin' to the choir." But there are times when I like to give shout outs to my buddies regardless of this fact. Especially my writer friends, because it is stupendously difficult for an author to get their name out and about. Unless of course it happens to be King, Grisham, Rowling, or they have nude pictures of Oprah and are not opposed to using them as blackmail.

Far as I know none of my writing buddies have so much as a grainy Polaroid of Oprah's nether regions therefore it's up to people like me to spread the word. So let me tell you about a couple.

Barrie Summy -- I first got to know Barrie when she began participating in My Town Monday's. That was before her first book I So Don't Do Mysteries came out. She has since released two more books in the middle grade series including the just out I So Don't Do Makeup. I've read Barrie's blog and books enough to know she has a great sense of humor, but a few weeks ago I had to pleasure of chatting with her via Skype as part of the literature club I led for 4th and 5th graders at a local Catholic School. Let me tell you, Barrie was every bit as personable there as she is on the page or computer screen. Go check her out and buys her books.

Stephen Parrish -- Stephen is ... well I could tell you, but then I'd blow his cover. Actually Stephen is many things. A hero, (he along with Erica Orloff organized and ran an online fundraiser for me and my family when our house burned down), a father, a friend, a writer (and a damn fine one at that), and one hell of a funny guy. It appears as if I'll get the chance to meet Stephen in November and I'm quite stoked about that. Oh yeah. Stephen's also one other thing. Old. Well at least older than me and this week he turns yet another year older. A gaggle of his blogging buddies are tossing a party over at the newly created blog called. Parrish the Thought. Come join us.

Yeah, their genres and intended audiences are vastly different, but both have the talent and voice to entertain me and I feel certain you'll like them too. So go visit these people and tell them I said hi.


Anonymous said...

Any comment I'm thinking of writing re: Oprah's nether regions sounds seriously inappropriate. So...um...thanks for this, Travis. I don't know Barrie and will have to put it on my list to do so!

Janna Qualman said...

It's a great thing to do, Travis, to share the news of our friends and fellow writers.

Congrats and best to both Barrie and Stephen!

Old Kitty said...


Thanks for introducing me to these new writers and new books!

I'll go and have a gander at their blogs now. Well done these two!

take care

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Thanks, Travis.

I already "know" Barrie and I agree her stuff is great. Now, I'll have to get to meet Stephen.


Angie Ledbetter said...

Really nice of you to promote and spread the online writing community's glue!

Charles Gramlich said...

Two talents, for sure.

Nadine said...

Both books sound great! I'm excited to read them!

Colleen said...

You are a dear friend to help spread the word for your published pals. Can't wait till we can all do the same for you!

Frank Baron said...

Good on ya' Travis. :)

Angela Ackerman said...

I've heard some buzz about Barrie's book--this is a good reminder to try and find it next time I'm at Chapters. Thanks!

prashant said...

Congrats and best to both Barrie and Stephen!
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