Thursday, June 24, 2010


How about some random craziness from my brain. Some of these first appeared on my twitter and/or Facebook updates.


I applaud Wal-Mart for the truth in naming their clothes brand, Faded Glory. Not current glory, or future glory but faded glory. Though I guess totally honest would be more like ... Never Had Any Glory In The First Place. Than again that's would be tough to fit on a shirt tag.


I received an email from Barnes and Noble that read, enjoy 25% off on "the biggest authors around." Got excited they were promoting me until I discovered they meant biggest sales numbers not biggest girth.

What the world needs most is a 2nd coming of Hemingway.


Life experience tells me chickens are quicker than ducks. So why do we not say, "Like a chicken on a junebug?"

Some claim beer makes you fat, but it truth it makes you lean. Right now I'm leaning on the counter.


I'm open minded to body piercing, but for the record, when I see something dangling from your nostril. My 1st thought is it's snot.

Concocted is a underused word. Why make something up, when you can concoct it?


Next time somebody ends a statement to me with ... "'cause that's how I roll," I'm gonna push them down a hill and see how they really roll.


June Playboy is going to be 3D. 1 critic reports centerfold is fuzzy at 1st glance. I think perhaps that critic needs to look a bit higher up?

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Rick said...

Travis- the more I read your writings the more I like them!

Aerin said...

I was chuckling til the Playboy comment. Regarding the week in November, I think I need to schedule confession now.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Is Playboy still publishing? I would have thought that internet porn had driven them out of business by now.

Mr. Shife said...

I laughed again at your Playboy comment. I think I saw it first on Twitter. And I am leaning on the counter as I type this. Have a good one.

Annie said...

"Cause that's just how I roll"

Loving that image!

Charles Gramlich said...

If I want 3D I'll imagine it myself.

A. K. said...

Some claim beer makes you fat, but it truth it makes you lean. Right now I'm leaning on the counter. This is awesome

Old Kitty said...

And beer all round the night before helped England win their footie game! So beer is all good!

take care

Janna Qualman said...

I think your mind is highly entertaining. :)

jerseygirl said...

I really love how your brain works.

Josh said...

lmaol, great stuff dude

Barrie said...

These are ALL funny!!!

Barrie said...

Hey, who's hosting MTM this week?

Colleen said...

Hemingway... boo. He hated Canada... and women... but, whatever. :-)

Posey said...

I think I just heard my walmart profit sharing scream.

Do people even say, "Like a duck on a junebug."???

Pushing them down a hill... bahahahaha Awesome.