Thursday, July 15, 2010


That will make a great blog post.

Used to be that was my first thought upon anything weird, strange or funny happening to me. I'm sure y'all have noticed that has not been the case in a while. And I'm not sure why that sensation faded.

I know for a while after the fire I was strangely reluctant to blog. Here I had experienced this traumatic loss, and my blog friends had rushed to my support in ways that I cannot even describe. Actually not only my blogging pals but their friends and their friends and pretty soon I had cards and letters and packages and financial donations ... and I felt stunned, gratified, and oh so not worthy. Besides that my blog had been about humor and what would people think if I pointed out the absurdity of something while dealing with the fact everything I owned was now ash? And how could I ever thank all the people that helped. I tried. I spent hours online tracking down people that I only had a name. My wife and I wrote tons of thank you notes and mailed what we could, but we never seemed to catch up as we were house hunting, dealing with banks insurances and a myriad of other thing and some of the pages with address got lost in the many moves and then I simply felt embarrassed that I had not been able to properly thank everyone.

As life started to settle down I dove back into writing The Feedstore Chronicles and I'm proud to say it is nearly complete. And then there were the Facebook and Twitter factors. Sometimes it was easier to post a quick thought to those social networks rather than blog. Blogging from my phone is cumbersome at best.

And all the while the number of visitors dropped. I know some were still out there reading on Google Reader or a phone app, but I let the declining number affect my confidence. I started to think everyone is sick of hearing how much I hate lettuce, love meat, and want a book deal. I wondered if I had said everything I have to say.

But lately I've missed the blog. I've been going back and reading some of my favorite posts and I while sometimes I think "Wow, what the hell was I drinking that day," but then others I think. "Hey, that was a pretty damned good post."

So what I'm trying to say is a feel a new wave of energy coming on. A blogging frenzy perhaps. No doubt some of the blogs will miss, but I hope that y'all will find some of them entertaining. And if you get a chance drop me a comment if only to say hi. That way I'll now how many of y'all are still out there reading. For those that already comment on  regular basis I doubly appreciate the time y'all spend first reading and then adding your take. Often, the comments are better than the actual post.


Cloudia said...

Very well written, Travis!

You have articulated what many of us feel and related deeply to...that's what you DO - hence your popularity in blogLand :)

There are rythmns, peaks & valleys (check out MY silly post today)
But the state of being 'peeps' that you describe is very important, I think.

Walking into the Waikiki post office I see an employee on a ladder fixing something (your job I know) and immediately wonder: 'Is that Trav?"

Silly, eh? But we do influence, support, and think of one another.

My blog peeps are valued too.

Seems like you're ready to strut-your-stuff again. COOL!

I'll be here reading it...and you are right: the comments are the thang!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

I may not comment often,
Travis, but I'm still here reading (and enjoying) your blog posts.

I'm not going anywhere! :-)

Liz J. in Central Illinois'

sybil law said...

I definitely always read. :)

Annie said...

Hey! Always read, don't always comment. Such is the life of the beast.

I've noticed the same ebb and flow regarding blogging. I'm happy to read that you are feeling a growing excitement about blogging. Cannot wait to read the results!

In regards to "peeps", we are in the middle of this HUGE life change and I can't write about it due to some of my "peeps" who, frankly, aren't really ready for this news.


(screams in frustration!)

Okay, but this is about you and not me. Blog on brother, blog on. We'll be reading!

Hilary said...

I find that summertime changes the rhythm of blogging and blog-reading for me. I'm away for only a few days at a time but catching up seems overwhelming upon returning.. and then I'm gone again. I do read.. maybe not all of those which are specifically about the writing craft itself, but I do read. I shall try to comment more often to reinforce that. I do of course value the times you drop by for a visit as well. :)

Mystery Robin said...

I've been going through the same journey, Travis. It is easier to post a thought to Facebook, and then sometimes the desire to turn it into a full fledged post wanes.
Also, I nearly always read in Bloglines, so I don't think that shows up as a visitor... but I'm here lurking. ;)
Glad to see your post!

jjdebenedictis said...


And my Google Reader inbox stalks you relentlessly, my dear. Never fear: I'm not going anywhere.

(I'm also looking forward to more posts from you!)

dee said...

well, my theory is that the more you write what you love, the more you love to write, and I suspect that getting ready to wrap up the chronicles may be partially behind this new energy surge. I also know what's it like to be in an extended funk and its okay to have one now and again...otherwise how would people know YOUR A WRITER? we're all supposed to be moody, beer drinking artists, right?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I always look forward to your posts!

Eric said...

Great post, Travis. I hope I'm counted among your peeps, because this post is a great example of why I keep coming back for more. You have a charm and voice that comes through in just about everything you write. I know exactly how you feel though. I've been less active lately on my own blog, and I've felt real bad about it. I mean, I have a whole bunch of followers, but I haven't been doing them justice. I am in the process of trying to correct that, but it is definitely there in the back of my head. And like you, I enjoy the comments a great deal. Keep it up big dude, and know that us peeps are still out here anxiously awaiting your next one.

Being Beth said...

I've been somewhat swamped with my own writing, but I still take time to read your blog, Travis. Never miss it. Often lately I have not taken time to comment, but I always read. Trying to get back to leaving comments, like today. Yours is one of my very favorite of all the blogs I read. I'm glad you're going to keep going and I look forward to more entertaining posts.

Another side benefit of your blog is that I've met some of the most fun people through your site. Thanks for that too!

G said...

I've been following yours since I started blogging back in '08 and there's never been a dull moment since then.

I've experienced firsthand the incredible peaks and frustrating valleys that blogging has thrown my way.

I used to stress out early on when my visitors decreased (and even wrote one or two posts about it that you were kind enough to comment on). But now, some two years later, I realize that I have people who enjoy commenting and people who enjoy reading what I write on a M-W-F basis.

I may not comment on everything, but I am a bonafide reader and lurker of your blog.

And I enjoy every minute of it.

Old Kitty said...

Oh dear I'm so sorry to hear about your fire experience! That must have been so traumatic. I hope that that's now all sorted and done with? I hope so!

I really enjoy reading your posts! You just carry on - so long as you enjoy blogging why not?!

Take care

pattinase (abbott) said...

Every time I consider stopping my blog, I think about how much I'd miss the interaction with people who live in Texas, California, Maryland, Maine. Louisianna.

Naomi Johnson said...

I don't understand why Blogger - a google service -- cannot reflect the number of googlereaders for a given blog. Unless I connect from the reader your numbers won't reflect the fact that I'm a regular reader. Ah, well, enough carping. Glad to see your enthusiasm is on the rise again.

Lauren said...

I agree that the desire to blog ebbs and flows (I'm just coming out of a very, very long ebb myself). I'm glad to hear you feel the fire to blog coming as I love reading your thoughts!

I'm happy to hear that your WIP is getting close!!

David Cranmer said...

I am aware that Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, have taken quite a few friends away and that's unfortunate. I've seen my comments drop as well but what I try to do is quid pro quo. Someone leaves me a comment and I do my best to leave them one. However if I keep going to a particular individual's site and they can't send one my way then I figure that's time better spent elsewhere. Make sense or not? I think that may have come across wrong/harsh but I don't intend it that way.

huddlekay said...

Well said, Travis. I'm out here. I'm listening. I'm just a little embarassed about the lack of anything to say on my part. Have you checked out my blog lately? Of course not! There's nothing there!

And If I'm ever in dire need of something to make me laugh. Your twitter/facebook/blog pages are usually the first place I look.

Also, I have a lot of people out there who inspire me to write. But If I were to think of one person as my writing mentor, it'd be you.

So don't lose hope. I'm counting on you.

Texanne said...

What huddlekay said. I always check your blog, because it's a wonderful read. You can't help being engaging--and that's not to denigrate the effort you put into it. You just have a naturally charming voice and manner.

My blog is kind of moldy these days. I moderate a forum for writers, and I write, and I tweet (gotta give that up) and there's just not much left for the blog. We know how that goes. We're still here, and still reading. Rock on, Travis.

Texanne said...

What huddlekay said. I always check your blog, because it's a wonderful read. You can't help being engaging--and that's not to denigrate the effort you put into it. You just have a naturally charming voice and manner.

My blog is kind of moldy these days. I moderate a forum for writers, and I write, and I tweet (gotta give that up) and there's just not much left for the blog. We know how that goes. We're still here, and still reading. Rock on, Travis.

AvDeeBee said...

I find your rants about lettuce infinitely amusing. I come by as often as possible, but, if you see your number drop by one here and there, it's not because I don't like you anymore, but because I'm a slacker and have to cut myself off from all communication now and again in order to get anything done.

It's not you, it's me.

But, really.


Frank Baron said...

Every writer wishes for a muse who responds at the first hint of need. But we all run into dry spells, usually when life gets in the way.

But periodically, I think we simply need to recharge -- to back off and let the write-o-meter refill at a leisurely rate.

Don't fret about taking the occasional break. We'll be around. :)

Barbara Martin said...

I have you on google Reader, Travis, so as not to miss one of your posts. There is always something you write that tickles my funny bone.

Charles Gramlich said...

I think it's like many things, the urges come and go and come again. Sometimes it's good to be away for a while. sometimes a lot of my energy comes from the very act of blogging. In other words, I think your experience is pretty normal.

Teresa said...

Glad to know you will be posting more. I have you on Google reader, and I love your sense of humor.

the walking man said...

You didn't blog for a while? When?{;-O}

Erica Orloff said...

Glad to see you BACK! :-)

Melanie Avila said...

I still read on reader! I've felt guilty because ever since I went back to working full time I've had a really hard time keeping up with blogs. I've had to cut out a lot of them, and a lot that I'm still reading I just don't comment on.

I have the same struggle as you in terms of watching how many people click through and worrying that no one cares what I'm saying, and then questioning why the hell I bother. I hope you know how much we all enjoy reading your stories!

Lana Gramlich said...

I just hope all is well these days. :)

Bubblewench said...

I loves me peeps too! Glad to count you as one! Keep on blogging!

Barrie said...

Looking forward to reading your "frenzy" of posts. ;)

Your Other Wife said...

I am back reading i will try to keep up better!