Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Fricassee

More and more I realize how sheltered my boys are. Back in the day me and my friends freely roamed the entire southeast corner of Amarillo. from Whitaker road east of town all the way to Southeast park we rode our bikes and went wherever we wanted. We rarely ventured north of I-40 but we could of had we wanted.For those not from Amarillo we are talking about a large area. Perhaps 5 miles east to west and 3 or so north to east.

I get nervous allowing my boys to walk to the park a a few blocks from my house.Sure the times have changed but I think the real factor here is my own fear that my boys will do even half the crap I did. I was raised my a single mom. She worked and depended on my brother to keep my alive when she was away. Sad thing is my brother really shouldn't be entrusted with a  goldfish. Let's just say he is not and never has been of the responsible sort. Six years older than me he didn't care what I did long as I did it away from him.

What I enjoy most about this blog is having the opportunity to share stories with y'all. I have a lot of great stories from my free ranging childhood and I've decided to start sharing a few of those here. Starting Sunday and continuing most Sundays thereafter. Of course I'm prone to changing my mind regarding reoccurring blog features so don't hold a gun to my head. I will change the names of my buddies since they didn't agree to have our misspent youth trotted out on the blog for the world to read.  This week's story will be about naked women and salamanders.


In other news I have decided not to go way back and enter my first novel in the Amazon contest. Yeah, I know I was all gung ho a few days ago, but I have since decided that last year's entry, Waiting On the River has a better shot of winning. And while I'd love to get a judge's take on that first novel I feel The alter book is more polished.


Last night I dreamed  that I was working at a convenience store. Twice during my shift the joint was robbed. The first crook asked to use the restroom and upon his return brandished a clear pitcher full of yellow liquid. When out eyes met he screamed. "Give me all the fucking money right now or I'll fling hot piss on you." 

The 2nd dude wasn't as scary. He only had a gun.

Fell free to offer your interpretation of that one.  


As previously mentioned I am coaching a storytelling competition for a group of 2nd graders. It is going well and this week I let them read me a story which I retold in the same fashion they are supposed to. When I finished one little girl looked up at with wide -eyes and said, "Wow, you are really good at this."

The awe in her voice made my week. Hope you had a great week as well. Would love to hear about your highlights this week so drop me a comment if you have time.


All This Trouble... said...

Naked women and salamanders! I cannot wait!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I feel sorry for today's kids because they're really missing out on a great part of childhood -- "exploring and having adventures." Video games are not an adequate substitute.

No comment on your dream -- I dare not, Mr. Golden Shower!

Lana Gramlich said...

Good luck with the Amazon contest. As for the dream...I'll pass. ;)

Angie said...

Times have actually changed for the better -- violent crime is DOWN to the level it was in the seventies, which is when I was growing up and roaming around by myself or with friends just as much as you were, Travis. If it was safe for kids then, it's safe for kids now.

What's changed is the news media. With dozens of general-interest channels with their own news programs (as opposed to the big three networks when I was growing up) plus multiple dedicated news channels on cable, plus news blogs and 24-hour online news feeds, all of which need to be fed, everyone's desperate for viewers, for hits, for market share. What brings in ratings and Google ranking is sensational, horrifying stories, so that's what everyone reports. Whenever a kid vanishes for a few hours, everyone in the country hears about it. And shows like CSI and Law and Order SVU and Profiler and every other crime show make it seem like anyone you don't know is a molester or murderer just waiting for a chance to Snatch Your Child. :/

A kid has a 1 in 1.5 million chance of being kidnapped by a stranger, but a 1 in a few thousand chance of being killed or maimed by being involved in an auto accident while a parent is driving. And yet millions of parents drive their kids to school every day for fear of kidnappers. Actual safety or danger has nothing to do with the decision making of far too many parents these days; it's all about emotion, and what parents have been told by a sensationalist media that they should be afraid of. We're turning into terrified sheep and our kids are the ones suffering for it. :/


Old Kitty said...

The dream is most interesting!!! Erm. Maybe the first time was scary but the second time wasn't.

So GOOD LUCK with your book submission!!

Awww you are one big carnivorous softie at heart!!

Take care

G. B. Miller said...


A co-worker who is a few months younger than me (I'm 45) became a grandmother for the very first time, and the joy and happiness of being one absolutely lightened up a dreary week for everyone in my unit.

Cloudia said...

Paging Dr Freud (Just kidding, Travis)

Yeah, we could wander freely back in the day. Glad we did. How can we help our kids to mature without ignoring them as my parents did me?

Aloha from Hawaii

Comfort Spiral



the walking man said...

Better to be safe than sorry. The days of the free range child have ended.

The best of my week is when I go to elementary school and hang with two 6 year old boys for a bit, pushing buttons on my lap top and learning to read. I think I have been called Santa Clause by every kid in that school from pre-k to fifth grade.

David Cranmer said...

"Wow, you are really good at this" comment must have been very rewarding. Please bring on the naked women and salamanders.

Jenn Jilks said...

You never fail to amuse, dude.

I loved your adoring young followers. Good to hear men being involved with the young kids. You are a great role model.

I spent the day at an Open House for new Day Hospice in our area. I will be volunteering there Mondays. It is rewarding work. Post about it to follow!

Cheers from Cottage Country!