Thursday, November 3, 2011

Name That Flake

Upon the release of my book, the twistedly talented, Avery Debow asked if I was going to change the name of my blog to One Word, One Rung, Right Effing Now and while that moniker does carry a confident straightforward tone I think I'll keep the name the same. Though I have tweaked the description with the title as I now have a new set of primary goals.

It's been a fantastic, but busy week and luckily my schedule looks to stay that way. I know few of you live in or even near Amarillo but nonetheless I want to invite each and every one of you to Bar Z Winery on November 12th for the official release part for THE FEEDSTORE CHRONICLES.

For direction or more details drop me a line in the comments or via email.

On November 17th, I will be the guest speaker for the Amarillo Rotary Clubs luncheon located at Amarillo Country Club and I'm putting together details for a possible trip to several Colorado bookstores as well as a spring feed store tour through Texas and Oklahoma.

Tomorrow, November 4th my publisher, TAG Publishing, launches a best selling campaign on Amazon. The aim of which is to maximize sales within a certain window (6 PM Eastern-11 PM Eastern  on November 4th) so as to achieve as high an Amazon rank as possible which can be a huge help in other promotional endeavors. So if you are planning to buy a book sometime soon and are near a computer during that window I'd be much obliged if you visited Amazon during that time frame. Of course the higher my rank going into that window the better so you don't be shy about clicking over right now as well.

I have several contests coming up as well as a full out blog tour but I'll share those details in the near future.

Now before this post feels entirely like a commercial let me share a shot a took on my way back home from Guymon, Oklahoma yesterday.

That is the sign at the border welcoming me back to the great state of Texas. This is the second snowfall we've had this year as we got 5 inches a week or so back. We desperately need the moisture so we'll take it in any form but at least one friend in Michigan tells me they have yet to get a single snowfall. I blame Rick Perry's disbelief in global warming for this early season snow. Either that or years of hairspray abuse has created an avalanche of dandruff on our Guv'nuh's scalp and each time he flies over to attend another debate turbulence shakes a few inches off only to fall on we commoners up here in the panhandle.

The Feedstore Chronicles is now available in paperback. Order your copy here.


sybil law said...

Awww- wish I could be there for the party!! Sounds awesome!
Rick Perry - ugh...

Cloudia said...

Enjoy the ride!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

Alice Audrey said...

How late in the day was that Oklahoma picture taken? We've been getting light snow now and then here in Montana, but it melts fast.

Congrats on the book!

DrillerAA09 said...

Congratulations. You should be very proud on this day. You have provided an example of perseverance and determinations for your children and anyone who has a dream, would do well to follow. Well done sir.

Bee said...

I'm shocked to hear that you have snow already! Wasn't it just the other day that Texas temperatures were still in the 90s? Your theory about Rick Perry MUST be right.

Congratulations on your book, Travis. That is fantastic news.

Travis Erwin said...

I screwed up in the original post. The date for the party is the 12th not the 6th.

Travis Erwin said...

Sybil - What if I said Dave Grohl is coming.

Cloudia - I'm trying but it sure is hectic right now.

Alice - That shat was about 2 in the afternoon.

Driller - I am proud but determined to keep working toward all my goals.

Bee- It was in the 80s the day before.

Jenn Jilks said...

I wish you all the best, dude. Hard work pays off. I think. Not that MY book has sold. But it was great writing it!
We have had a skiff of snow.
Cheers from Canada. Glad to know you. You are a good man. Your wife dun good!