Saturday, April 13, 2013

Name That Tune .. If you wanna win

May Day! May Day! May Day!

No, there is no reason to panic.

I am shouting May Day! because that is the day the fine folks over at TAG Publishing plan to release the e-book of TWISTED ROADS. That's 18 short days away my friends.

They are planning to release the print version 2 weeks later on May 15th. they tell me the e-book wills ell for 6.99 and the print for 12.99.

As you know TWISTED ROADS is my first novel though not my first book published. But not just any novel, a Women's Fiction novel. My love for Women's Fiction has been the source for a lot of jokes, banter, and good-natured ribbing. I've always enjoyed the fact I'm not your typical Women's Fiction writer. But the fact I'm a 6 foot 5 nearly 300 pound bearded man with a decidedly Texas twang makes it all the more imperative the book be good, the emotions feel genuine, the female POV come across as true. I have faith in myself and this book. To me it is simply fiction from the heart and I still do not see why that msut be the domain of women alone.

Now to the contest. Between now and release day I'm going to post three separate snippets of song lyrics. TWISTED ROADS was inspired by many of my favorite songs and artists and one character is a Texas singer/songwriter so the music I love plays a vital role. All of these lyrics will be from my favorite genre of music. Texas/Alt/ Outlaw Country, Red Dirt, y'allternative. Pick your name. Every set of lyrics is in some way tied to the story or characters of TWISTED ROADS.

I will post the lyrics here and in Twitter. For every set you correctly guess the artist who wrote the lyrics you will get one entry. On release day I will draw FIVE names and give away Kindle copies to the book. You can email me your answers, tweet them to hastag #twistedroads, or leave them in the comments.

Yes, you can cheat using Google if you have to or by looking at the comments and twitter feed, but you know what they say cheaters never win. Whatever you do, please give these songs a listen. Lyrically they are among my favorites as I said all have a significance to this novel

The first three from yesterday


Sherry was a waitress at the only joint in town
She had a reputation as a girl who'd been around


My life is changing, God sometimes it goes so fast
All my old friends, seem more like ghosts from the past


The dark don't lie
And dreams come true
 Maybe just a few will see you through

And today's batch


I never thought I'd make it 'till I had the guts to try
and I sat up in my tower while the whole world passed me by


My boots are in the corner, covered in dust
My guitar is laid down, strings covered in dust


She holds him tight and kisses him so free
And you scream, lord that should be me


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great lyrics but gawd almighty, not one rings a single bell!

the walking man said...

"Willie nelson high throwing paper napkin scribbles out the bus window in Oklahoma because everyone knows he'd never litter in Texas." I know it's one of his longer song titles but it was either that or or "shoot my truck the dog just passed."

Charles Gramlich said...

It would take research for me, I'm sure, since I'm kind of guessing these aren't from songs I typically listen to. :)

Daisy said...

I'm afraid I don't recognize the lyrics. Congratulations on the impending release of your book. That is exciting news!

Old Kitty said...

I had to double take to see if I came to the right blog!! LOL!! Beer, Books and Bacon! LOL!! Yes bacon comes third! LOL!

but seriously! I have no idea what songs these lyrics belong to and I will not cheat and google. Na-ah!

Take care

A J Brenchley said...

Hi Travis. I have to echo Debra up top: lyrics sound great but I clearly didn't get out of Houston enough....