Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another Bend In The Road

Here it is May 15th.

The day I told y'all the print edition of TWISTED ROADS would be released.

I lied.

Not intentionally of course but you and I both know what they say about good intentions. I wonder if that paved road to hell is straight and narrow or windy and twisted.

Anyway, my publisher believes the print will be ready by June 1st. I thank those of you awaiting the hard copy for your patience.

In good news I really love the look of the book. The back cover is nearly as cool as the front.

Also I have begin hearing back from readers who have finished reading the novel. I appreciate all of those who spend their money to buy my work and then their time reading it, but the folks who take extra time to drop me a note with their comments, or to leave a review somewhere ... those are the souls that feed a writer's soul. So if you are one of those people let me shout. YOU ARE AWESOME!

Here are some snippets from my two favorite reviews thus far ....

From Marcus ...

Twisted Roads accurately shows the cause and affect of the lies we tell and roads we take, and how easily our perception of reality/people/gossip can be the sole spark to the truth that results in a pile of burnt ashes.
This world can be an ugly place and most of the time it's because of the sins of its people. But somehow, no matter the lies and different roads, honest love seems to come out winning.

The problem with this book is I want more. The characters have stuck with my thoughts and won't leave me alone, even several days after finishing. I want to know more!

Bravely written, wonderfully told. Make sure you read 'Twisted Roads.' 

And from HuddleKay ...

Twisted Roads shows a different side of Travis' writing. Where his blog posts, and even The Feedstore Chronicles give me the sense of oral tradition, Twisted Roads is more sophisticated, more grown up. More mature. More written.

I kick off a blog tour tomorrow and have several events planned for Amarillo, Colorado, and New Mexico but nothing is completely finalized yet. I'm also hoping to do some talks or Skype with Book Clubs as well as podcasts and things to coincide with the blog tour. So check back here, or on Facebook for more info.   


Charles Gramlich said...

It happened to me once with a book as well, with what would have been my first book in fact. I thought I was telling the truth, but it didn't work out that way.

Old Kitty said...

Congratulations!! Not just with your print book release but with these fab reviews too!!! Enjoy your blog tour!!!! Take care

the walking man said...

Just stay on the board and ride that wave you'll come though the pipe standing up.