Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Bloated Blogster

Three weeks of watching what I eat and exercising = 6 pounds lost
One long holiday weekend = 5 pounds gained

Could be worse at least I'm still one pound to the good. I have a shocking new flash for anyone else out there trying to lose weight at a doctors orders. Mexican food, Barbecue, and beer are not diet foods.

Here is a rundown of my weekend.

Friday I took in the latest Pirates movie.

Saturday I worked eight hours, okay I showed up and stayed eight hours. i won't lie and say I did much in the way of actual work. Afterwards I attended a graduation party in honor of a friend's daughter where I indulged in mass quantities of fajitas (chicken and beef), queso dip, numerous Shiner Bocks and a couple of shots o' tequila. This is where probably added four of those five pounds back.

Sunday again worked or as I like to call it mandatory attendance at the job site. Afterwards more Mexican food, at a different location followed by a wine tasting at a friend of a friends. actually my wife drank wine while I downed a few more Shiners. But in the spirit of the event I tried to hold my pink out to the side in a delicate fashion.

Monday, yes I put in my mandatory attendance and no not all postal workers get every holiday off. After work, back to the location of Saturday's party where we dined on leftover fajitas and barbecue ribs. But alas the Shiner was all gone so I had to resort to Bud Light.

On the writing front- Despite the rigors of the weekend I had a break through. Rewrote the beginning of my WIP (work in progress) and added a bit more spunk to my female protagonist. I feel like I'm back on the right track.

I also discovered this amusing tidbit this weekend. The twenty two worst places to live, not because of the way of life but because of the embarrassment on you return address. Check it out but I'll want you it's not for the faint of heart so if you shy away from strong language stay away.

So what is the strangest city name you've ever heard of?


Tena said...

Travis, I couldn't get your "amusing tidbit" link to load so I don't know what it is.

Embarassing names of towns? I believe there is a town in Upper Austria named F**king. Someone sent me a story saying that the Brits go nuts over it and steal their "Welcome to F**ing" signs. I'd put the website address here but then I'd have to spell out the word and I'd get flagged.

Beth said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. How did you ever come across it?
I've been reading your posts - I love your taste in books, I also write women's fiction and when I get "writer's block" while sitting at the computer, I switch to longhand.
Keep writing! (As if you have a choice...)

Travis Erwin said...

Tena- I'll fix the link, and yes the town you mention is on the list.

Beth - not sure which blog but I read a comment you posted somewhere and clicked on your profile. Since several of your favorite authors are also mine I thought I'f pop on over to your blog.

WordVixen said...

I don't know about strangest, but here in Pennsylvania we have Blue Ball, Bird-in-Hand, Virginville, Intercourse, Fertility, and, not a town, but a road "Cow Shit Road". There's also a paint store at the end of "The Road To Nowhere". Although that's obviously a misnomer as it's actually a road to a paint store. :) I know there are a few others, but I can't remember them. There's also a saying that lists most of them in a sing-song voice, but all I can remember is something about Bird-in-Hand being just a short distance from Blue Ball.

And I found this link while trying to remember Fertility, PA: http://www.squidoo.com/funnyplacenames/

WordVixen said...

Aha! My jusband just reminded me of Cockeysville. :)

Bluefingers said...

LOL...Great link trav. Don't work too hard.


Sam said...

What do you mean Mexican food and beer isn't diet food? LOL
I haven't seen the Pirate movie yet - but I am looking forward to it, it looks like fun.