Saturday, May 19, 2007

A sad day

Very sad news for all of us blogging writers and for all writers in general. Miss Snark is retiring. Like her or not, she bestowed a lot of good advice and gave all of us a bit of insight into the other end of the query process.


Lisa McMann said...

I'm in the "like her" column.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And kudos to you for holding your wife's purse. If you willingly go out to the drugstore to buy tampons as well, I give you five stars.

David said...

I've been reading Miss Snark regularly. Her announcement was a real disappointment.

The Anti-Wife said...

We all mourn with you!

*hangs head and sobs*

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

alternatefish said...

or not? there are people who don't like Miss Snark?

man, I'm just oblivious about so many things, aren't I?

Travis Erwin said...

Yes I have heard tale of a few dissenters out there. People who either don't believe she is who she claims to be, are offended by her snarkness, or for some reason have a personal grudge against her.

I for one enjoyed her blog and learned a good bit from her and I think the blogging community of writers will suffer from her absence. But i certainly understand why she would be burnt out and ready to move on.

Liz said...

She will be is a real talent to educate and entertain with just a few well chosen words.

Thanks for stopping by my blog:)