Saturday, May 19, 2007

Taking Up The Slack

I've been a slacker these past few days. No new blog entry since Thursday, not a single word down in print on my WIP, no times spent researching things I need to know to help define the story and characters. I did manage to send out a handful of queries Thursday, and I edited Chapter Three based on my critique groups thoughts as well as a couple of other trusted readers. But like always I feel like I should have accomplished more over my two days off. However, as is often the case real life got in the way.

Sometimes it is frustrating to have some good thoughts and ideas bouncing around in my head but not having the time t o get words down on the screen. Over the last few days Chapter Four has gelled in my brain like grease on leftover porkchops and I think the finished product will be just as tasty. Yes The DIET is getting to me, but greasy porkshops have long been a favorite of mine, which is exactly why I'm now being forced to lose weight.

So I've got the chapter fleshed out in my mind. Hopefully I'll get a chance to start compiling the words so I can see if my ideas work as well on the page as they are in my mind. But if not today or tomorrow then Monday because in the meantime I'll keep pondering over my character and getting to know them better which always make the story easier to tell. And besides the things that prevent me from writing. Doctor appointments, end of school activities, quality time with my wife and sons ... are the very things that make me who I am. Without their love and support, I'd have no desire to write and certainly no motivation to chase the dream of becoming a published author.


Bluefingers said...

My dear Pork Chop Lickin friend. Slack is okay, really it is. You are one of the best surprises of my year, as your slacking allows our friendship to grow, your home life to flourish and the grease to settle.

Don't be hard on yourself, as you and I know we always are much harder on ourselves than we are on others.

Can't wait to lick the juice from the spatula of Chap #4...

Jenster said...

Thank you for coming to visit my blog. I'm only sorry the welcome post was such a downer! LOL

I'm looking forward to reading what's going on in your writing world as I'm trying to write, too. Sometimes, though, no matter what ideas and thoughts and sentences and dialogue are rolling around in our head, life just gets in the way. But it's a good life so that makes it okay.

Good luck with getting it all down on paper. Or computer memory.