Thursday, June 14, 2007

Omaha Super-8

Yet another picture. This one is of Lissa Merriman on my right and Deborah Elliott-Upton on my left.

Lissa is multi-talented. She can do it all. fiction, Non-Fiction, and even Greeting Cards. Besides she is a huge hockey fan and a lot of fun to be around. Debbie pens a weekly blog which you can find here on Criminal Brief. On top of being a mystery author she also does non-fiction, screen plays and she is one heck of a teacher. I took a short story class from her several years ago and found it to be very helpful in all of my writing. A link to Deborah's personal website can be found in my post entitled, Let the Fun Begin from last week.

Now for a rant. As I said earlier in the week I'm out of town right now. Staying at a Hilton in Houston, Texas. I did not choose this hotel myself. I am here the the Texas Postal Workers Union state conference. In order to use the internet here, I must fork over ten dollars a day. Yes a day. I normally pay ten dollars a month for service at home. granted that is dial-up and this is wireless, but still.

Way I figure it, my money is probably going to Paris's legal defense fund. At least indirectly I am contributing to her spoiledness. Is that a word? I can live without a lot of thing. for instance I have not purchased a single one of their six dollar Shiner Bocks while here. I just keep telling myself that adds up to thirty-six dollars a six pack and at the Golden Light I can buy a whole pitcher for four bucks on a week night and eight on the weekend.

My favorite DJ on Sirius satellite radio is a fellow named Mojo Nixon. He is crazy as all get out and not for easily offended, but recently he wondered outloud if Paris Hilton was named something else, such as Omaha Super-8 would we have to hear about her every exploit.? the obvious answer is no, and if I this hotel I'm at didn't have Hilton in the name you can almost be assured that I could get internet service for free, or close to it.

My rants over but here's your chance. Tell me about something about your day that got under your skin.


Anonymous said...

Hi Travis,

Just thought you should know that Barbara Walters is considering offering Paris the co-anchor position on The View. Maybe then she could refund some of your beer money. :]]

Anissa said...

I'm coming up short on a rant for today. Been home most of it.

What I can't understand is why Paris Hilton is so newsworthy. Why we care about her jailhouse woes, which we don't. At least I don't. Dump her spoiled butt in the can and be done with it. And yes, ten dollars a day for internet is atrocious. What a scam! I'm on a rant on your behalf. How's that?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I think some one needs to make a stiped suit for her dog...and maybe a ball and chain toy.

Barbra Walters...thats all I can say on that subject.

Bluefingers said...

I had a man today who came up to me and told me I was stupid.

Do I need to say anything more? he was a complete stranger and had no basis for his claim against my intelligence.

So, for today I am stupid.



Reid said...

Mad props for the first Mojo Nixon mention I've heard in a couple of decades. Back in high school, Mojo made some crazy songs like "Elvis Is Everywhere" and "Stuffin' Martha's Muffin". I wondered what happened to him, I'll try and look him up.

Tena said...

Rants. Yeah. I get really steamed (I use the word advisedly) when other dog owners don't bother to pick up their dog's poop at the park. Usually the owners are too busy on the Blue Tooth or snorting Starbucks or whatever to pay attention to their dog. GRRR.

On a lighter note: Travis, thanks for visiting my blog :-)

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

I have a rant. Didn't happen today, but I need to let it out.

I have a problem with people who get a PhD, just for the status of getting one. To me, someone who has a PhD should be someone who loves the field they're in and is committed to the field they're in... almost married to it. I know someone who got her PhD just to say she has a PhD. She doesn't plan on using it (her hubby makes enough for her to stay home and be a SAHM). But what really erks me is that it took her almost a year and a half to get her dissertation approved by her supervisor. And why? Because it sucked. I was secretly hoping she wouldn't graduate, but she did, and now she has no qualms about letting everyone know that she has her PhD.

How's that for a rant? LOL

Dawn said...

Sheesh! Life is going pretty damn good at the moment, Travis. I can't really grumble about much. I guess I'm a bit of a disappointment to you! I'll try to find something to have a half hearted snarl about next post. What? Next post you want to know what's good about my world.

That's the ****ing trouble with the world! It's full of blogs who want me to gripe when I haven't got anything to ****ing gripe about and then when I go to the effort to find a bit of snap-an-snarl they want me to share my ****ing good news! Sheesh!