Monday, June 18, 2007

Stray Thoughts

I've strayed pretty far from the path I first intended for this blog, but oh well Like characters in my novels sometimes things just don't want o go where you try to lead them.

By the way don't expect much out of this post. There will be no theme, no cohesiveness to hold the words together. Just a couple of quick noted and comments to hold you over until i can impart with more of my great wisdom.

Why can't I type the word the instead of teh? Do you know how many times the occurs in an average novel. No, neither do I but a bunch and damn near every time I type it as teh. And just always comes out as jsut. I think my fingers are dyslexic, because I'm actually a pretty fair speller.

Back int he third or fourth grade I even made it the the big citywide spelling bee. I did this by finishing first in my class and then second amongst all the kids in my school. Why didn't I make it all the way to D.C?

You jsut had to ask didn't you? I got knocked out on the word pale. Hey, before you say man what an idiot let me remind you there are two versions of this word and being a bit of a redneck (yes even at that tender age) when I heard the word pale I immediately thought pail, as in a bucket. I forgot all about that definition crap you're supposed to ask for.

tomorrow I'm planing to bare my anxiety filled tender side. Grab the kleen-ex and get ready to wring your hands together with me. Okay that's all BS but I am going to talk about a few things that I'm really not comfortable disclosing (my insecurities as a prepublished writer) but heck since most of you are writers as well I know you got them too.

Prepublished? How do you like that term. I heard Barry Eisler say it at the conference last week and it does have a better, more hopeful ring than unpublished.

My family comes home from St Louis tonight. I haven't seen my wife and boys for a week and a half so I'm really looking forward to their arrival. By the way my wife has jumped into the blogging foray and she present a whole other side of me so if you want to know what it is like to live with the likes of me pop on over and offer her some encouragement to keep on writing. Most of you should really enjoy her post about being spoiled. Once upon a time she wanted to write children's stories and I'd like to see her get back into it.


Bluefingers said...

Kleenex in hand and waiting. Anxiously. Go ahead talk about your insecurities. It is fine with me. I have them too, well too many of them, but they are there like a thorn in my side...Damnit, there goes that stupid cliche phrase again. Yet another insecurity.

On to Jenn's blog now.


Bluefingers said...

Alrighty....I love her blog too and yes, you guys made me feel very welcome in Texas. And I can say that I would do nothing less than the same for when you come to Colorado.

BTW...I can't leave a comment on her blog because I don't have a google account. And yes, I can't spell the word the most the time either.



Dawn said...

Prepublished is a beautiful word - much nicer than unpublished - and for many folk it is exactly the right word because they are going to be published. It just hasn't quite happened yet.

I've got my hanky at the ready. Bring it on, Travis!

Reid said...

I like pre-published. I prefer pre-paid, however.

Looking forward to the anxiety blog. Make me weepy, big man. Give it to me straight, I can take it.

By the way, I always type "taht" for "that," and "string" for "strong." That last one is tough for me because I do a lot of sports writing.

Jenn said... that is a word.

Jenster said...

I always mess up "does not" into "doe snot". Pretty funny, no?

Glad the family is coming back. I'm off to check out the wife's blog. :o)

Monnik said...

I always write 'becasue' instead of 'because' Which is kind of a cute girls name 'Becca Sue'

But, this is the worst.. when I write the words 'that' and 'it' together, I almost always write 'tha tit'. And if I'm not paying attention, spell check changes 'tha' to 'the', and we have 'the tit'. Not good when I'm sending an email to the Senior VP...