Monday, July 9, 2007

They pay me for this?

I'm here in Oklahoma taking a class on Infrared Thermography and as far as Postal classes go this one seems to be pretty good. Anyway it is fun to monkey around with what the instructor claims is a $25,000 dollar piece of equipment. Today in lab we traced out obscene words on the wall with our fingertips and then used this high tech camera to read the words created by our body heat. Fascinating huh?

Actually the equipment will be a great resource to troubleshoot faulty electronic components, bad bearings, and to measure the heat radiating out of all the mechanic's butt-cracks when they bend over working on a machine.

The Postal training facility here in Norman is actually very nice. it is ran by Marriott and they have a large pool, complete work-out facility, pool tables, a lounge as they like to call it but I prefer bar,and all kinds of food. Most of it bad but then again, I am a strange eater and I don't even know what cous cous is, but they sure like to serve it here.

Right down the road there are two casinos an later tonight I think I'll go try my luck at the poker tables. I'm also trying to use this time quiet alone time to get a bit more writing done.

Also as an aside, I have stuck my toe into the myspace waters so if any of you are myspacers look me up by my name, Travis Erwin, in case you've forgotten and add me as a friend. I look pretty pathetic right now and besides, we all need friends.


Tee said...

Cous cous is tasty. It's like really tiny pieces of pasta. It's a cool texture.

The hotel sounds nice. Enjoy!

Beth said...

I'm a big fan of cous cous. Give it a try-it's very good.

Ah, a hotel with a pool and a bar. Sounds fantastic to me. Enjoy!

Monnik said...

couscous is yummy. And if you get the whole wheat kind, it's good for you too!

Sounds like you're having a good time!

Dawn said...

We're still at the meat and three veg stage of evolution in my neighbourhood!