Monday, July 9, 2007

Show your I.D. at the Door

So I went to this site which will rate your blog based on past content. I thought I played fairly nice, but here were my list of offenses.

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:
hell (5x)
death (3x)
semen (2x)
bastards (1x)

All in all I still don't think those words are all that bad, but oh well.


alex keto said...

Funny, you mentioned hell five times and death only three.

There are a bunch of people for whom if I mention "death," I pretty much immediately follow it up with "hell." Just seems natural that the one is going to follow the other.

Dawn said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that my blog has a namby-pampy G rating. I'm just going to have to learn how to cuss proper!

alternatefish said...

yeah Dawn! I'm a nice safe "G" as well. this was somehow based on my repeated use of the word "zombie"...what?

I'm healthily less-G in real life, but I'm trying to keep my blog to a "parent-friendly" level. trying to avoid that ever-squirm-inducing phrase:

"where on earth did you learn that?"

WordVixen said...

I have to be particularly careful of my posts since I review books and cds for a Christian website. I was thinking of starting an anonymous blog somewhere to let loose. :) There are much worse Gunther videos to link to.

jjdebenedictis said...

I got a PG? As in Parental Guidance? Because I said "zombie" "crap" and "steal"?

Harumph. I think it would be a supreme waste of parental time to guide young'uns every time they're exposed to a heinous word like "crap".

If your kids are so fragile they can't deal with the word "steal", then just give up now, because Darwin says your genes are not long for this world anyway.

Tena said...

With one mention of "pain" I am very tame.

Monnik said...

huh. mine's pg-13.

i said hell, dead, and suck.

Funny, I used the word 'bastards' in my most recent post and it didn't list that out.

Christen said...

omg. I got even worse: "NC-17"!!!
Here's why: zombie (13x) hell (9x) pain (6x) kill (5x) steal (4x) shit (3x) ass (2x) suck (1x)
Um... when do I use the word Zombie? In why context would I use that? That is rather crazy. lol I actually did this, not for a blog but for my myspace. According to this, I am not allowed to access my own myspace for another YEAR! haha

Jenn said...

Oh hell!