Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Mandatory Posting

Not a lot new to report. Been doing a bit of writing and researching of agents. I have to work tomorrow. Yeah I know government workers should get the day off, but my boss mandated me to work. That's okay they can force me to show up, but getting any bang for their double-time buck is another story.

Will be heading to a friends house tomorrow night for a big shindig. Fireworks, Food, and Beer. He also has a fifteen year old daughter that I need to pester in the name of research. Maybe I'll get a post up tomorrow and maybe not, but just in case Happy Fourth of July to all and don't forget to fling that firecracker before the fuse burns all the way down.


Christen said...

Have a good fourth! I am going a a friend's house to party, too. Don't get into too much trouble, y'hear? Oh, and from your post it sounds like you need teen-research. Remember, you can always email me, alrighty? See you around.

brookem said...

hope you had a good 4th! thanks for stopping by my blog. looking forward to reading some more of you soon.