Monday, July 2, 2007

A Ride on The Bandwagon

Short post today, but I'm trying to improve on my performance last week, and I want to touch on a few things I'm going to blog about later in the week.

July has arrived and later this month the book event of the summer, the decade, and maybe of all time will finally be here when Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is released.

First I'm curious how many of you have read the series, are dying to discover Harry and the gang's fate, are planning to stand in line at midnight for a copy?

I am a fan of the books. I'll admit I came in late, just before the release of the fourth book, and I never would have joined in except for the controversy. a small town near here actually had an organized book burning, and I work with a number of people who to this day think J.K. Rowling is poisoning the minds of the world's youth with witchcraft and satanic devilry. So I had to read the series myself just to see what he deal was ... and I loved it. The characterization, the intricate plot and detail that seem innocent in book one only to become vital in book six. I still marvel at Ms. Rowling's ability to tell such a large story.

Now later in the week I'm going to pontificate about the final book. Offer up a few of my predictions and ask for a few of y'alls. In the meanwhile you should check out these sites, Mugglenet and J.K Rowling's if you haven't already, but if you are a fan I know you have.

Also I'd love to hear which of the novels is your favorite and why? My vote goes to The Prisoner of Azkaban. I'll explain why later in the comments section.


Jenn said...

I am a supporter of Harry. My fav book is Prince. I just like how J.K. can make you feel like you are in the halls of the school. I am ready for the book and movie. Travis will be out of town for the opening of the movie and I will be in Vegas? Will we wait to see it together? Time will tell, either way I will be spending Travis' money.

jjdebenedictis said...



I vote for book four, Goblet of Fire. It struck me as the most gripping read with the best payoff in terms of a surprising and satisfying ending.

One of the things I like best about the series is that, although there is always unfinished Voldemort business at the end of each book, there's also a self-contained story that ends by the last page (with the exception of book six, which disappointed me for that reason.) The reader is always left both satisfied and enthusiastic for more.

Reid said...

I don't know anything about Harry Potter being a spawn of the devil, but Encyclopedia Brown once touched me in my bathing suit area. Where's my outrage and righteous indignation?

alex keto said...

Hold it! You mean it's wrong to burn Harry Potter books?

Wait a second, I'll be back, Got something on the grill at the moment...

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Never read Harry Potter, have no great interest, but I really, REALLY don't believe in book burning. Terrie

Merry Jelinek said...

I couldn't pick a favorite - but I think the whole series is amazing... There's so much about what she's created here that I love, well it would be a whole post to list it all.
By the way, I didn't start reading until after the fourth came out - so we're in the same boat - now my nine year old is reading them, so glad I sprung for the hard covers :-)

WordVixen said...

Goblet of Fire. I'm not one for extreme tension, so the relatively normal school year kept me happy throughout the novel, and then the excitement at the end finished it nicely for me.

However, the first movie was my favorite- largely due to Hedwig's Theme. My husband and I periodically stick in the dvd and just watch the opening scene a few times before going on to the rest of the movie.

Anxiously awaiting and dreading the final book. *sigh*

alex keto said...

Well, I got the books back off the grill before they were too badly charred and had a chance to read them.

Best movie; Prisoner of Azkaban
Best Book: all of them.

Beth said...

I was very late in the Harry Potter game and I just read all the books in the past few weeks. And I am now obsessed. I don't have a favorite book, although I will say that the first one wasn't my favorite. The books have gotten tremendoulsy better and more intricate since the first.

I'm going to order the book online. I haven't done it yet but I think that Amazon guarantees delivery on July 21, the release date. I'm going to be out of town then, but I am ordering to where I will be on vacation because I am that much of a dork! :)

alternatefish said...

Um. Please don't hurt me.

I consider the 5th Harry Potter Book to be one of the worst-written children's books ever. The 6th was only slightly better.

Rowling just isn't a particularly good writer. I'm sorry. The world and concept are entertaining and even intriguing, but the stories have been done so much...less badly.

That said, I like Goblet and Azkaban the best.

And Reid, I was all set to marry Encylopedia Brown until my parents pointed out he was fictional.

alternatefish said...

*that's supposed to be "the stories could have been done so much less badly..."

Tena said...

I couldn't agree more with Alternatefish. (You read SIX of those books?) I'm not wild about Harry ;-)

Jenn said...

Book burning...lets think about this for a moment. Who is this really hurting? Some one bought the book they are burning. Now no one will ever read that book, but poor little J.K. still got a little something something for that copy.

If it is a library book school or public, it is just going to make people curious and want to read it.
Everyone wanting to read it will have to buy their own copies.

The people burning them are just helping authors out in some cases.
I know there are some people who can not think for themselves and let other people tell them what is good and what is bad. I will pray for those poor spineless souls.

Travis Erwin said...

In all fairness It think you have to call books five and six young adult and not childrens. Fromt eh start she siad the book were targeted for the same age group Harry was at the time.

Back in the day I loved Encyclopedia Brown and those books were you got to choose what happened. Except the choice I would choose was never one of the choices.