Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ding, Dong The Murphster is Dead

Three days and MANY conversations later, I finally have that little thing Benjamin Franklin discovered. ELECTRICITY!

Having no juice seriously damaged my blogging mojo. If only it were as easy as my six year old suggested, "Change the batteries Dad." I'm still not sure what went wrong but Thursday my power went out and I was told when I called in that they were working in the area and I could expect BRIEF outages for the next four hours. Some twelve hours later I was told "It should be working now." and "No one else has complained."

Friday I was told that they operated on a prioritized system and since I was one house out in the boonies I was low man on the de-energized pole. That conversation ended rather badly when the customer service rep repeatedly told me I did not need to talk to her manager since he would only tell me the same thing. This morning I got in touch with an actual human being with an ounce of compassion and miraculously they had me juiced back up less than two hours later.

Currently I reading Richard Russo's latest novel Bridge of Sighs and I am completely and utterly drawn in. But he is my favorite contemporary author.

After today my son's flag football team The Mean Green (or green beans if you prefer) is 0-5, but he could care less and he is having fun playing just the same. The younger boy's team soccer team is 3-1 but he has decided it is much more fun to run into and knock down the opposing players than it is to chase that ball.

This isn't much of a post, but it is what you get for today. Anybody else reading Bridge of Sighs, or anything really good? Also I posted something over on the Awesome Amalgamation site yesterday so pop on over there and have a look if you get the chance. You just might learn how devious I can be.


preTzel said...

Done. :) I tried my best Travis.

Angie said...

"No one else has complained."

Don't you just love that one? As though what ever's wrong must be your fault, if you're the only one. [eyeroll]

And it sounds like your younger kid is the one who should be playing football. :)


Ello said...

I actually am thinking of picking up that book simply because I think it has a really lovely title. Maybe you can do a review when you are done?

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Travis,

Oh, you are having such a bad time. I hate when customer service people do not understand the nature of their job.

I did pop into awesome amalgamation but I am afraid I will not be helpful. Just not my area of expertise.


Merry Jelinek said...

I'm glad you finally got your electric back, but sorry you're having such a rough time.

If it cheers you at all, I left a little suggestion for your retaliation war at work on the other blog.

alternatefish said...

well I guess if the electricity was out you couldn't just use my standard technology fix-it technique: whack it until it starts again...but next time, keep it mind. :) can't help you with your other problem, though, I'm much too nice to do things like that.

Patti said...

here's a tip for you when the power goes out agin and you need to speak with the supervisor (say this when you need ACTION!): "I would hate to report this to the PUC.

they will help immediately.

cher said...

we went 4 days with no power last winter. it sucked assicles.

Bluefingers said...

I am reading The Poe Shadow. CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Fabulous period thriller.

And getting to Russo very very very soon!



PS: GLad you have your electricity back up!