Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Forgot.

I've got a crick in my neck. Nope, I'm not going anywhere with that sentiment just thought I'd share my discomfort with y'all. Speaking of not going anywhere this is going to be one of those random posts of various tidbits.

Last Thursday, Church Lady dedicated her weekly song posting to me. The song? Jimmy Buffet's Cheeseburger in Paradise. A pretty apt pick since meat and paradise are two of my favorite things. But it does contain that line ... I like mine with lettuce and tomato and by now all of you know my opinion on the evil green leafy stuff -- IT'S THE DEVIL.

In the comments of her post I told church Lady I was planning to eat a tasty Texas style cheeseburger that very night and I'd post pictures here to show her my idea of the perfect Cheeseburger. But guess what I forgot. Not to eat, but to take the picture. You see There I was sitting in this little dive called Barnaby's Beanery along part of old Route 66. I was talking and having a good time with my friends, sipping on a Shiner Bock when the waitress brought out my plate. I took one look at the burger, the heaping plate of homecut fries and dove right in without a second thought of snapping a pic, but I will say this was no ordinary cheeseburger, it was a cornbread cheeseburger. No ordinary bread style buns, nary a sesame seed was in sight. The meat was encased in golden cornbread goodness and let me tell you it was mighty fine. It might sound weird but if you ever get the chance try it, me and my gut wouldn't steer you wrong.

While on the subject of other blogs let me mention one that is only a few months old, but that I predict good things for. The blog title is THE SUV DRIVING BITCH YOUR MOTHER WARNED YOU ABOUT and it is authored by SUV MAMA. Check it out. My favorite post was December 15th's but then again I'm prejudiced since in it she linked to me, mentioned Robert Earl Keen, Steve Earle and the Dixie chicks. December 4th's about Toe Cleavage was quite entertaining as well. Anyway, I have Merry Jelinek to thank for the discovery SUV MAMA.

Christmas went well, but as always was hectic going from place to place to be with various family and friends.

The new TV is now up and it seems freakishly huge in my small living room. We watched a couple of movies on it last night.

I've also been doing a ton of reading though not much writing. Hope to get back in the groove soon. Very soon I'm going to bring back my books read list although in a bit different form than last time.

Bubblewench wanted me to list the booty I received for Christmas so here goes ... Giftcards.

Okay, there was a small thing or two besides gift cards, but most people have long ago given up buying actually things for me. Really only my wife will attempt that. So I will buy a bunch of books, maybe some paraphernalia for my muzzleloader. That is a black powder rifle for those who might not know.

And for those that have asked, yes I did in fact sent that query about now being 35. I'll let y'all know when I hear back.

I've rambled enough. So y'all tell me. Ever have a cornbread cheeseburger? Know any good blogs deserving of more attention. Read any good novels lately? Or share with us your favorite present from under the tree.


Cicily Janus said...

Sorry I've been gone for a while...

And as far as cornbread cheeseburgers?! Sounds, actually, quite delicious. Next time I'm visiting you will have to take me to get one. I promise to eat more than two bites.

Your gift is on its way. Pneumonia slowed me down.

Okay, off to go catch up on your bloggerwonderousnous.



Monnik said...

mmm. I love cornbread, so a cornbread cheeseburger sounds really good.

You should've remembered to take a picture, though.

And, I also have a crick in my neck! It's better, but I'm on day four of suffering. My poor husband is sick of hearing about it, though. I think he was glad to see me go to work this morning.

~SUV Mama~ said...

You made my day, Texas T.

Sam said...

This was the first year I ever got a gift card. Now I'm psyched to go shopping. usually I hate shopping, but I have a Gift Card!!

Charles Gramlich said...

Oh man, a cornbread burger sounds wonderful. I've got cornbread and hamburger meat here. I think I'll make me one.

as for shiner, I love the taste but it doesn't like me much.

Brooke said...

I would LOVE a cornbread cheeseburger but since I can't have one right now I will tell you that my husband got me individually painted chocolates from this place that were so pretty that *I didn't want to eat them.

*This is a lie...nothing is too pretty to eat. I am thinking that cheeseburger was mighty lovely to look at...

Mom In Scrubs said...

Love Cornbread. Love Cheeseburger.

Together not much can go wrong.

If anyone wants to check out my blog you are welcome:

It's mostly about my kids, my jeep-obsessed husband, and his redneck family. I am trying desperately to post more often but would love a few visitors from time to time!!

And I will definitely check out SUV Mama. Thanks for the tip!

alex keto said...

My Hawkins hangs over the fireplace.
Whachya got?

Terrie Farley Moran said...


Church Lady!

I am a big time Parrothead. (Jimmy Buffett FAN!)

I'm thinking a cheeseburger on cornbread would be true paradise!I actually thought for a moment about baking a cornbread so I could try this, but fortunately the moment past. I try to avoid the kitchen as much as possible. It is a very labor intensive room and I am not a very labor intensive person.

Okay, gotta run off to follow all the links in this post and see where they lead me.


Travis Erwin said...

Cicily - You wouldn't have so many ailments like pneumonia if you indulged in more beef.

Monnik - My only beef with the cornbread cheeseburger is that it isn't big enough, and over the years the price has remained the same, less than five bucks, but the burger itself has gotten smaller. Guess I'll just have to start ordering two.

SUV - Oil that is, so kinfolk said Jed move away ... Sorry the Texas T got me to going.

Sam - I hate most shopping but gun and book stores, now they are a different story.

Charles - Shiner is my current favorite beer but I sued to really like the Blackened Voodoo Dixie from down your way. I heard the Dixie brewery is reopening and that the new owners had the exact recipe for the original Dixie beer but I never like that much. I hope they are planning to bring back the blackened voodoo as well.

Brooke- Fancy stuff. To repay his kindness I think you should whip up a batch of cornbread cheeseburgers for supper.

Mom in Scrubs - Your blog is on my list to add to the links on mine when I get the chance.

Alex - I have a .50 caliber Austin & Halleck that I've yet to fire. My plan is to hunt Elk during next year's Colorado muzzleloader season. Want to join me?

Terrie - If you ever make it to Vegas Margaritaville has the best margarita on the strip, but they are pricey.

Sherry said...

Never had a cornbread cheeseburger but it sounds like a mighty fine mouthful!!
Reading rather than writing can be a very good thing..opens the pores in the mind for your own creativity to sift through...I have that on very good authority!! :)
What have I read lately? Just finished Anne Enright's "The Gathering" and on the whole found it confusing and tedious...
I'm almost finished "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" by Moshin Hamid and I've enjoyed it very much. A timely read in some ways...with Bhutto being assasinated today...breaks my heart when things like this happen.
My favourite present under the tree? All of them...anything I didn't have before is lovely and considering "things" aren't really high on my list anymore in life, then whatever I get is lovely.

Patti said...

i bet i could pick a great gift for you. ready? party pack of mixed shiners!

Ello said...

I love cornbread and love cheeseburgers but don't know about it together. Won't the bread be too crumbly?

I love giftcards! Best gift in the world! But I bet I could get you a great gift. Wait for it......

Omaha steaks!

Phats said...

Oddly enough I am hungry for a cheeseburger! BTW I love the song Cheeseburger in paradise.

I got tons of books for Christmas!! :) I am waiting for yours to come out though.

Glad you all had a great holiday

Bubblewench said...

I need a cornbread cheeseburger. That sounds sooo yummy! Why have I never heard of that?

How can I make them at home?

Books are the best present. I didn't get any this year though. But I gave a few.

Nan Higginson said...

Your Favorite Stuff has inspired some of us over at Women of Mystery to write their own version. I'm indebted to you and your blog for giving me such jovial, uplifting songs to sing whenever the uck stuff of life (including political assassinations) gets to be downright depressing.

And now you come up with the cornbread cheeseburgers! Yowza - or should I say, wOOt! wOOt!

I love Texan men who understand the natural yin and yang of their being. I'm now officially addicted to your blog. Thanks for now being part of my Favorite Stuff!

Appletini said...

I have NEVER had a cornbread cheeseburger. I love cornbread AND cheeseburgers, though. Where do I get one?

WordVixen said...

Oh dear dog... you haven't read JerseyGirl yet? What's wrong with you?

Cornbread cheeseburger? I'm thinking it depends on the cornbread.

~grace~ said...

all I know for sure is as soon as I get back to the States I am having an enormous juicy cheesburger, hold the cornbread, and a milkshake, I don't care what the temp is in minnesota. mmmmm, American beef...

/the blogger formerly known as Fish

Josephine Damian said...

I loves me some corn bread (but then again I love all things bread). Cheeseburgers? Alas they're one of the many things I've given up along the way to getting old. You see, you may have more appeal to an agent or editor if you're over 35, but that's just about the only benefit you'll get from entering middle age, bro. After 35, you gotta watch those calories.

After reading (or rather I read a few pages and stopped reading) 10 clunkers in a row (ouch!) I finally picked up two beauties (so far!) from the library yesterday and will post reviews if (big IF) these two gems don't fall apart in the second act (so very many do
:-(), or worse, in the third act - always a heartbreak.

Barrie said...

I have never heard of a cornbread hamburger. And I'm married to an Okie!