Thursday, April 24, 2008

By Popular Demand

I was tagged by both Jerseygirl and Mom in Scrubs for the six random things meme.
Since I consider two requests, to be by popular demand here are my anwers.

1) I am bothered by the fact they make Bog Dog clothing in sizes small and medium. Conversely, it is wrong that anything spandex comes in extra large sizes.

2) There is an award that is still given at my high school that I was the inspiration for. It goes to the teacher that does the stupidest thing during the school year and my Ag (FFA- Future Farmers of America) teacher won the inaugural prize due to me. The girl collecting rolls became squeamish when she spotted me and another student butchering a rabbit (which was part of the state curriculum I might add) and she went home sick but not before running and screaming into the ROTC building. ROTC classes were for kids going into the military and were taught by a retired Marine Gunny Sergeant, or maybe h wasn't retired. Any way the girl embellished and made some outlandish claims that we were beating bunnies to death with baseball bats and the SPCA got involved and the principal of my school, a nice lady who happened to collect rabbit figurines wanted to expel me and the other student, but our ag teacher went to bat and showed the authorities that dressing animals was part of the state curriculum.

My teacher got me out of that trouble but a few days later the ROTC instructor, as a joke, had his class fashion signs and march into our class that read things like BUNNY BASHER and THE EASTER BUNNY ISN'T COMING THIS YEAR march into our class. Later, me and my friend made signs that said HUMAN KILLER and BABY BOMBER but no one took them as jokes and w got a months worth of detention.

3) I might have considered joining the military out of high school except I didn't think I could handle the food choices. I had visions of a drill sergeant screaming at me to at every last bit of my salad. matter of fact, that same image is pretty much my idea of what hell is like.

4) I sometimes regret not going away to attend college, but the truth is despite having always been a good student I would have lacked the discipline at 18 or 19 to take care of my business and not wind up on academic probation or suspension, or jail for reacting to the statement, "Oh come on, do it. What's the worst thing that could happen?"

5) It annoys me when people use the word ideal when actually mean idea.

6) The first first time I took a girl our on a date I got my pickup stuck in the mud on a dirt road. We were not pout on that lonely county road to do what y'all are thinking , but it was what her dad thought when we showed up at her house several hours late and covered with mud. no I never took her out again.

I'll tag only one person, HuddleKay, a new blogger, that also happens to be a writer from Amarillo so go check out what she has to say.


Linda McLaughlin said...


Butchering rabbits was part of the state curriculum? Do you have any idea how odd that sounds to a city kid like me, lol? Fascinating.


alex keto said...

Let's see if I can get this straight.

First you butcher rabbits and then, years later at a mall, snotty teenagers beat up your colleague who is wearing a bunny suit because they think it's you.


Mom In Scrubs said...

Nicely done, Travis. And I'm with Alex - the recurring bunny theme is a bit ominous.

I looked up Rabbits on a dream interpretation website and symbolically:

"To see a rabbit in your dream foretells of luck, magic and of a favorable turn of events and a positive outlook in your future endeavors. Alternatively, rabbits symbolize your sexual activity.

To see a white rabbit in your dream, symbolizes faithfulness of a lover."

Slaughtering or beating up a rabbit? Well...draw your own conclusions.

I'd be nice to bunnies if I were you! =)

Britta Coleman said...

idea/ideal -- I'm so glad I'm not the only one. That drives me *nuts*.

Interesting that Alex picked up on the bunny theme. Maybe there's more you can explore there. Perhaps a short story collection with a truly awful title: "The Rabbit Done Died" (horror) or "Funny Bunnies" (humor) or, for the inspirational crowd "I'm Somebunny and So Are You!"

SUV MAMA said...

Oh, that's funny. I think you are lucky you didn't get expelled for carrying those signs, Travis! (Although it was a *little* funny).
Speaking of bunnies: We have a ton of rabbits on our property. The bunnies are protected in this county, and therefore they are a huge pest. My husband & neighbors routinely take care of the pests using pellet rifles*. When my daughter was about 2 and a half we took her to a bounce house thing in ultra P.C. downtown Boulder where all the little kids were bouncing and laughing and the woman attending the booth says to the kids "bounce! bounce like bunnies!".

Katherine bounced over to the side and through the netting you could see the horrified look on her face. She said to the woman in a clear, strong voice so that there was NO mistaking toddler speak- "My Daddy SHOOTS bunnies!".

*Of course, I am not admitting that anyone in my neighborhood or especially anyone in my household would do anything of the such. This is a fictional account and all claims otherwise will be denied in a court of law, where you should show up in a bunny suit and pose as legal counsel. No signs, please.

Melissa Marsh said...

The bunny story is hilarious!

I can't stand it when people say "idear" instead of "idea."

Jerseygirl89 said...

I always knew Texas was a weird place, but butchering rabbits? Here in Jersey we only dissect them. :)

Great answers!

KiKi said...

You just gave me a great ideal for a new blog entry. Thanks.

Bubblewench said...

that is pretty cool... love the bunny tail -oh, tale...

Lana Gramlich said...

I agree about idea/l.
Sorry to hear the ROTC could give it but not take it. You'd think they'd have more backbone. Alex has made an interesting point on that whole thing...
I doubt either of us are military material. High 5 & pass the cheesecake!

huddlekay said...

I don't know what "I tagged you for a meme" means.. but I'm sure I'll appreciate it.

I see that you directed your readers to my blog which I know I appreciate...

And you are hilarious.