Monday, May 19, 2008

Homer's Backyard Ball -- A My Town Monday Post

I'm too lazy to look up Webster's actual definition of a ball, but I think most people would describe a ball as some sort of fancy party. Say you are attending a ball and images of evening gowns and tuxedos and waiters with accents and trays of fancy hors d'oeuvres.

But there are other kind of balls as well. Those that bounce, and are the focal point of sporting endeavors and then there is the kind that hang below bulls, and all other male species.

Homer's Backyard Ball is in fact a giant outdoor party but the ball portion actually refers to that last definition of the word ball - as in testicles.

Eleven years ago a fellow with the last name of Homer happened to have a five gallon barrel full of recently removed calf testicles. In some places these are referred to as Rocky Mountain Oysters but around my neck of the woods they are most commonly referred to as calf fries. Good Ol' Mr. Homer decided to slice the calf fries and fry them up so he invited a bunch of friends over to his backyard. He told them to bring their own booze and lawn chair. The event quickly became tradition and the party outgrew his backyard, but out in a cow pasture a simple boom box didn't quit cut it when it came time to supply the music so a band was invited to play.

In 2000 the event became affiliated with the Make-A Wish foundation that grants last wishes for terminally ill children and it continues to grow every year. There is now a calf fry and BBQ cook off competition that only adds to the party. Early numbers said their was nearly 10,000 attendees at this year's event here in Amarillo. Including, me and my friends.

From here on out this post is mostly pictures with a brief explanation to go along. Click on any image to enlarge.

Yep, That hairy guy with the sexy white legs in me. To my right is my buddy Charlie and those are our wives behind us. Mine, Jennifer in
the white and his, Cecelia in the green.

Steve (on the right) and some dude I don't know, compare shirts.

The food is good as you get to sample BBQ and Calf Fries from the cooking teams that entered.

I like this team's name and mission statement.

I have no idea what this means but it was on the
side of one team's chuckwagon.

And a member of the Budweiser cooking team models a nearly depleted pan of delicious golden fried testicles

Another highpoint at Homer's is the cutting end fashion that us unlike anything you'll ever find on a runway. Apparently tube tops are making a comeback. Some pull the look of better than others.

And the musical lineup was quite good as well. For those who might think Texas Music is the same kind of country as that stuff Nashville pumps out well you couldn't be more wrong. Texas Country is more folksy with a hint of southern rock. It is a blend of traditional country, rockabilly, and Americana. Think Dylan meshed with Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Bob Wills.

This years linup included, the Chancy Bernson Band, Tommy Gallagher Band, Casey Berry and The Live Texas Mosquitoes, Macon Greyson, The Charlie Shafter Band, Matt Martindale, Rick Trevino, and the headliner and one of my all-time favorites -- Charlie Robison.

All the bands were good but Rick Trevino didn't quite fit in to me. He is more mainstream though he did have a stronger Tejano sound than I thought. He sounded fine but he sang mostly covers of Nashville style country and that isn't my thing.

Here are a few pics of the musical acts. In order are The Charlie Shafter band, Casey Berry, and Matt Martindale. I've also included a snippet video of Charlie Robison singing though the sound quality of my digital camera is rather crappy. The video does give you an idea of the party atmosphere.

And more pics of mostly drunken revelry.

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jjdebenedictis said...


So. Um. Do cow testicles taste good, then?

I think that's another food I can happily live without tasting, along with escargot and raw oysters.

Barrie said...

Calf fries??? Do the kids willingly eat these? Or do you tell them they're chicken nuggets? Ha!

I haven't written my MTM post yet. I'm in revision mode. And, well, a little blog-hopping! :)

pattinase (abbott) said...

We're thinking along the same lines.

inherwritemind1 said...

That's some party!

Hi Travis! I was so happy to see you over at my blog. Thanks for thinking of me. I left a note but I'll spare you the trip.

My novel is nearing completion, thanks for asking, and I hope to be done in about a month. (Yeah, I know... I've said that before.) Man, this has been one long gestation. I hope the baby's cute :-)

I feel/am really out of touch with my blogger buddies and I miss y'all.

I hope your "procedure" went well. Doctors love to tell their patients that they might experience some discomfort during the procedure." Which means means the surgery will hurt like hell.

Take care, my friend. Thanks again for stopping by.


Josephine Damian said...

So do balls taste like chicken? That's what I wanna know.

I did not see much, if any lettuce being served up. :-)

Glad to see whatever your procedure was, you were out and about and smiling.

Don't worry about the meme.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Quite a party!


debra said...

My post is up---on time this week!
My brother-in-law used to travel to his company's factories in small towns. He delighted in telling the story of deep fried "rooster dainties..."

Linda McLaughlin said...

Sounds like a rip-roaring good time, Travis. Texans sure do know how to party. :D

I've uploaded my new My Town Monday post on the Fisherman's Restaurant at the San Clemente pier. Not as raucus as Homer's Backyard Ball, but there are some pictures.


Travis Erwin said...

JJ - Done right they are quite tasty.

Barrie - No we tell them they are bull nuggets.

Tina - Glad for the update. Stop by when you can.

Josephine - No they don't taste like chicken but they can be kind of tough like a gizzard if not prepped and cooked right.

Terrie - Yes it is. You should gather up a bus load of your New York friends and come on down next year.

Debra - I've never had any chicken bits of that nature. Must be like eating sunflower seeds. A lot of work for not much substance.

Linda - We Texans just look for an excuse to drink beer and eat meat.

Barrie said...

My My Town Monday post is up: Balboa Park, San Diego. Looking forward to visiting everyone's contributions this week!

lyzzydee said...

oh my god !!!!! I couldn't read the whole of your post !!!!
puke !!!
mine is up

WordVixen said...

Good to see Charlie has his priorities straight- protecting his calf fries. :)

Was going to do an MTM post but my computer's been hiccuping all day. So, I worked on my WIP instead. I figured I'd be forgiven for that. And, of course, Monday's just begun so who knows what'll happen (but I called off work today since it's my anniversary, and I don't want them to track me down as not sick!).

Clare2e said...

The Women of Mystery's post is up, but we've got nothing on interest and sheer comprehensively-covered testicles this week : )

Great job. I can practically smell the sunscreen and Off and hot beer remnants!

Stephen Parrish said...

Don't forget: anniversary tribute to Miss Snark on Pat Wood's Blog starting May 20th.

Anonymous said...


How many of your relatives showed up at Homers? The fashions are wonderful, but I have a problem with boots and shorts! I sampled Rocky Mtn Oysters" at the baseball stadium, I was expecting a chicken taste, but they gave me shrimp cocktail sauce to dip. Actually, tasted more like fried pork tenderloin to me.


ChrisEldin said...

Oh man, I do love Texas!!!! Your stories crack me up! And I was wondering what they tasted like. Don't think I could manage to eat these. I accidentally ate monkey testicles when I was in college. Long story, but I nearly threw up on the spot.

Party looks fun!!!

Travis Erwin said...

Barrie -- Sorry I've been slow getting the links up.

Lyzzydee -- Beef is beef, whether it comes for the tip side or bottom of a bovine.

Wordvixen - You really should make it to a Texas party at least once. That would be worth calling in sick for.

Clare- We are Texans not Germans. We drink our beer cold.

Stephen - Thanks for the reminder and no offense meant on that German statement up above. :)

Jenny - No relatives. You should have came on down.

Chris - Monkey testicles? You have to blog that story.

Sam said...

Thanks for a fun day at Homer's Backyard Ball! I felt like I was there almost!
Would have loved a beer.
Could live without the golden-fried testicles.
But a nice barb-cue plate of ribs woulda been nice.

Ello said...

I have never had a testicle. I think I'd like to keep it that way. But this was a great visit to Texas!

Travis Erwin said...

Sam - I think you should write an erotica novel that is centered around a team of competitive Calf Fry cookers.

Ello - I'll refrain from the snide remark I was going to say in reply to you comment about never having a testicle. Instead I'll say -- Calf Fries - The other pink meat.

Patti said...

i am sucking at home town mondays, but you guys are keeping me entertained.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Travis-A head's up that I'll have to miss a week with this project. I have my family descending for the holiday weekend. Be back the next Monday though.

SUV MAMA said...

That was a rockin' post. Literally.

I agree with your assessment of Rick Trevino. Seemed like an odd name mixed in with some mighty fine Texas music.

I'm so flippin' jealous right now.
Except of the fried testicles.