Sunday, June 29, 2008

Man About Town

What do hemorrhoids and procrastination have in common? ... Both will get you in the end.

That is my way of saying there will be no My Town Monday post about Amarillo from me this week. *** EDIT*** After reading Debra's comment I thought I'd better add something to the original post and say there will be no MTM entry do to my procrastination, not the other aforementioned infliction.*** I will still maintain a list of other's My Town posts, so check back here for the updated list of this week's participants.

Meanwhile, please hop over to the Criminal Brief blogsite, where they have graciously allowed me to guest blog for the day. I would love to see you there, so if you get a chance drop a comment over there to let me know you stopped by.

And a special thanks to Leigh Lundin for sacrificing his spot in the rotation and for encouraging me to vent a bit.

Remember, check back here for a full list of My Town Mondayers and in the meanwhile, see you over at Criminal Brief.


Debra -- Peninsula, Ohio

Patti Abbott -- Detroit Michigan

Lyzzydee -- Welwyn Garden City, England

Barbara Martin -- Toronto, Canada

Linda McLaughlin -- Camp Pendleton, California

Barrie Summy -- San Diego, California

Laura Curtis (Women of Mystery) -- From an Airport near you.

Clair Dickson -- Brighton, Michigan

Lana Gramlich -- Abita Springs, Louisiana

WordVixen -- Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Mary Nix -- Olmsted Falls, Ohio

PreTzel -- Garden Grove, Iowa

Alyssa Goodnight -- Houston, Texas

Packsaddle -- Uhland, Texas

DebbieLou -- Bishop Stortford, England


debra said...

So sorry about your.......problem.
My post is up. Now, off to Criminal Brief.

Charles Gramlich said...

I really enjoyed the Criminal Brief post.

Terrie Farley Moran said...


I loved the Criminal Brief post. You touched on lots of issues of concern to fledgling writers. You also point out that while agents and publishers say they are looking for fresh and new--same old same old may seem safer to them.

Great job.


Lana Gramlich said...

I stopped by & commented @ Criminal Brief.
(Love the opening quote for this post, btw!)

Jenster said...

What do hemorrhoids and procrastination have in common? ... Both will get you in the end.

That's deep, man.

lyzzydee said...

Travis, I am so disappointed in you!!!!! (not) I am finding that from around Thursday onwards i am thinking about my Sunday night post!! Off to check out your criminal side!

lyzzydee said...

Oh forgot to say mine will appear as if by magic at midnight gmt!!

pattinase (abbott) said...

I have one up. Enjoy your week off.

Katrina said...

Taking the day off? Hmmmm! I guess you are allowed ever once in awhile.

yellowdog granny said...

my favorite insult is me telling someone that they have a personality like a sack full of hemorroids..

Barbara Martin said...

What will visitors think when they arrive here to find no MTM from Travis? That you're playing hookey.

My post is up, and I'll be over in a minute to Criminal Brief.

ChrisEldin said...


Barbara Martin said...

Travis, I guess I shocked you with my comment on Criminal Brief because you linked my post that I was from Niagara Falls.

Brilliant post! Now I know what I'm up against at conferences, not having been to one.

Sage said...

Great post Travis!
I checked it out, I posted...I gushed....where's my check?

Love it. You have a unique voice and if that doesn't sell something...what will?

Leigh said...

It's been no sacrifice at all, Travis. It's been a blast. People love you and it's easy to see why.

The reason Criminal Brief invited Travis was that for the past 5 Sundays, we've been blogging about authors writing from the PoV of the opposite sex. Who better to represent a male who can write from a female's viewpoint than Travis?

Linda McLaughlin said...

Hey, Travis, I enjoyed your article at Criminal Brief. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was a great analogy for your experiences. You'll make it one of these days. You've got too much talent and too much determination not to!

I managed to post a My Town Monday blog about Camp Pendleton. I'll check out the other MTM posts tomorrow AM. Have a good week everyone.


Barrie said...

My post is up, Travis. I'll check out the Criminal Brief. Happy Monday. Whether you've done a MTM post or not! :)

DrillerAA said...

I'll check out the Criminal Brief post a little later in the day. I may have to do a Hometown Post sometime soon as well.

Clair Dickson said...

Travis, I'm not surprised that there was a great article at Criminal Breif. If your novel writing is any bit as good as your blog writing, you'll eventually find and agent willing to look past the goatee and see the writer.

In other news, I have my own My Town Monday up now.

Lana Gramlich said...

Since I posted about our local nature area (again,) & it's Monday, I figured I could use it as a MTM post. It's here;

deborah elliott-upton said...

Hey, you were terrific at Criminal Brief! Not that I was surprised. Good job!

Bina said...

I'm glad you clarified by stating you DON'T have hemroids! LOL

Bina said...

Excellent! I loved your Good, Bad and Ugly, but the Ugly part made me MAD!!!!! The nerve!

But I had no idea you were writing women's stuff. I have been reading you for six months. Have I been under a freaking rock??????

Alyssa Goodnight said...

What's the secret to the different colored links?

Now I need to read the Criminal Brief post...

Packsaddle said...

Great stuff on CB.

Travis, you are a legend.

BTW, I just gave that "My Town Monday" thingy a whirl.

Stop by and tell me what you think.

Debbielou said...

My post is up - Hope your "piles" get better !!!!

Shauna Roberts said...

Travis, my "My Town Wednesday" post is up at