Thursday, July 24, 2008

Odds but No Ends

I think it's time for another of my rambling posts of various odds and ends that have occurred to me lately.

Is there any word that is as overused or unneeded in all of advertising that UNWANTED. In the last few weeks I've heard commercials proclaiming ...

Our pesticide will rid your home of unwanted insects ... Stop unwanted pimple and skin blemished now ... and my personal favorite ... Get rid of that unwanted back hair.

Are any of those things ever wanted?


All of my regular readers know by now that I have some really strange eating habits, but did you know that I categorize certain foods as seasonal. Spaghetti - strictly for winter time. Same goes for pancakes and roast. On the other hand I only like brisket in the summer. It somehow feels like I'm cheating on springtime to eat brisket when it's cold outside.

So how about you? Got any weird seasonal taste buds?


This next one hit me on the airplane as I sat watching my wife sniff the perfume ads in her magazine. Shouldn't more products use the scratch and sniff method of reaching the customer. If Oscar Meyer had some scratch and sniff bacon inside a magazine and I had to smell it on a two hour flight I'd be getting off at my final destination and looking for a bacon cheeseburger right away.

Car ads could smell like new leather. The print ad for the latest Batman flick could smell like guano. Okay, maybe not, but smell could be used more . Then again I thought my wife was a bit weird for snorting up her Mademoiselle.


I'll close with a few of the strangest Google searches terms which have lead to hits on this blog ...

Bull Castration Stories lead one person here.
Lady Luck is a fickle whore here.
I'm guessing it wasn't Martha Stewart who googled, How to make a planter out of a prosthetic leg and wound up here.
This trio of names googled together has me puzzled John Cleese/Cher/Fidel Castro. Sounds like a beginning to some odd joke and I have no idea why that lead a reader to this post.
And last but not least if you are searching for girdle itch you might land here.

So what weird Google terms lead to you?


Bea said...

I feel the same way about Spaghetti. I just can't eat it in the late spring or summer.
Wow! You are really linked up out there!
I tear out all the stinky things in the magazines before I read them because they prevent the pages from laying down flat. So I'm a little weird....LOL
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I totally have seasonal foods... like corn on the cob. I only eat it in the summer. And watermelon too.

WordVixen said...

"how to find a prostitute in lancaster, pennsylvania", and "pigslap" are the two most interesting. Not the most common, but the most interesting. :)

By the way, I'm seriously considering building a website about Lancaster, since my MTM posts garner a lot of search hits, and rank really high in search engines. Did you know that my Penn Cinema post is the #1 result on Yahoo? It's above the freaking theater's own website! And Stauffer Mansion is the #2 result on Google. It's all your fault; I blame you entirely. :)

And I like salad in the winter, and heavy casseroles and stews in the summer. I'm not normal.

Shauna Roberts said...

Hey! My husband is, shall we say, well furred, and I would not want him to get rid of any of it, including the back hair.

You've got me beat on weird searches that led to your site. My weirdest ones are "cotinus texana," "cockroach infestations evanston il," and "award winning lion photos."

Charles Gramlich said...

I have some seasonal foods but they're probably pretty obvious. I like soups and stews better when it's cold. Watermelon in summer. Even if it's available at other times I don't have the urge to eat it.

I don't know how to tell what google search terms led to me.

sybil law said...

I like food... pretty much anytime I crave it. No special seasons here. Well, not true - I do like roast with all the fixin's in the winter.
I never even check my stats, much less google searches! I rarely use the key words, either...
I like your idea of bacon - you should see this: - funny as hell!

yellowdog granny said...

gazpacho summer..soups winter..chili any time of the year..

Lana Gramlich said...

I loved the Craftmatic commercial that promised a "lifetime of temporary relief" from back pain.

As for food; baked foods & soups in Autumn/Winter (mainly because our central A/C barely makes a dent in the August heat of the deep South--I'm not ABOUT to run an oven at 350F for an hour & a half!) Hot drinks at this time, too. Iced tea in Spring/Summer.

I don't know what Google search terms lead to me...How do you know? I'd signed up for Analytics at one point & I assume that would've helped, but it didn't work from day one, so I requested it be cancelled.

Joshua said...

dude, scratch and sniff bacon.....I think your on to something!

Bernita said...

"medieval porn" and "hand glove smother."

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Very funny on all points!


AA said...

Something tells me that you'd still be getting a cheeseburger, only you'd be getting it with the bacon after sniffing the ad. :P

Melissa Marsh said...

Seasonal foods - well, I can't eat chili except in the fall and winter. I can't eat soup period except in the cool months. But I can eat spaghetti any time. ;-)

I like the idea for more scratch and sniff ads - though if you had a lot of them in one magazine, I imagine it would smell pretty darn weird.

Monnik said...

Ok, that's just wrong. Spaghetti should be enjoyed year round. You're cheating yourself out of at least 6 months of good comfort food!

I have really funny google search ads that come to my blog too. Stuff about gynecological 'fun', Mrs. Roper, Mr. Nastyass, and so on. Cracks me up to view my search terms on my google analytics.

Robin said...

I know, the "unwanted ad's" get to me. But the one that got me was for "Lunesta"...for a great night's sleep, yada yada...and they get to the disclaimer part...CAUTION, my cause drowsiness..." Hmmm, ya think? How about Ex-Lax...may cause diarrhea? For crying out loud!

First brisk fall day I have to make my burn your butt chili. If Dan's head doesn't sweat (I always cut his part too wide) ain't chili. In the summer, pretty much, if ya can't grill it we don't eat it! Brats at least once a week! But I must say, I have my 'winter' cooking and my 'summer' cooking, just never noticed that before really!

Junosmom said...

The thought of eating sushi led me to wonder if people ate live fish which led me to Google "eating live fish" which led me to a website about live flesh-eating fish.

And when you are finished with bull castrations, you can witness horse gelding. You may not want to though.

Anonymous said...

Jenn says...
It was a cosmo silly boy