Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taking the Easy Way

I''m not feeling all that creative today so I'll post a few things others have created and get out of the way. I spotted this over on Linda McLaughlin's blog and thought I'd play along as well.

You Are Fencing

You're competitive but not brutally so. You compete to make yourself better.

You find having an opponent to be challenging and rewarding.

You are fierce when you're in a competition, but you don't wish your rivals any real harm.

All in all I'd say it's a fairly accurate description.

The comedy show was great last night, especially Daniel Kinno and the headliner Rondell Sheridan. You may recognize Sheridan since he's starred in several TV shows for the Disney Channel as well as other projects.

Kinno has a new CD coming out soon and he was hilarious though a bit edgier than Sheridan. Here's a little clip of him I got from his website. Check him out of you get the chance. There is a bit of language and sexual content so keep that in mind before you give it a watch. He had me laughing last night with some of this same material.

Live at the Fillmore Theatre from danielkinno on Vimeo.

And after the show Lady Luck was kind enough to show me a bit of favor. Which means I'm itching to get out there tonight and see how things go. I'm going to play one last Hold 'Em tournament before I fly home. Wish me luck.


Packsaddle said...

Good luck, my friend.

May the Ace be with you.

Bina said...

Considering my daughter is a Disney freak, yea, I recognize him. That's So Raven, right?

And hey, GOOD LUCK! Take all down baby!

Bina said...

Oh, and if it were an Olympic Sport, I would win the gold in cleaning toilets. In case you were wondering.

Steph said...

Good luck and get rich!

By the way, after you've drunk the last drops of champagne, feel free to do the meme I've tagged you with. :D

Charles Gramlich said...

Can't check that one, since I'm at work at the moment. As for olympic sports, I'm probably curling.

Linda McLaughlin said...

Charles, lol, curling is one of the possible answers in the Winter Olympic quiz. You can find it at

In the summer quiz, I am badminton. Almost as exciting as curling. :)

Good luck, Travis.


Danette Haworth said...

Travis, thanks for putting that Daniel Kinno clip up! I'd never heard of him before, and I'm always looking for good stand-up.

The line that made me laugh out loud was about the lady receiving hooves!

Scott Lessard said...

Finally catching up on some reading, Travis. I've missed your wisdom.

I very much enjoyed your Vegas post. I too, love Vegas...not for the crowds (and if that is true - you HAVE to get to NYC soon). I like Vegas for the same reason I dislike Vegas, the decadence.

It is the best place on earth to understand why things that feel good are so bad for you. I ALWAYS have a great time there, but ALWAYS feel a little dirty for having done so.

And a week is 4 days too many. Good luck with that.


N.B. - I came up with Fencing, too. But it is wrong, I like to CRUSH my competition until they end up as a quivering mass of cytoplasm.

Lana Gramlich said...

You Are Archery
You are a bit of a traditionalist. You like old fashioned things with deep traditions. You also like to see the result of your accomplishments right in front of you. If practice makes perfect, that's fine by you. You like to practice a skill.

Ironically, I've enjoyed archery in the past (& have been thinking about getting another bow.)

Good luck at the tables!

Bea said...

I hope you did well in the tournament!

Mary said...

Fencing is a sport I’d love to try.

The quiz put me in the triathlon; the thought alone is exhausting!

yellowdog granny said...

im archery...

look for tells..