Saturday, August 9, 2008

This and That

Bear with me but I feel the need to do one of those random catch up type of posts to answer a few questions and get organized.

A few asked me about Twitter. Twitter is sort of like a mini blog. You can post a quick snippet of what is going on (you only have 140 characters so it has to be short) Many make the updates from the cell phone but I haven't made that plunge. basically it just a way to communicate with others via the web or your phone. But you conversations are for the most part visible to all of your friends.

So this time next week I'll be on a place bound for Vegas again. This time on work-related business but I'll manage to squeeze in time to play a bit of poker. I'm also taking my lap top this time so I'll be posting a few times direct from Sin City. I also plan to hit the bookstore and dive back into reading. I've been really lax lately and I've missed the distraction of falling into a good story.


My friend Steve just took a little trip out to Seattle. While looking through the pictures he took I came across this one and made him send it to me so I could put it on here.

Steve was trying to get a shot of The Blue Angels and he was a bit annoyed that this bird got int he way. But it is the bird that I love. Look at it. It's wings are banked at he same angle as the jets as if it is practicing and inspiring to fly as fast and high as they are. That's how I feel some days about my writing. That bird can already fly and I feel like I can write, but dang would it ever be nice to streak through the atmosphere with the big boys.


Guess who showed up in Amarillo this week? Sir Paul McCartney. It ain't everyday a Beatle is spotted tooling around the dry dusty countryside in these parts. You can read the newspaper article here. Or a first person account from my friend and fellow blogger, Bea here.

I know not everyone is a sports fan but I'm excited about both the Olympics (the opening ceremony was stunning in HD) and the fast approaching football season. Here's hoping my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers get back in the groove of winning under new coach Bo Pelini. On the NFL side i root for the New Orleans Saints which isn't always easy to do living in the heart of Cowboy country, but I can't stand Jerry Jones.


Ont eh writing front I'm working on a few short stories and seeing how things go with Plundered Booty before diving into another novel project. But I do have several ideas for what comes next. Soon as one speaks louder than the rest I get back to work on what will be my fifth novel.

What going on in y'alls world?


David Cranmer said...

Great photo and the bird is a shot in a million thats a keeper.

preTzel said...

That photo is great Travis. I would not have even guessed it was a bird had you not said it was. It's angles/lines are right with the jets and I just thought it was one closer to the camera. Guess I should go dye my blonde roots, eh?

In my world:

Still nursing the swollen hand and trying to figure out why my right hand is now going into serious cramp - mode when I'm painting...

Speaking of painting...we're painting our room now. We're on Day 3. Day 3. And I go to work in 9 days. We don't have much more time to finish it.

My writing? Lax here too.

Reading? Yeah, blogs. LOL!

huddlekay said...

5th novel! holy shit...

holly said...

yeah i think the bird makes that photo!!!

my world:
i'm finding that i am having more ideas than i can put down on paper/screen. i am so annoyed that i lack the time to just sit down and do them all NOW. sigh.

i *totally* forgot about the olympics until yesterday when someone at work said "they start today". ooooh. shoulda watched some tv at some point...

yellowdog granny said...

that's a great photo..
bet that bird was saying, bet you can't do THIS... ha...
jerry jones is an asshole..first class..but he's not the cowboys...time for you to get on board...I loved ole landry but he was a big of a prig and I still loved the boys..
im lacking sleep from watching the olympics..stayed up till 2am watching fencing...and then up at 8 to watch the rest..we took gold silver and bronze for women cool...

spyscribbler said...

I think it's the Blue Devils who are aspiring to be the bird, not the other way around. :-)

Work has been 12 hour days these past two weeks. I haven't even thought about my story for a whole week.

I hate when that happens.

Charles Gramlich said...

I love the bird pic too. Looks to me like he's about to kill and eat some jets.

Joshua said...

vegas, HD is good man! and i like the photo too, looks beautiful. And way to go about the Saints. Go wtih who you like. I live near St. Louis but I a die hard Cubs fan.

Robyn said...

Can I get an AMEN brother on the whole Jerry Jones thing...god he sucks!

I am a Vikings fan up in 49er/Raider country...eeekkkk! I am so there with you on FOOTBALL! I am a total DIE HARD for the game! LOVE IT! *jumping up and down and squealing with delight*

On the really is a great shot...and love what it meant to you! And yes, I too need to get back into reading...but with all this working 12 hour shifts 7 days here 4 days there and just plain working like a field horse! Who has time to read between eating and sleeping...aaaaghhh!
Thanks for stopping by!

the walking man said...

Loved the bird and jet pic.

Have a good time in Vegas, especially at the poker table draw a straight flush.

Nothing much going on in my personal world, although the world around me is spinning at an ever faster rate and the centrifugal force is beginning to topple them not firmly attached.

Miladysa said...

Have a great time in Vegas!

I love the bird shot :-D

angel, jr. said...

I am excited about the Olympics too!!
Wow, you get to go to Vegas!

Robin said...

Travis, I agree with Jackie and I'm thinking the three of us should team up, take some donations (we could get rich!), call Bob and pay him to take the asshole out! We could put him in a bunker with various torture devices...

Loved the photo, lucky shot.

You'll have to check out my blog, I'm heading face first into Texas High School football which, in my opinion, is nuts! Tabling my little story for the moment because I am sure to get some good insider info!

Keep it up Travis, I didn't realize how hard this creative business was but you are my leader, remember? Shut up and write!

Angie said...

That's an awesome pic. :D And I agree with you -- the bird is what makes it.


Josephine Damian said...

JD is working round the clock on her master's thesis (except when she's chatting with Travis and Co. on Twitter!)

JD is writing/scheduling blog posts like crazy as she prepares to end her blog hiatus on 9/1.

JD is getting ready to start her last semester of grad school on 8/25.

JD is pooped!

Bea said...

I love the photo of the bird. It looks so cool.
Thanks for the mention of my blog and story about Sir Paul. 100.9 The Eagle wants the picture for their website!

I am not a Jerry Jones fan, either. I didn't Jimmy Johnson. I will never forgive him on how he treated Tom Landry.

Rocketstar said...

Good luck in Vegas man, great pic!

Bina said...

Wow! That picture is amazing! That should be framed, and I bet the Blue Angels would love to have a copy, don't ya think?

Melissa Marsh said...

I love your interpretation of the photo, Travis. Very inspiring.

What's going on in my world? Trying to get back into the swing of things. I think I'm caught up on my sleep, so that's always a bonus. :-)

Lana Gramlich said...

Enjoy Vegas (& good luck!)
The photo of the bird & the planes is really cool!