Monday, August 11, 2008

The Big TWO-FIVE -- A My Town Monday Post

Today marks my 25th My Town Monday post. First let me thank the 46 names below who have humored me and posted at least one blog entry about their town. If I missed someone please let me know. I wanted to incorporate links but it became a logistical nightmare so you'll have to google them if you want to visit their blogs. Most also appear on my rotating blog roll on the right hand side so wait to see their name and you can follow a link from there. Many of y'all have blogged about different places but I tried to go with the place I most associate them with.

David Cranmer -- Rayne, Louisiana
Robyn - - San Francisco, California

Reb -- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Karen Alaniz - Walla Walla, Washington
J.L. Krueger -- Kabul, Afghanistan
PreTzel -- Garden Grove, Iowa
Packsaddle -- Uhland, Texas
Alyssa Goodnight -- Houston, Texas
Barbara Martin -- Toronto, Canada
Mary Nix -- Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Nan Higginson -- New York, NY
JenKneeBee -- Twin Cities, Minnesota
Gina Black -- Los Angeles, California
Cameron Williams -- San Diego, California
Laura Curtis -- New Yotk, NY
Linda Mclaughlin -- Anaheim, California
Clare2E -- New York, New York
Shauna Roberts -- Riverside California
Claire Dickson -- Livingston County, Michigan

Lois Karlin -- New York, NY
Cicily Janus -- Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jason Scott Adams --Sugar Creek, Missouri
Debra -- Village of Peninsula, Ohio

Tiggysmum70 -- Louisville, Ohio.
Josephine Damian -- New Rochelle, New York
Ello --Brooklyn, New York
Laura Kramarsky -- East Hampton, New York.
The Anti-Wife --Southern Illinois.
Sex Scenes At Starbucks -- The Colorado high country.

Terrie Farley Moran - New York City
Barrie Summy -- San Diego, California.
Stephen Parrish -- Bad Kreuznach, Germany.
DebbieLou -- Bishops Stortford in Hertfordshsire England
Carleen Brice -- Denver, Colorado
Lyzzydee -- Welwyn Garden City, England.

Wordvixen -- Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Pattinase -- Detroit, Michigan
Suv Mama -- Seattle. Washington.

Lana Gramlich -- Abita Springs, Louisiana
Merry Monteleone -- Cicero, Illinois
Polka Dot Witch -- Castleton-on Hudson, New York
Patti-O -- San Angelo, Texas
Carleen Brice -- Denver, Colorado
Sarai -- Kansas City, Kansas
Alex Keto -- Globetrotter
Britta Coleman -- Fort Worth, Texas

My goal in starting My Town Monday was to fins out more about my fellow bloggers and the various places we call home. I also wanted to eventually get at least one post about each of our fifty states as well as posts from at least that many countries. I'm not there yet, but I still hope to get there eventually. Patti Abbot has been the most prolific participant but may of you have participated nearly every week I hope you continue to do so and I hope you encourage some of your readers to join in and tell us about some new places as well. In that spirit I'm doing a meme-esque post this week. A fill in the blank type of My Town Monday that anyone could readily use by simply plugging in the facts about their town.

HOMETOWN (past, present, or future - your choice) -- Amarillo, Texas

POPULATION -- 183,021

YOU SHOULD THINK OF MY TOWN WHEN ... You eat beef. One quarter of the United States beef supply is process in the Texas Panhandle and much of that comes from locally raised cattle as well.

YOU SHOULD CUSS MY TOWN WHEN ... You hear the grating sound of Dr. Phil's voice. Yes, Amarillo is to blame for Oprah's so-called life guru even though he is not an Amarilloan. If you missed the very first MTM from me, click here to read the details.

ONE MUST SEE IF YOU VISIT -- Nearby, Palo Duro Canyon State Park

ONE PLACE YOU SHOULD AVOID -- Any chain restaurant along the interstate. Lots better food abounds if you are willing to venture off the well lit path. My local flavored favorites. El Bracero Mexican grill on both Grand and Bell streets. Barnaby's Beanery and The Golden Light both serve great burgers on Sixth street as does the Coyote Bluff Cafe on Grand. And the Stockyard Cafe serves up a fine steak right in the same building where they sell live cattle every Tuesday.

FAMOUS RESIDENT -- I've listed many over the weeks but I'll throw out a name that has been in the news a lot lately because of the energy situation in this country. T Boone Pickens is a shrewd businessman who grew up and lived in Amarillo for a number of years. His name generally draws frowns in town these days as he seems intent to take what little water we have in this area and funnel in down to the Dallas/FT Worth area.

RENOWNED ATHLETE -- Since the Olympics are going on I'll go with Brandon Slay who won the gold medal at the summer games of 2000 in Sydney, Australia. Brandon actually lost the gold medal match in controversial fashion to a German wrestler named Alexander Leipold, but Leipold then tested positive for steroids and Brandon was awarded the gold medal during a broadcast of the Today show on NBC. Brandon graduated from Tascosa High School here in Amarillo the same year as my wife Jennifer.

WITHOUT MY TOWN, THE WORLD WOULD NOT HAVE ... The goatee saver. This little creation comes from the mind of Amarilloan Scott Bonge. It is a template to help you maintain the perfectly manicure goatee. No I do not use the product because my goat is a bit broader than his design. I go for the bushier pirate style of goat, but if he wants to give me one I'll try it out in a live webcast for you viewing pleasure.

I LIVE IN MY TOWN BECAUSE ... I was born here and I've been too lazy to crawl very far from the crib. Besides, I can't think of a better location for a carnivore such as myself to dwell.

I MIGHT LEAVE ON DAY BECAUSE ... I get sick of the wind blowing fifty miles an hour more days than not, or I become rich and famous and could afford a cabin in the mountains where I could hunt and fish to my heart's content.

Okay, there you have it. A My Town Meme. What better time to join in?


J.L. Krueger -- Kabul, Afghanistan

Linda McLaughlin -- San Francisco, California

Debra -- Peninsula, Ohio

Mary Nix -- Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Joshua -- Columbia, Illinois

Jason Scott Adams -- Sugar Creek, Missouri

Davis Cranmer -- Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa

Barbara Martin - Toronto, Canada

Patti Abbott -- Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Barrie Summy -- Toronto Canada

Clare2e -- Paris, London, and San Antonio, Texas

Stacy -- Milan, Michigan

Reb -- Whitemud Creek, Canada

Clair Dickson -- Livingston County, Michigan

PretZel - Wisconsin Dells

I'm sorry for the slow updates, but I'm battling a re-flareup of my poison ivy and I'm adding these between doctor visits. I now have rash over a substantial part of my body and the doctor seems to think I have a secondary infection that has spawned from my relentless scratching. I'll make the rounds and update when I can.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm greatful for the beef connection. We had good steak last night.

Patti said...

is there an award for least prolific participant?! i sucked at this, but just so you know, i read others and learned. now where's my prize?

Linda McLaughlin said...


Congratulations on your 25th MTM post. It's such a great idea. I like the meme and promise to do it for Anaheim one of these weeks.

For this week I did an "Out of town" Monday post on Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco since I was there recently and have some photos to show off.


David Cranmer said...

Travis, it's been a lot of fun and because I do quite a bit of traveling, this has been an excellent way for my wife and I to explore the town we landed in (this case, Rayne). I'll have one tomorrow from a friend who periodically sends me posts about his life in West Africa.

The SUV Bitch said...

T- I don't always comment, but I love MTM.

I'm working on finding a widget for you to show a clickable map of the US that will show the states you have covered. Anyone? Anyone?

Have a blast in Vegas!

debra said...

My post is up. I'll be back to read when I've caught the dog.

Shauna Roberts said...

What a cute idea, a generic fill-in-the-blanks MTM post. That should help you toward your 50-state goal.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Verry nice! I will definitely have to give this meme a try. And next time I pass through Amarillo, I'll force myself to ease off the Interstate for a well-made burger.

Barbara Martin said...

Travis, drop by my blog.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Congrats, Travis. You are a fearless leader. I have one up tomorrow on Halifax.

Mary Nix said...

Happy 25th post, Travis!

My post is up a day early.


yellowdog granny said...

i blog about my little town all the time..and wait till westfest, i recite the list of all the foods we have...

Joshua said...

dude I'm really digging the MTM and meme one. I just finished my own MTM meme. Hope to participate more as this is a ton of fun!

Jason Scott Adams said...

I'm back with a generic MTM post using your generic template. A toast to the next 25 MTM's.

Nnairda's said...

What a great idea! I hope to participate.

I'm off to check out other parts of the country.

Go USA! :)


Robyn said...

Great Post as usual...I really do love coming here! I grab a cup of joe and settle in for a good read! thanks friend!

Barbara Martin said...

Travis, I want to visit Amarillo since you've enlightened me about its environs.

My MTM post is up.

spyscribbler said...

Okay, I can do that! I promise, next week! I've been meaning to, forever!

pattinase (abbott) said...

It's up.

Barrie said...

Fun post, Travis. I like the meme idea! And thank you for keeping My Town Mondays up and running. I'm still in Canada (and loving it!). This Mondays post is on a Greek food festival in Toronto. Very very yummy!

Clare2e said...

Wow- Cool summation. And since grade school I've always loved a worksheet.

At Women of Mystery, we've got another of my lame, barely-My Town Monday posts. However, seeing all the MTM participants and remembering how many different places I've gotten to enjoy through them, I'm reconsidering the lameness. You're seeming like a Citizen of the World yourself today, Travis!

David Cranmer said...

Travis, got a new one posted for you.

Bina said...

I really need to do this one day, but I must admit, I'm too lazy to do the research, because I don't know much about it. So, maybe one day???

Stacy said...

I love your My Town Monday idea, Travis, although this is the first week I've actually remembered to participate.

Reb said...

Congratulations Travis. I like the meme idea and will do it for next week.

Mine lame mtm is up for this week.

SUV Mama said...

Okay, got a list. I'll add links as the kids permit. :)

Clair Dickson said...

I've got my post up for Livingston County.

Since My Town Monday is such a cool idea, I'll overlook that 'e' you tend to add to my name. =)

One of these weeks, I'm going to take your My Town Meme-- right now I'm doing railways.

Thanks for starting this, 25 posts ago.

preTzel said...

I *finally* put mine up today. Late and lame but it's up. :)

ChrisEldin said...

Congratulations on this milestone! I haven't been able to read all of them, but I do want to go through them when my kids are in school.

This is a great endeavor! It almost feels like a book, yanno. A coffee table book at the very least. Probably more. Don't know, but there's something here....

holly said...

yay for beef!!! although i only eat welsh beef now. it's not very good (shshshsh)

Robyn said...

sorry to hear about the P.I stuff happening again! Get well!

Junosmom said...

I've struggled with whether or not to participate. While I do use real names on my blog, and refer to Kentucky, I don't want to give directions to where I live since I have children. I do continue to read though, and think it is a great idea.

March to the Sea said...

very cool post/thread ideas.

Ello said...

How great this post was! And sorry about your poison ivy. Hope it clears up soon!

I've been hiding working on my manuscript and have begun querying. Are you at that stage now?

Eating The Road said...

I loved the Coyote Bluff Cafe!