Saturday, August 30, 2008

What I'm Up To

Last night I went to watch my first high school football game of the year. Canyon Eagles versus the Andrews Mustangs. My nephew is a senior this year and starts on Canyon's defensive line. He played well despite being double team most of the time. He did especially well in the second half when his size and strength began to wear down his opponents. The only down side to his game was when he took a 15 yard personal foul late in the first half for a blow to the opposing Quarterback's head.

Here is what an article about the Texas Panhandle's top recruits has to say about him ...

Josh Risner, Canyon

Senior, defensive tackle, 6-3, 275

Scouting report: Missed some time as a junior with an injury, but has the size and strength to be an interior force.

If you happen to know any college recruiters whisper his name in their ear.


What else is new? I have to work all three days of the long weekend. yes, even Monday. And you thought all postal employees got the holiday off.

I've been writing a new short story but I keep going back and forth on whether it should be told in first or third person.

Still trying to decide what my next novel length project will be. I actually have far more idea than I do time to write them.

I have been querying for my comedic novel, Plundered Booty. I've managed a few partial requests and one full but overall response times from agents have been slow in coming. Maybe things will pick up now that summer is almost history.

I've done a crappy job of keepin up with my blog reading as of late, so I'll try and pop around to your sites sometime over the next few days. Adios for now.


Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah, football. Been watching some games today. Mostly blowouts.

Vodka Mom said...

I"m still waiting on 8 publishers. I've send a picture book w/query - May 5- and heard from 2 that said no (can you IMAGINE) and am still waiting. Each day the mail arrives WITHOUT a rejection - is cause for a martini!

good luck to you!!!

yellowdog granny said...

yeah, football..nephew sounds like a player..
i was in the parade today for westfest and then going to the westfest grounds this evening to czech out the czech's...
(i wore a home made obama mama tshirt)

Sam said...

How great that your nephew has such talent!
I hate the waiting game - publishing is such a slow business. Good luck with your queries - my fingers are crossed for you!!

ChrisEldin said...

Good luck with Plundered Beauty--- I really have high hopes for you!

Can you post a few paragraphs of your short story, and let us give opinions about first vs third? Would be fun...


Barrie said...

Oh, I do think the publishing world will pick up the pace with the summer over. And sorry you have to work all three days. Pshaw!

Joshua said...

sorry to hear you gotta work the weekend man

the walking man said...

Hey at least as a postal employee you get double or triple wife gets straight time and a ruined week end to boot!

But that said i get to write without interruption if I can make the ol' left arm obey the drugs!

Good prospecting on the queries Travis!

Frank Baron said...

Sympathies about the weekend. You'll be able to console yourself with a heftier paycheque won't you?

Good luck on that agent hunt. They can be tricky rascals.

Ello said...

Travis, Good luck! Here's to hoping we here some good news after Labor Day.

Sorry you have to work!

Linda McLaughlin said...

Bummer having to work this weekend, Travis. At least you got to go to the game. Wish I knew some college recruiters, but I don't. Things should pick up on the publishing front for the next few months, before the holiday slowdown.

I've posted my special Labor Day My Town Monday post at Have a great holiday everyone.


texlahoma said...

Wow Canyon. I lived there when I was about two or at least that's what my parents tell me.
Football season already, that means fall, my favorite season, is just around the corner.
Man 6'3" 275? He shouldn't have any problem getting recruited.

holly said...

i am finding it hard to continue to blog with my whole ass when really i just want to concentrate on finding that publisher! AND writing more crap I MEAN GOLD. so i empathize, dude.

Jenster said...

That's one big boy!! Good luck to him!! And to you, too, on PB.

Anonymous said...

Writing and getting published sure is hard work. Don't give up!

Keeping up with blogs is very time consuming. Especially after taking a long break! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your visits.