Monday, September 1, 2008

My Town Monday - The Lazy Edition

I've tried to write two different My Town Monday posts and both have been lackluster at best. So I'm taking the lazy way out and posting a video I found on You Tube. I've introduced y'all to most of the things in the video already but there are girls in bikinis, meat sizzling on the grill, and some great shots of Palo Duro Canyon. Sorry, it's the best I can do this week.

Posts from other My Town Mondayers with more gumption than me this week.

Linda McLaughlin -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Patti Abbott -- Ann Arbor, Michigan
Barbara Martin -- Toronto, Canada
Reb -- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Lyzzydee -- Gouda, Holland
Barrie Summy -- Del Mar, California
Maria Geraci -- Redneck Riviera, Florida
Sam Winston -- Montchauvet, France
Yellow Dog Granny -- West, Texas
Britta Coleman --Fort Worth, Texas
Debra -- Peninsula, Ohio
Junosmom -- Kentucky
PreTzel -- Des Moines, Iowa


spyscribbler said...

Hey, now that I see it, I've been to Amarillo! I'm pretty darn certain I ate at the Big Texan! I just breezed through real quick, about fifteen years ago.

Linda McLaughlin said...

Video is good, Travis. I've pulled that trick before and I didn't have to work all weekend!


pattinase (abbott) said...

I'll have one up at 8 tomorrow about the Kerrytown BookFest in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I'd love to use video. Must try it soon.

preTzel said...

Mine will be up sometime tomorrow afternoon. We will be leaving at the buttcrack of dawn to head off to the capital (the one from last week's MTM post) and we will be in the LD parade for Des Moines. I promise lots of pictures. :)

debra said...

Mine will be up tomorrow, too---depending on when I get up :-)

Barbara Martin said...

Travis, my historic post about James FitzGibbon is up. I'll be back to look at your video.

Charles Gramlich said...


Robyn said...

that was fun...not lazy! I learned alot. I can't wait to visit Amarillo! And a cool name to boot!

Come by and take a peek at what I have a 'brewin' over at my place!

Reb said...

Wow, it is lovely there, I wanna come visit. I won't be attempting to eat the steak though.

Mine is up, I was lazy too.

lyzzydee said...

Good idea Travis, sometimes it just doesn't flow!!!
I am ahead of the game and have a couple waiting to be posted, the pressure is off me at least for a couple of weeks!!

Joshua said...

you had me at bikini and grill :)

Barrie said...

Nope. I have not been to Amarillo.

My post is up: Del Mar Racetrack.

Sam said...

Your town looks much more exciting than mine!
It's raining here today, so folk in bathing suits having parties seems real inviting!

DrillerAA said...

All I can think of when I see the video is John Candy in "The Great Outdoors."
Have a wonderful holiday, even if work is involved. I'll be fishin'.

yellowdog granny said...

i think all video's about texas should have bbq scenes in it..

Georgie B said...

Very nice video of Amarillo. I don't think you were being lazy at all. You were simply showing off a part of your home state.

Looks very nice and very beautiful.

I'm jealous. :-]

Travis said...

When in doubt, girls in bikinis is a passable substitute.


Britta Coleman said...

I don't find it the lazy way at all...(she says, as she takes a mental note)

My post is up.

Barbara Martin said...

Video was great Travis. I got to see those neato Quarter Horses, and the guy on the bay giving the horse conflicting signals: reins vs leg aids.

I just love that canyon and will have to make it down there soon. Though I'm not such a huge beef eater to eat 72oz.

debra said...

My abbreviated post is up, Travis.

Junosmom said...

Hey Travis, I've posted my first "My Town Monday" but would like to be listed as Junosmom in Kentucky. I hope that is okay. I don't want my specific town identified. And where I am, it is the same as most towns anyhow.

Phats said...

Hey no need to apologize I am lazy all the time haha. I liked the video!

I have to admit I didn't see did the Huskers open with a win or did they have a bye week?

preTzel said...

Mine's up Travis. It's not very long and I forgot my camera so there only 3 pictures and they are from my cell phone. :)

lyzzydee said...

Travis, Just read your short story, Brilliant!"!

Vodka Mom said...

crap. now I'm hungry for a big ASS steak.

Scott Lessard said...

Angie's got family in Amarillo and I've been up there a couple of times, but I never saw any of that cool stuff that's in the video. I knew there was a reason I don't like my inlaws...

...that they didn't share any of the great things Amarillo has to offer, and the fact that they told me an old standby joke the first time I met them.

"What's the difference between a Yankee and a Damn Yankee?

A Damn Yankee stays!"

It hurt when they said it. Not any more though - I'm Texan now!

I have to give Amarillo another try. Besides, even if I couldn't do that steak, I'd have fun trying.

Thanks for sharing, Travis.