Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have realized at this late hour that tomorrow is the 2nd Monday of the month. That means it is my turn to sit in the My Town Monday host chair. Problem is I don't have anything about my town or area researched and ready to go.

Also, I have promised my boys a hiking adventure tomorrow so From say 8 AM to 2 PM tomorrow I'll be unable to post links. I apologize for dropping the ball, but if you have a post about your town let me know here, or at the Official My Town Monday Blog and I'll get your link up before I head out, or as soon as I return.

Barrie Summy takes us to the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.

Clare Toohey presents cannibal rabbits from New York.

Jim Winter looks at Cincinnati's Jeremiah Morrow Bridge before its is replaced. 

Debra Bures serves up some Hippie Coffee from Canton, Ohio.

Richard Levangie visited visited Cavendish, Prince Edward Island... home of Anne of Green Gables.

Patti Abbott brings us a post about the Traverse City Film Festival in Michigan.  


Barrie said...

Hi Travis! My post is up: the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA. Have fun hiking!

Barrie said...

Ooops on my part. Here's the link:

Old Kitty said...

Enjoy your hiking adventure with your boys!!

Take care

David Cranmer said...

I hope you and your kids had a stupendous hiking adventure.

Charles Gramlich said...

Enjoy the hike.

Teenage Bride said...

Have fun on the hike. I wish I was out doorsy enough for that haha

Lana Gramlich said...

Hiking with the boys should always take precedence--no apologies! (Hope y'all had a great time. :)