Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wonder What I'd Weigh On The Richter Scale

Did you feel that? That little quiver at your feet? Maybe it felt more like a rumble if you live anywhere close to Texas. No the tremor wasn't an earthquake. That resounding thud and vibration was me falling of the wagon.

As you may have noticed I haven't been blogging every week about the status of my goals. Matter of fact, I haven't chimed in on that subject in 4 weeks now.

Back on January 25th I weighed in at 280 pounds. Today on February 22nd I weigh in at ... wait for it 280.

That's right folks I haven't lost a damn thing in the last month. You see, I like to eat and while the urge to drop pounds was great when I was up to 297, but with twenty pounds to spare I simply do not have the willpower to turn down that 5th and 6th beer, that third rum and coke. Or that second burger third dinner roll. Or that entire coconut cream pie Jennifer made me for Valentines day. I thought I was being generous when I let the boys have one slice apiece. 

Yeah my gut is bigger than it's supposed to be but am 6'5". That is 77 total inches and if you divide 280 by 77 I weigh a mere 3.63 pounds per inch.

I've been doing better in regards to my goal of reading 75 books this year. Since my last check in I have read 5 books bringing my total to 9 on the year. The latest reads were  ...

Catholic Church
by Hans Kung
Signs of Life
by Scott Hahn
Summer at Willow Lake (Lakeshore Chronicles Series #1)
by Susan Wiggs
Huckleberry Finn from the Complete Mark Twain Collection (Over 300 works)
by Mark Twain
Stuck in the Middle
by Virginia Smith
 Two nonfiction religion books, a romance novel, a classic, and a women's fiction novel.
My own writing has been hit and miss. I've written a lot of words on my WIP but kept very few of them. I did send out some queries and I picked up some freelance work writing high school football profiles for a regional magazine called Top of Texas Football Magazine.  I wrote for them last year and luckily they invited me back.
I doubt I'll get back on board the weight loss cart anytime soon, but just as sure as a fat man loves a buffet I'll keep o reading and writing. 


Hilary said...

Oh I like your math.. I'm downright skinny by those calculations. ;) Look at the bright side.. you didn't gain any either.

Laura K. Curtis said...

I feel your pain, Travis. I don't have 20 pounds to spare, but I can't force myself to stop eating, either. I love food. I always tell people I've already given up a lot of stuff in my life -- I no longer drink or do drugs (except when my doctor says I have to), so really food is my only vice.

My orthopedist says I have to exercise. Among other medical issues, I have early-onset arthritis, and my knees are in pretty bad shape. Even KNOWING the pain would be reduced if I'd get on the damned bike three times a week, I can't always force myself to do it.

I weigh 2.89 lbs/inch. I need to get that down to 2.7. Doesn't sound like much, but it is!

Donna Weaver said...

Hilary's right. Maintaining can be as good as losing.

the walking man said...

I think rather than worry about your weight, why not get a physical and blood work up and let your doctor tell you what your MEDICAL age is. That's a much better indicator than your current poundage.

At 240 I weigh what I did at 18 but medically I am 10 years older than my bio age. Mainly due to the rough and tumble life I used to lead.

Besides two of three of your goals are coming along. That's a good thing.

Junosmom said...

Well, at least you are writing. I've fallen of that wagon as well as the food wagon. Can't quite pick myself up.

DrillerAA09 said...

I didn't hear a thing. I was too busy picking myself up off of the ground for the same reason.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

February's a bitch.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Hey, at least you stopped gaining. My diet's not going well either, but as long as every time I step on the scale the number's not going up, I look at that as a win. I stopped the freight train - now I just need to back that sucker up. ;o)

Charles Gramlich said...

You're reading is as eclectic as mine, even if your weight is more. HOwever, I am far shorter so I might have you in pounds per inch.

Old Kitty said...

I know this is a really cliched thing to say but so long as you are happy and not miserable!! Happiness must always come first!!

Besides. You're all man! LOL!

Good luck with your writing and reading! :-) Take care

The Happy Whisk said...

You didn't gain and that's great. So starts a new month. How much have you lost total now?

Melissa Marsh said...

I'm exercising faithfully, and I've seen a slight difference in how my clothes fit, but not much difference on the scale. However, I have not been denying myself food. I think that's how I fell off the wagon last time - I was SO strict with myself that I went overboard. However, I did lose weight!

Lana Gramlich said...

To heck with it, hon. You have to balance things in life. If you prefer the 5th beer to a few more lbs lost, enjoy it.
...said the woman with a half a cheesecake still sitting in the fridge...

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Falling off the wagon doesn't have to be permanent. Little steps help too. :) But hey you lost 20, right?

I like your math too. I had to do it myself and I'm 1.8 pounds per inch. :P