Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Remember This Name -- Anita Howard

Back in May I introduced y'all to Anita Howard, one of my fellow Amarillo writers. Having read her work, I predicted big things for Anita and shared the trailer for her book Splintered.

Today Anita announced to the world that Splintered sold at auction in got a two book deal. It couldn't have happened to a nice person.

Congrats Anita!


Anita proves that the traditional dream is still out there to be had. However, as i indicated in my post yesterday, I no longer believe the long honored right way of ... writer writes book, queries and lands agent, agent pitches MS to New York. New York bestows its favor upon writer, all live happily ever after ... is the only or even best way to go.

It's been hard for me to abandon that dream especially given recent strides toward that goal. But in a series of events, I'm not ready to go into on here that track derailed earlier this week.

I have been described by more than one member of the publishing world as a regional writer. I still dispute that given that most of y';all who read and comment regularly live someplace other than the region I call home, but if the powers that be wanna label me a regional writer that so be it. I'll simply be the best damn regional writer I know how to be.

Long time readers might remember the days when I blogged every Sunday about my days working for the world's most morally bankrupt boss. Those tales about my teenage years working at the Feedstore were some of my favorite blog posts but I took them down when I turned The Feedstore Chronicles into a book. My rather vague post yesterday was the result of disappointment, anger, hope, and fear, but it was also about the resurrection of The Feedstore Chronicles and a brand new dream. Yeah, I'm still being vague i suppose but for the first time in months I feel like I'm headed the right direction again.   


Phats said...

Congrats to your friend that's great. Sorry to hear your goal has derailed a bit, but keep going you can do it!!

Ready for your season of experiencing Big Ten football??

Travis Erwin said...

You bet Phats, I'm ready to see Pelini and the Husker hoist the trophy.

King of New York Hacks said...

Brilliant !! I love hearing stories like this ! Sometimes a track derails only to find a much better route....now, make some predictions about my book !!lol Cheers !!

Charles Gramlich said...


Melissa Marsh said...

Awesome news about Anita!

Let's hope the Huskers win big this year!

Ricky Bush said...

Yeah, derails happen more often that not. I found a small publisher and they acquired my manuscript and promptly went out of business 6 months later. By the way, I live in Brenham, Tx and that ain't no where near your region.

WordVixen said...

I still find it strange that someone with such a strong platform (you DO have a very large and loyal following) and mad writing skillz is being passed over as being regional. Nonetheless, regional writers break out quite often. I'm hoping that's the direction you're heading in?

alex keto said...

yep, you're being vague