Saturday, November 19, 2011


I'm always taking pictures on my phone of things that at the time I think ... that will make a funny or at least interesting tidbit for the blog. Then I forget what I was going to say or I simply never figure out a way to build a post around the image.

So today I'm going to toss out a few of these ...

I have no idea why taking a shot of my oldest son dangling beneath a bronze gorilla's bung seemed like a good idea, but here it is.

From an Ape's ass to a pig's. The segue makes sense here but again not sure why I've save this photo in my phone. 

What is it like to live here in the Texas Panhandle? ...

Some days it's hot ...

Others it is cold ...

 I believe I was bothered that they actually had to print instruction on how to pull a paper towel from this apparatus.

Rub and Buff? You think there is a warning on the back of this product about going blind after prolonged use?

This product sounds more like a venereal disease than anything I want spread on my sandwich.

This is the logo from a  local  Christian school. I know many fine people who send their kids there and I'm sure the staff is excellent as well as the education received there but every time I see this logo I ask why they chose sperm as their mascot.

Should I be offended that despite being under 40 they did not card me?

If you are a weight loss franchise do you really want your name associated with big rotund items like hot air balloons?

Deck the halls. Beer halls that is.

And last, but certainly not least, I offer photographic proof that I have the greatest wife in the world.

Those who have not read THE FEEDSTORE CHRONICLES might not get the reference but those that have have to appreciate the fact my wife had these shorts made for herself and a few other friends at the release party last week where they were so popular that she ended up taking orders from others who wanted one. The front reads Pearls Feed and Seed and they are quite fetching along with vulgar in a very subtle way.

And yes, that is a Pearl Necklace she was wearing in honor of the book and my twisted sense of humor.


Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. LIke those tees.

Cloudia said...

enjoyed your shots,
delighted you escaped virtual Detroit,
and WHERE is that bronze gorilla!!??
I think I owned it's brother years ago. Artist Eric Berg?
Yikes! But you DID see a pal in a street scene on my Honolulu blog...

BTW, Veganaise is delish and low fat. Really. Theres some in my fridge RIGHT now. hope we're still pals though . . . I am NOT a vegetarian

meaty Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

Hilary said...

Some really funny shots here. The look on your son's face is priceless.


behind every great man is a woman standing behind him shaking her head and saying'what the fuck?'

Old Kitty said...

You have to be over 40 to drink beer?!?!? What planet is this?!?! Hooorah - more for me! :-)

Take care

Akum said...

The first pic is hilarious.. Yeah, you have a super cool wife...

DrillerAA09 said...

Great photo set. And yes, it is a fortunate man who has a wife that will support his other words, you owe her, big time!

Eric said...

OMG! Travis, that last image is awesome. I just got through reading that portion of the book a bit ago, so it's fresh in my mind. I swear, I'm going to send you a doctor's bill for having them sew me back up because of busting a gut laughing. This has been one of the most pleasurable reads in a long time.

Travis Erwin said...

Charles- They were a nice surprise.

Cloudia - The gorilla was in a store down in Lubbock.

Hilary - He is a natural goof ball.

Yellowdog - You are right about that.

Travis Erwin said...

Kitty - Only 21 to drink it but they are supposed to card anyone that looks under 40.

Akum - She is stupendous.

Driller - Yes I do.

Eric- Glad you are enjoying it.

WordVixen said...

OMG. Jen. Is. Awesome. I LOVE that t-shirt! And the necklace to go with it, of course. :-D

BTW, that is one thing that surprised me when reading your book- that Doyle never thought of selling pearl necklaces to the naive.

Crystal Posey said...

I love these photos, and I love that shirt!

Phats said...

Ha! this post was great probably better than the original things you were going to say anyway. I like the gorilla butt picture haha

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Enjoyed the pics...we seem to share the same sense of warped humor on this stuff.