Monday, February 18, 2013

Chef Boy-r-T

How do you follow a post about bathroom fixtures? With one about food of course.

But rest assured I washed my hands thoroughly between the two.

My love of all things meaty is no secret. And I'll go ahead and say it, I know how to handle my meat. This carnivore can cook some animal flesh. Smoker, BBQ grill, crockpot. Regardless of the means, I can hold my own. And no, that is not a reference back to the urinal post.

And believe it or not. I'm not talking about tossing a hunk of beef on hot grates and calling it good. Though there are times when that is exactly what needs done. But I am capable of getting a touch fancier with my meals. But sometimes my boys are skeptical and do not want to try new things. So I reinvent them.

Case in point -- Pirate Chicken

Now this is one of my favorite summertime meals. In truth it is coconut lime chicken, but when I called it that my boys wouldn't eat it. The next time I served it up I called it pirate chicken and they tore into with happy little taste buds.

Here is how it's created ...

Take 6 to 8 boneless skinless chicken breasts put them in a glass baking dish. 
Pour in coconut rum until there is a thin layer of liquid covering bottom of dish.
Cover the top of each breast with cream of coconut.

Bake in over at 325 degrees for around 30 minutes. (I can't tell you exactly because I like to sip the remainder of the run during this process and we all know how time flies when you're having rum.)


Heat up your grill.

Take breast out of oven and and place on hate grill. A few minutes on each side does it. While its cooking brush on a thin layer of cream of coconut and sprinkled shredded coconut on top. 

Once the chicken is browned pull it off and squeeze fresh lime juice onto the breast pieces. Sprinkle sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to your taste.

I highly recommend you pair this with a Shiner Ruby Red.


Okay, I know it may have shocked you to realize 1)I don't always eat beef, 2) I actually recommend squeezing the juice of something green onto your food, and 3) I touted a beer brewed with grapefruit juice so let me get back to some good Texas beef with this next one.

My boys won't eat roast. Or so they think. They claim roast is bland and tasteless. So when I make it I spice it up and call it Mexican Brisket.

Pick a roast that will fit in your crockpot. (pot roast, rump roast whatever kind is fine by me. I like them all and go for whatever I can get the best price on.)

Get some Fiesta Brand (salt free) Fajita Seasoning. It looks like this. (most stores, at least around here carry it)

Rub the entire roast down with the seasoning. Just enough where it sticks to the meat and covers it like freckles on that red headed girl you knew back in grade school. Yes, that is a genuine cooking term. thanks for asking.

Next pour in Worcestershire Sauce into your crockpot until it thoroughly cover the bottom of the pot. Add in couple of tablespoons of liquid smoke . Place roast inside and pour a cup of salsa on top. I use Old Tascosa myself and consider it the best.

But it is made right here in Amarillo and not widely distributed outside the region so unless you go here to their store and order it, or live nearby you are going to have to substitute some other brand. Y'all know I don't eat vegetables in their natural form but in liquid form such as hot sauce, pizza sauce and ketchup they are not nearly as evil.

Back to the roast. Put the lid on and cook that sucker for 6, 7, even 8 hours on low. I usually start this on in the morning, go to work and come home ready to dig in. The meat usually shreds easy and is quite tasty inside a flour tortilla. My boys eat it and even have said, "This is so much tastier than roast."

There you go folks. two of my favorite recipes that go beyond a hunk of animal flesh over a fire. Try 'em out and let me know what you think.


Vesper said...

Both look yummy enough even for someone who only eats (evil) vegetables! :-)
"Pirate chicken" - that's a good name!
Thank you for sharing them...

the walking man said...

Uhhhhhhhhh I think all I have eaten for the past two months is pancakes and grilled cheese.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like Pirate Chicken will put the shiver back in yer timber, arrr.

Charles Gramlich said...

Some of this sounds suspiciously fruity my friend. :)