Wednesday, July 4, 2007

But what the hell do I know ...

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by talking about something British. Okay, maybe not but I'm gonna do it anyway. Here are my predictions, Top 10 style, for the final book.

10) Hagrid will be swimming with the fish, dining on worm dirt, feel free to add you own animal related death saying here, very early on. I say Chapter 3 at the latest.

9) R.A.B will in fact be Sirius's brother and he will live to redeem his name and provide Harry a bit of aid.

8) Ginny Weasely will once again be in grave danger but will survive in the end. there will be be no time for romance between her and Harry.

7) Draco Malfoy will die at the hands of his own father.

6) Harry is one of the Horcruxes.

5) Neville will directly cause Bellatrix's death.

4) Ron and Hermione will survive and go on to one day live in the burrow with half a dozen red headed kids. The oldest of which will be named Harry. This probably won't all come out in the final book but trust me this is what happens.

3) Snape did indeed kill Dumbledore but he did it at the headmasters urging,because Dumbledore was dying anyway and this enabled Snape to reestablish credibility with the death eaters. Yes, I am saying Snape is actually a good guy.

For these last two I'm throwing one leg over each side of the fence. Ouch! Damn those splinters hurt. Here are my TWO theories on Harry's fate.

2) In the final clash with Voldemort Harry destroys his nemesis but only at the sacrifice of his magical powers. Harry becomes a muggle.

1) Harry dies in the final battle but destroys Voldemort in the process. The final scene is of Harry, on the other side of the curtain, meeting his parents for the first time. And of course Sirius and Dumbledore will be there as well.

So tell me why i"m wrong, or right. Or at the very least answer this question. Does Harry live or die?


Adrienne said...

I want to say that I was going to read this post and then totally couldn't, I can't even read predictions on the HP stuff in case some of them turn out true (I like to be surprised)! Have you seen the book that was actually published about what might happen in the last book . . . crazy . . .

Travis Erwin said...

Yeah I've seen it, but like you I avoid most of that stuff. I doubt serioulsy any of this will be the way it actually happens, but it is fun to guess.

Dawn said...

My prediction is that Harry dies.

Nice to see your avatar, Travis.

Bluefingers said...

I think Harry will Live...I have to be the optimist.

Someone wrote a book on what might happen in the last book and got it pubd? Damn...Why didn't I think of that.



Brooke said...

I love the idea of Draco dying at the hand of his father!

I am torn about whether or not she will kill him off but I am leading toward a yes on that one.

alex keto said...

my prediction, undoubtedly wrong:

Harry dies in the final battle with Voldemort and becomes a deathly hallow. He is a horcrux and must croak himself to save others.

The parallels between Harry Potter and the King Arthur legend go on an on. Harry is Arthur, discovers powers to save the magical kingdom at age 11, (pulls sword from stone) he is an orphan brought up with evil "brother" (okay cousin, but Dudley still plays role of Kay), Dumbledore plays role of Merlin including disappearing (getting croaked) before the final battle, Harry has his circle of knights (Fred, George, Ron, Hermione and so forth)
Voldemort is Mordred, and I bet he and Harry are closely related and we will find out how.

So to complete the cycle, you have to have the once and future king. Harry becomes a deathly hallow to protect wizard kingdom if it becomes threatened in the future by the dark arts, evil forces, bad attitude, nose picking, take your choice.

Anyway, the fact Harry so closely parallels the King Arthur legend may account for part of its popularity. It is one of the oldest stories in the English language

alex keto said...

as an add, I agree with your predictions 3 through 9, none of which occurred to me.

Jenster said...

Well now I have absolutely no reason to read the last book!

Christen said...

whoa, those are fantastic ideas... you should be a writer. :P

WordVixen said...

7) Draco Malfoy will die at the hands of his own father.

Dude! You read my mind! Seriously- I wrote a "predictions" for Deathly Hallows and sent it in to AC. I'll post the link when it's published- I accepted their offer earlier today.

And I think Harry will live simply because Jo's main reason for considering killing him off was so she wouldn't be tempted to write in that world again- which is soooo easy to get around. Plus, it would reduce the enjoyment of re-reading the series (and watching the movies) for so many readers.

WordVixen said...

adrienne and bluefingers- Yup "What Will Happen In Harry Potter 7?". And it was on the Times' best seller list for weeks. Written by some of the staff at

Alex- I'm loving the terms "croak himself" and "getting croaked". I need to start conversations so that I can use that!

Patti said...

i haven't read one of the harry potter book...wizard block or something...

Travis Erwin said...

Thnaks to all that have weighed in, and Jenster I wouldn't worry about me spoiling the book since these are nothing more than wild ass guesses.

alternatefish said...

I was going to say something snarky here, along the lines of "who cares if Harry of Potter lives or dies?" but I realized that it's an important question even though I'm not a huge fan of the books. This ending is going to influence how an entire generation of kids thinks about literature and story.

Seriously, think about that for a sec. If Rowling kills Harry, kids will have a much more jaded view of "Story" than if he's allowed to live happily ever after. Or even not-so-happily ever after.

That said, I don't think she'll kill him. So many of these kids identify with Harry, it really would be a crushing blow.

WordVixen said...

Travis: I posted a link on my blog to my "article" and a link to this post.

alex keto said...

Here's a prediction:

Fred and George Weasley tragically die in an explosion that levels half of Diagon Alley. The sole survivor of the massive blast in the joke shop says Fred's last words were, "Wonder what happens if you add moonstone to this potion."