Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

One good thing about having an infection and fever is that you have some really weird dreams.

There I was up on stage with a bunch of kids, about twelve or so. I was the only adult competing against these kids in a spelling bee. Several kids in a row got ridiculously long and hard words but everyone of them spelled their assigned word without hesitation. Then I step up to the mike and the judge, who happens to be character actor Stephen Tobolowsky reads my word to me. EYEBALL he says sounding just like Happy Chapman the evildoer he portrayed in the live action version of Garfield.

I spell the word no problem but then Happy Chapman wants to know if Eyeball is one word, or two, or hyphenated. I pause start to answer but then only stammer. All the kids on stage start heckling making fun of my hesitation until Happy Chapman says I'm afraid to say you are our first loser and I am booed off the stage.

Lana Gramlich often posts and analyzes her dreams so check her blog out as well.


For those who've asked the pre-K soccer team I'm helping to coach is doing fine. Unofficially, there is no score kept but unofficially I believe we are 2-2, but the most important thing is that all the kids seem to be having fun and tears have only been shed twice. once when two kids bumped heads going for the ball and once by my son when he was in goal and got kicked in the knee when he went down for the ball. He's really aggressive though and has no qualms of jumping in amongst a throng of kicking feet and in the four games he has scored 5 goals so he now thinks he's the second coming of Pele. Not that at age five he has a clue who Pele is.


My oldest son, age seven, made me wife quite sad this week when he told her not to kiss him at school anymore when his buddies were around. She teaches at the Catholic school where he attends and his declaration really brought the point home that he is growing up fast.


I went back to work today. My told told me not to and I should have listened. i didn't make it all day because my stomach started hurting again. I only went because one of my favorite coworkers was retiring and I wanted to be there for his party. Also, the entire maintenance department had free steaks after having the best numbers of any maintenance department in the nation, and I'm not one to turn down a free steak.


My boys recently dug up a tiger salamander at their grandma's house.

They named him Jerry and played with the critter all day. The boys also said he had a cute face. What do y'all think?


Monnik said...

oh, your poor wife! no more kisses?!?

free steak at work?!? my kind of place.

rubytuesdays said...

The boys are right, the salamader is actually kinda cute...

Hope you're feeling better!

alex keto said...

Didn't you post a while back about having some confusion about whether or not to hyphenate a word? Or was it S.O.B. versuses SOB as correct usage.

Then this dream... Hmmm, Freud would probably prescribe a dictionary

Phats said...

Wow soccer is a dangerous activity(I refuse to call it a sport) at any age i guess.

I think there was a full house episode like that with your 7 yr old not wanting to be kissed. Ya I am a hoser for knowing this.

I amnot good with creatures like what your boys dug up haha

Bubblewench said...

jerry is so cute!

Never turn down free meat. I would have to be dead to do so.

I feel for your wife.. I know that's a hard one for my mom friends.

Get better.

A-Ron said...

Warts in 3.. 2.. 1.. ;)

No fair. I never have freaky dreams when I'm sick, well or otherwise. I guess I'm not on the same "medication" you are. ;)

Melissa Marsh said...

I have to agree - very cute face! And I'm not big on lizards. hehe.

Weird dream, all right. But beware when you have a dream and have the credits roll at the end just like on the movies - I had one of those once and never forgot it!

Charles Gramlich said...

Sorry you're still not feeling completely well. if free steak didn't do it for you, you must be ill.

I haven't seen a salamander in a long time. I used to catch 'em all the time when I was a kid.

Bina said...

Dreams are so weird. I have some real doozies and don't even attempt to try and figure them out.

Love the little guy! He IS cute! You should let him lose in the house. He'll eat all the bugs. (Not that I'm saying you have any!)

sex scenes at starbucks said...

very cute face.

as for the kissing--I got the same lecture. now I make him kiss ME.

what is being a mom worth if we can't embarrass the little buggers?

Britta Coleman said...

Tell your wife I completely feel her pain. That's the worst day ever, besides the first day of Kindergarten.

I find it funny that you keep "unofficial score" of the soccer games.

Feel better!

Marla said...

I think the salamander does have a cute little face!

I too have had wild dreams when sick or on pain medications. They are kind of enjoyable as weird as that is.

Ello said...

We catch salamanders with the kids all the time. They are quite cute!

Hoping you are feeling better soon. And I love the post title as it is one of my favorite movies of all times!

Larisa Ho said...

I like your blog - and your life. Just dropping by. Am a newcomer :)

Josephine Damian said...

I'm late as usual but thought I'd comment on yesterday's post here:

You just need to take a big hairy dump.

And eat some nice leafy green lettuce. :-)

As I sat there and waited and waited I couldn't help but think great now my body parts are rejecting me.

Welcome to middle age, bro. Not only do kids grow up too fast, so do we.

Now that I've stepped off into the too much information category...

If I can talk about losing my viriginity over at Agent Jonathon's blog, this is not TMI.


Cute lizard. My cats catch them all the time - and eat them.

ChristineEldin said...

I'm doing some catching up.

Love that salamander. Did you keep it? And it does have an adorable face! It's smiling.

Oh, I remember when my older son did that. (Don't tell your wife, but it happens much earlier with the second one because of that copying thing). Very sad. But I still sneak some in when nobody's looking. DH says I have mama's boys. I say damn straight they're mama's boys. heh heh

Shauna said...

*sigh* I knew with having 3 boys that slimy, crawly, reptiles were a part of my future.

Your poor wife. I'm dreading the day my oldest says that. He's six. Does that mean I only have one year of kisses left??

LOL! Anything for some meat, eh? And yes, the 'eh' is Canadian. :-)