Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Hybrid Author

 I'm lucky to live in an area ripe with literary talent. Right from the start of this journey I had a wealth of knowledgeable and talent writers to draw inspiration, motivation, and education from. People like Dianne Sagan. Now the rest of the world can benefit as well. Because ...
The Hybrid Author, by Dianne G. Sagan, is now available on Amazon.com.
View The Hybrid Author book cover.jpg in slide showWith a publishing industry in constant change, authors find themselves trying to make decisions about whether or not to self-publish or traditionally publish. Mrs. Sagan’s book explains what a hybrid author is, what options are available, and how to decide what path to take in this ground breaking book. It includes interviews with C. J. Lyons, Joanna Penn, J. A. Konrath, Hugh C. Howey, Marie Force, Barbara Morgenroth, Jennifer Archer, and of course, Travis Erwin. 
Author of 21 books, ten ghostwritten (six of which were best sellers), Mrs. Sagan is a hybrid author with books published traditionally and self-published. She brings her experience and knowledge to writers in this timely book.
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Reviewers are calling a treasure full of information valuable to all writers. You'll want to add it to you personal resources. You can find out more about Mrs. Sagan and follow her at http://thehybridauthor.com

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And People Thought Ozzy Was Disrespectful

I'm a proud Texan.

I know my state history.

I have visited the Alamo.

So I have always enjoyed the famous Davy Crockett quote ...

And I do love keeping my beer cold, so when I spotted this can coolie in a little gift shop in Chillicoathe, Texas, I found it quite tempting.

After all what better way to honor a true Lone Star hero who died while fighting for Texas's independence against Santa Ana's army ...

a man who stood his ground despite being outnumbered nearly ten to one ...

than with a beer holder declaring his bravado?

I turned it over to check the price and what did I find?

The man killed him a bear when he was only three, but 178 years later ... the Mexicans are still getting the last word.