Sunday, April 29, 2007

Insomnia is a terrible thing to waste

I stayed up late last night writing and I actually made a good bit of progress on the novel, but that in itself presented a problem when I finally did shuffle off to bed. I couldn't shut my brain off. Bits of dialogue, strange words, and snippets of planned scenes whirled around my brain like dirty bathwater circling the drain.

Hour after hour slipped by and before I knew I was delirious with fatigue, but still analyzing things I'd wrote or planned to write. Then I got stupid.

I wondered things like can a person be flimmed without getting flammed, or flammed and not flimmed. And my postal worker background probably is to blame for this one, but if a fellow is happy, content and eager to head off to work can he be desribed as gruntled? And can someone be combobulated?

Not to BE outdone. Have you ever been wildered or fuddled? Yeah me neither.

NO this is not my regular blog for the day, just a sleep deprived bonus brought to you by my troubled mind.


Anonymous said...

I am laughing as I go off to work befuddled and disgruntled, sleep deprived and everything else too.

Good thing you were up too. I guess I am not the only one who takes advantage of the space of time that is the quietness of the dark.


WordVixen said...

Now I just keep re-running that scene from 10 Things I Hate About You through my mind.

"I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed. But can you ever just be whelmed?".

Travis Erwin said...

I'm befuddled why something I posted at five something Monday morning, shows being posted at eight pm Sunday night. maybe bloggers's clocks are disgruntled and discombobulated.

Maybe I'm bewildred?

Not that it is a big deal. I'm neither overwhelmed nor under whelmed. Yep, that's right I am just plain whelmed.